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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Quoted post...

Let me quote a post by CY.

CY, hope you dun mind...
Wits, Wisdom & Satire

- The period when children feel their parents shld be told the facts of life
- That period of life when a boy refuses to believe that someday he will be as dumb as his father

- One who has stopped growing except in the middle

Advertising Agency
- Eighty-five per cent confusion and fifteen percent commission

- Thirty is a nice age for women, especially if she happens to be forty

- A system where two people make a mistake and one of them continues to pay for it
- The cash surrender value of a husband

- A spy

- To lay the foundation for a future offense

- The best husband any woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her

- The extreme form of censorship

Author- A fool who, not content with having bored those who lived with him, insists on boring future generations

Average man
- A married man who expects his wife to be a sweetheart, valet, audience and nurse
- A person who thinks he isnt


Somethings for me to add on, just for the sake of humor... No punk intended...

Disclaimer: That is posted below may not be the blogger's views. If you cannot take it, the blogger would suggest the reader to move his mouse curser to the top right hand corner where there is a cross sign, and left click on it...

The blogger will not be responsible for any side effects of post.

Smart man + smart woman = romance
Smart man + dumb woman = affair
Dumb man + smart woman = marriage
Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy

A man will pay $20 for a $10 item he needs.
A woman will pay $10 for a $20 item that she doesn't need.

A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband.
A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.
A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little.
To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.

A woman marries a man expecting he will change, but he doesn't.
A man marries a woman expecting that she won't change, and she does.

A woman has the last word in any argument.
Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poking me in the ribs and cackling, telling me, "You're next."
They stopped after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals.

And the last one, damm, i hate the last one...

Smart boss + smart employee = profit
Smart boss + dumb employee = production
Dumb boss + smart employee = promotion
Dumb boss + dumb employee = overtime

My Offical job title is Assistant Production Manager.... But everyone knows me as Production Manager... DAMM.....

Smart boss + dumb employee = production

Am I that dumb???

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Foster Child

A thought suddenly came into my mind as i was trying to fall asleep yesterday night.

Its so sudden, that i could not sleep.

I kept thinking about a kid. That kid had followed us in our home since he is about 1-2 years old, all the way till he was in primary one.

My house has been a foster home for kids who needs a place to stay, while their family finishes their whatever crisis that they faced. That kid (cannot be identified, as its against the law) came into our family when he is still very young.

Suddenly, i miss that kid... Very much...

He has been following us for about 6 years. I watched him grow up. Enrolled into kidergarten, and finally primary school. He's one hell of a hyperactive kid, and a super naughty one.

I guess, its his naughtyness that provoke so much thoughs in me.

I had been a big brother to him. Being fierce when he's naughty, (believe me, i am the only one that he is scared of in my family)... But when its time to play, both of us can create havoc in the house.

Though there has been many kids who had stayed in my family, none had left an impression as deep as that kid. Perhaps, its the time (6 years) of staying with us... perhaps, its his naughtyness... perhaps, its his hyperactiveness... perhaps, its me...

I remembered the time when he was hospitalise in NUH, we took turns to go to the hospital to take care of him (accompany him), my mum, dad, and me. When its my turn (after work), he wanted to go out to the playground and play.

So, i accompany him out. Sitting there, i can see the happiness in his eyes, as he do some daredevil stunts on the playground. He has been lying on the bed the whole day. (my mum did not allow him out to play eariler,). He enjoying himself so much that some nurse commented that he ain't sick at all...

In short, all the nurses and the doctors there concluded that that kid is super hyperactive, and that i was his father... (HELLO???) He played at that playground till some nurse complained that its time for him to rest...

Went back to the bed, full of sweat, but he is smiling, laughing away. It truly warms my heart to see him laugh.

Remembered another incident... he fell down on some stones and has a deep cut on his mouth. My mum called me, and i rushed down to fetch them to NUH.

Went for some stitches, and a few hours later, he came out, feeling groggly from the anthesia.

Carryed him home after we reached the carpark.

First first he's so "guai" when i am carrying him. Normally, when he was smaller, and i was carrying him, he will play with my specs, my hair... and keep turning around. That time was totally different.. he just stared with half closed eyes, and keep totally still...

Remember one more incident, where by my mum is supposed to pick him up from the school bus dropped off point. Second day of school (pri 1).

I was watching TV when my mum came back without him. She mentioned that he did not alight from the bus, and now, no one knows where is he. My mum was pale with shock, and she called up the bus operator immediately.

