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Sunday, April 29, 2007

What does duty siaos reply in E mail

Previously, i did mentioned in one of my old post, about the ST John Duty Siaos family, and how fun could it be when we are our chionging duty together.

Well, give you some ideas about how crazy we can be, from the E mails that we sent to EVERYONE!!!

Duty siaos, please do not mind this hor... Its just that we are all crazy!!!


Story started when JH E mail to everyone if they can commit to NDP duties this year.

DT replied that he might be moving house during that time, and well, just put his name in first.

SQ chipped in "If you need help to move house, just blow your whistle."

I added in the next e mail " Hahaha.. Make it a SJRU outing?? Help DT move house!"

SQ replied "Good idea, that's what i call teamwork!"

JH in the next E mail " Okie, that will be good. All expense on DT. Thanks in advance, DT"

I replied " Okie. We dun ask for much... 10 course dinner at fullerton can liao".

Another E mail, now from R " Come on you guys... You should help him lighten his load, not burden him!! The most decent thing to do is to take what he does not want in his new house... like TV, mini stereo system, fridge, sofa set, kitchen cabinet, bedroom set furniture... get the idea, i am sure DT only wants new items for his house.

I replied. " I do not need his furniture or electrical devices, i only want all his books!"

R commented " That's a start!"

Then EC (he cannot stand it liao, must join in the fun liao, i guess) shoot back to R " thought you only work for goodie bag?"

R replied " I still do. Only this time round it has to be a really big goodie bag, more like Ali baba (duffel bad). Good enough?"

And i just replied to R " R, knowing you, duffel bag is not enough. My van can be hired at a cheap rate. Do consider."


Ain't we a brunch of crazy fellows? Imagine doing it over E MAIL!!! We are after all, duty siaos!!!

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