The bus operator mentioned that he had picked up all the kids, and did not know where he alight. Upon hearing that, i pick up my wallet, HP and my car keys, and went out of the house. I planned to drive around BP to search for him. I was feeling from shock also. He's ain't our kid. We have to be responsible for him leh...

Once i went down a storey, there, i found him, chit chatting with our neighbour's kid. I brought him back and he immediately got an earful from my mum...

What i listened later is that he alight together with his friends a stop eariler, and went back home himself. What an independent kid.

History has repeated. Last time, on my first school bus trip home in primary 1, i also alighted a stop eariler and went back home myself. leaving my mum to wait for me and getting a shock when i was not in the bus.

What a twist of fate.

Finally, he's due to go back home to stay with his family. I still remember the last morning he's staying in our house. I took some photos of him, but due to my computer crashing, the photos are all gone. Since that morning, i did not saw him again. I told myself that he left us for good, back to his biological parents, and that i should forget him and focus on other things instead.

I still cannot forget him. A year had passed, and i still thinking about that naughty kid.

Miss him so much, wondering how he's getting on, and how's his studies... Miss the times when we played... Miss the times when i scolded him for being naughty... Miss the time when i pat him to sleep... Miss the times when he keep asking me questions...

Hope one day, fate can cross our paths, and that's the time we shall sit down and talk about the old times. I really wish that we could meet again, even just let me know how he doing.


I had been invited to a party.

Mid autumn festive... at starbucks (Holland V). Its a combination party organised by 4 shops, Bukit Panjang, Holland V, PSA building and World trade (Harbour Front).

The whole upper level (it was a 2 storey shop) was closed for the private function.

Representing Bukit Panjang was Aaron, Aaron's gf, me and a couple more regular customers whom i did not know, but recognised.

Had a fun time there. First is the makan, followed by a short history session, the history or rather, myth of Mid autumn and the mooncake..

Games followed, including making a lantern competition. The representatives from BP did not participate, citing "shy" as a reason.

That's where i witness a "modern" and a "traditional" lantern. Really 2 different lantern.

After which a lucky draw followed, and i did not win anything, as per normal.

Then its home sweet home.

That's why i like going to starbucks so much.

The staff there are super friendly, helpful. Especially the stores in the district. The staffs are very united, strong bonding exist with all the staff. I saw the 4 stores organising this party, and its a huge success, and they co-operate very well.

Its the kind of working enviroment that one likes to work in.

Its the kind of working enviroment that i would want to work in. Their service is top-rated. I have been going to starbucks since 1998, till now, hanging out at shaw towers and Bukit Panjang Plaza.

May the staff of starbucks work well, i wish them success!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


No no no.... i am not talking about the Singapore Idols.... Even though it has been the talking point for months. Till now, i still dunno who the hell is our new Singapore Idol. I only know our Singapore Icon, the merlion.

I am talking about idols, which all of us has at some point of time. Be it actors, singers, losers, or even politicans.

I am suddenly jolted to this topic, all because i went down to Bukit Panjang Plaza today. Big mistake.

The boyband group, "Energy" (some Taiwan band, i think) came to Bukit Panjang Plaza. Today, the whole plaza was filled with "Gi Nas". Gi nas who are still in school uniforms, Gi nas who looked young enough to be in Primary schools.

Its that crazy. I saw Gi Nas who came to BPP in a private hire bus. One whole frigging tour bus full of Gi Nas. Its that crazy.

Boyband "Energy".... Reminds me of a duty that Enoch and me had done (together with a few officers from zone 2). That was a few years ago. At turf City...

Cases started coming in even before the concert started. And non-stopped. First time (at that point of time) that i had been so busy...

Enoch lost his specs during that duty. Requested my help to help look for it. Went inside, and before i can start searching, someone was guiding me to another casualty that had fainted on the spot.

We were that busy. (aA total of 30 plus casualties.)

We were overwhelmed.

Enoch called for help. Reinforcements came... All the "big shots", which include Mr Tian, SQ, and other brass.

Remembered that i walked up to Mr Tian and mentioned "Thank God".

Mr Tian's response " Yah, you should thank me".

I stared at him in confusion.

Then it struck me. What i mentioned "Thank god" in chinese is "谢天" = Xie Tian.

So, what is this "Idol" supposed to mean anyway?

Yes, you got it right. I went to search from "" and came out with this few definiations.

American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source
i·dol (dl) Pronunciation Key n.

a. An image used as an object of worship.
b.A false god.

2. One that is adored, often blindly or excessively.

The second one is the one that is most suited for my blog. But its the third one that is the most interesting to me... And i think the third one is the best meaning of all!!!

3. Something visible but without substance.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Some Mathematics

Just received a mail from SL.

The msg is short. But it does amaze me greatly.

Try this!!!

1) key-in the first 4 digits of your handphone number into the calculator
2) multiply by 80
3) add 1
4) multiply by 250
5) plus last four digits of phone number
6) plus last four digits of phone number again
7) minus 250
8) divide by 2 at last

See what's the answer? Amazing!!!

How do ppl come out with such a formula? Apperently, it works on any 8 digit number. Fantestic ain't it?

Seems like that someone is super good with maths, and is super free. Unlike me... (Besides ITI, i am also a SIM which is Super Idiotic in Mathematics).

My favourite saying (during my secondary school and early poly years).

(MMMM) = Maths Make Me Mad.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chinatown Duty

Wanted so much to blog yesterday.. but i was so dead tired, that i knock out the moment i touch my bed... it was about 3am when i touched my bed...

Yesterday was really a tiring day. Morning helped JH to transport a sewing machine. After which, we went down to TTSH to visit EC again, and wait for him to discharge. I knocked out on the chair while waiting.

EC home after his discharge. Keep yawning while driving. Dunno why. Reached HQ. Knocked out on some chairs in the server room, while the others went to the barber and to packet food.

Duty time.

Somehow, i don't feel the atomsphere in the duty. Too quiet. LMS treated a casualty, who had fallen down. Suddenly, the comms cracked. An E case. Requested for trolleycot.

Me and Venod rushed into action. (we were stationed at the ambulances). I was pushing the trolleycot where Venod was clearing the way for me. Halfway, DC came and help us.

Soon, the Trolleycot came back with the casualty. Unconcious, low BP, low pulse rate. E case.

I cleared a path through the crowd, kept running to clear a path for the trolley. Loaded up into the ambulance, and was sent to the hospital, with its siern blasting away.

Ambulance used was the loyang ambulance... "Opening ceremony" for the loyang ambulance. First casualty for the ambulance, i was told.

Nothing happened after that.

Went for my dinner cum supper after the duty. Prata.

Then Its home sweet home....

A Tribute to Steve Irwin.

I know its a bit late for this post, but i received some cartoons that are specially dedicated to the world famous Australian Steve Irwin.

The picture is the best of all. What he is showing is that we should take care of wild animals too, coz they are important to our ecosystem! The world will forever remember Steve Irwin.

Hope the world learn some lessons from your documentaries and appricate nature and wildlife.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

TTSH (Part 2)

Okie... Just a quick update here.

Enoch had been discharged.

Given some medication, anarex tablets (sound familiar???).

Rest well, Enoch.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Enoch was admitted to TTSH yesterday morning.

Complained of severe headache. May i wish him speedy recovery and rest well.

Enoch, if you are reading this, all the duty siaos agree that you chiong too much liao lah.... Chiong as in chiong work, not chiong sua nor chiong pub.

Remember, we are not stainless steel man. Remember to take time off for rest and relax.

HQ has set a minimum duty hours that each officer must attain, but i think in this case, instead of the minimum duty hours, HQ must set a seperate requirement for you, a maximum duty hours that you must achieve. No more beyond that amount of hours.

As what someone had mentioned to me... "Can we ask TTSH to hospitalise Enoch for a month? So that he can have enough rest for that month?"

Anyway, take care bro!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Last minute shopping

200909 1513hours + 8GMT.........

Received a message (via SMS) from CY. Contents read "KFC later for dinner?At 7pm."

20092006 1711hours +8 GMT........

Replied "k."

That's how we (William, CY, XZ, Kenneth, Aaron joined in later) ended up at KFC for dinner.

That's the first KFC meal that i had since NDP 2006. A NDP where all meals are provided, where all meals that we had are KFC, with the exception of the actual day lunch, where the meals are SFI.

I was thinking... "Will i still have a phobia of consuming KFC? May not be a good idea to eat dinner at KFC..." But then, if i don't eat KFC now, how do i know if i still got a phobia leh? So, i decided to give it a try.

Hey, well, i did not vomit! Just that when i took my first bite into my juicy chicken, memories of the NDP came back. I miss the plastic gloves. But the enviroment is different. There's air con in the restaurant, there's seats and tables, and there a basin for you to wash your hands with fragraent soap for you too.

Okie... dinner settled...

Next target, Starbucks. (i can almost hear the groaning from you readers out there...) That's when CY made this comment.

Almost 2100 hours liao... time to go NTUC to buy Edo Sushi...

We gave CY a questioning look.

"You all dunno meh? After 9pm, they are selling sushi at half price..."

Hmmm... really har?? i thought... But it made sense. They have to clear their stock, otherwise, all those will be thrown or tabaoed away...

Came 9pm... CY, me and aaron made a beeline to the NTUC Edo Sushi counter. Hmmm... we wacked quite a number of sushis there, but by that time, usually its limited variety liao...

After buying sushi, Aaron went to the M1 shop to look at some mobile phones. I told Aaron," Hey, the shop is closing for the day... Do they have half price for mobile phones too?".

CY and Aaron brust into laugher.

About 30 minutes later, as we here leaving the shopping mall, at a time when most of the shops are either closed or closing, we pass by Swee Heng. Stopped by a while to look at the buns. That's where we heard the staff there said these...

"4 (buns) for $2".....

Normally its 3 buns for $2...

Hmmm... i know when is the best time to go shopping liao. All the best lobangs appear when the shop is going to close for the day.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thailand crisis and mobile phone calls

A crisis is brewing in Thailand. For those who are news idiots, a coup had happened in Thailand.

What is a coup?

From the ever-popular webby,, a Coup has several meanings.

1. a highly successful, unexpected stroke, act, or move; a clever action or accomplishment.

2. (among the Plains Indians of North America) a brave or reckless deed performed in battle by a single warrior, as touching or striking an enemy warrior without sustaining injury oneself.

3. –verb (used with object), verb (used without object) Scot. "overturn; upset."

4. n. a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force [syn: coup d'etat, putsch, takeover] 2: a brilliant and notable success.

IN this case, this coup belongs to the no 4. group. Thai military has taken control of Bangkok, and they had sealed the goverment house, while the Thai Prime Minister was in New York.

Its complicated. Very complicated affair, which ordinary ppl like you and me will not and never comprehend. The last coup was in 1991, 15 years ago.

This happened so close to Singapore, and i wonder in a way if Singapore will be affected by the coup, besides the stock, share and foreign exchange prices.

I remember my mum telling me once, that military power is actually very important. You have access to arms and ammo, you have well trained and disciplined soldiers under your command, you have control over land, sea and air. And that's where the real power is. I did not really took noticed of coups in the past, till now.

Maybe it is happening to our neighbouring country, a member of the ASEAN.

May the situation return back to normal soon, bloodlessly.

Why do i say that?

Wah piangz leh... i still wanna to Bangkok for tour and for shopping leh!!! If carry on like this, how to go???


Eariler, while i was working, my mobile rang.

"Hello!" i answered.

"Hello" pause.... "Can i speak to the father of Joseph Lim?" the voice on the other end asked.

Pause.... Pause.... And yet more pause.... ( i was quiet, thinking about that request...)

Hey, when was i ever a father? How come i don't know? And who the hell is Joseph Lim anyway? I got a kid by the same name staying in my house, but hell, i ain't his father leh...

So i replied back.

"Father of Joseph Lim? I have not even married yet!!!" I exclaimed.

"Oh sorry... i think i got the wrong number." The other voice muttered... and hang up...

Woah!!! i almost become a father in that instant!! And the best thing is that i know nothing about it!! How unexpected life can get... and how interesting...

Thinking about it, i am guessing what the heck happened. A couple of scenarios propped up in my mind, assuming that the Joseph Lim in this case is not the kid in my house.

1) Joseph Lim is a student and had been very naughty in school.

2) Something bad had happened (i am talking about injuries here) to Joseph Lim.

3) Joseph Lim did not turn up for CCA activities or classes.

Then it struck me... How come what i am thinking seems all to be negatively thoughts? But then, imagine that you have a kid, and you receive a call asking for the parents of your kid. What is your first thought?

"what has that naughty boy done again?"

Am i correct?

But then, does all this kinds of call means negative happenings? Can something positive turn out? like some good news... like....

"Your kid is the first in class..." or...

"Your kid has saved a life..."

Or perhaps.......

"Your son is now in the Singapore pools, holding on to the solo winning ticket to last TOTO draw of 2.5 million dollars. However, he is too young to claim the prize. Can you come down and claim the prize instead?"

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Of Birthday and RTA

Its Henry's Birthday today!!! (19/09)

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Henry, Happy birthday to you!!!

Knowing you for more than a year, you have been a great friend to all. Thanks for listening to all my grumbles, rumbles, complains... May you succeed in life!!!

Okie, next topic.

Went to QZ's grandfather wake after work. Met up with some ex-sjab ppl there. Like old reunion. Sent SY and HG back after that.

Saw a RTA again. Bike and car. Outside Khadit Camp, at the traffic light junction. That's the junction where you can enter Sembawang Camp using the rear exit. The junction where ZX always drives in into camp.

A casualty (male) was lying on the ground. I shifted my vehicle onto the right lane and stopped and render help. The casualty was alert, and complained of pain on the left leg. Wanted to cut his pants, but on second thought, i just pulled up his pants and took off his shoes to have a look.

My visual observation. Left leg looked normal. No signs of swelling, tenderness, deformity. But to be on the safe side, i left the leg alone.

Asked the normal questions that is needed to ask to access the casualty... Giddness, any other pains, while i did a secondary survey. Head to toe survey. Seems okie, with no visual injury.

Went back to my van to take my BP set out, was about to check for BP when the Ambulance (no 341) arrived. Stepped back to allow the paramedics to access the casualty. Noticed that the AO asked the same questions during secondary survey as i had did.

Immoblised the leg, and its time to "load and go". Helped the SCFD ppl with the loading.

In this RTA, i did nothing much. It's not a critical case, as according to my observation. Anyway, i observed that the licence plate of the car (front) was struck on the rear wheel of the bike. As per normal, i did not care about the licence plate of the car.

I went to shook the hand of the AO, thanking her, and guess what is her response?

Guess... Cannot think?

Just guess... Still cannot think of her response?

Keep guessing...

You can never guess her response. What she said shocked me... totally... i was stunned... really, honest... i swear...

"Its you again". That's her response.

"Everytime got RTA, can see you around..." was her next line...

I could not recongnise her. I cannot recall what RTA that i had helped out with, when she came in in an ambulance... As i keep thinking now, i still cannot recall what RTA where i had worked with her.

But she recognised me. That's for darn sure.

OMG... As i think further, i realised that i had lost track of the RTAs that i had assisted in rendering first aid. But i still remember the first RTA that i had encountered. The most serious of all. Leg got amputated during RTA. Pillion rider.

Since that RTA, that's when i started equipped my van with a first aid kit.

Chatted briefly with the AO before they went off. After that, i went over to shake hands with the passerby who had assisted in the RTA also.

That's where i realised that the passerbys are not ordinary passerbys. One of them was working in SGH, the other 2 are policemen. Had a pleasant time working with them.

The guy who was from SGH told me, that the casualty was lucky, that he, the 2 policemen, and a paramedic (referring to me) was around. That's when i corrected him.

"Nope, i am not a paramedic, I am a first aider from St John" i said with pride.

His next comments was a compliment to my ears.

"Same lah, no difference."

To all SJAB ppl out there, there's a huge difference between a paramedic, and a first aider. And when he says, "same lah, no difference" after assisting in a RTA, you can guess the meaning of it.

Still i was proud to say these few words.

"Nope, i am not a paramedic. I am a First Aider from St John".

Thank you, the ppl from SJAB, especially Gary Koh, Derek Tan, Callen Tham, George Lim, Enoch Chan, Mr Victor Tian, Dennis Chua, Rafi, Asiah, Simon Quek, Jia Hong, Shawn Quah, Dr Su Dehui, and others in SJAB, DUTY SIAOS, for your advice, your valuable lessons in First Aid knowledge that was imparted to me. Needless to say, the one that impart the most knowledge to me is Derek Tan, George Lim and Enoch Chan.

Its your imparting of first aid knowledge that allows me to assist in the numerous RTAs with calm and confidence and identifying myself as a First Aider from St John Ambulance.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Condolences again...

QZ's grandfather had passed away on Sat morning.

QZ, if you are reading this post, my deepest and heartfelt condolences to you. Dun be too sad, its part and parcel of life. If you do need any help, don't forget the friendly and warm ppl from zone 3 and the duty siaos from the SJAB family, including the ex-sjab ppl also.

Went down for the wake eariler. With JH, Dennis (Finnis???) EG, SM, SP. Another wake, another funeral. Seems like the storm around me had not pass. This month (7th month in the lunar calender) is really a bad month. There's super lots things happen.

This is the second wake that i am attending this month.

Ppl are starting to get sick. They are falling sick... The weather in Singapore is getting a bit funny. Sudden rains, sudden suns, and its cold recently. All my friends out there, please take good care of yourself!! Rest more, and drink more water!

Talking about rest, i think its time for me to rest.... Good night everyone

Weekend laze.

A lazy day today.

Overslept this morning. Supposed to help EG to cover the muster parade. EG called and woke me up.

Rushed down to pick EG and ST up. Been a long long time since i last met ST. She had permed her hair!!! i was like "she's so different". Her hair had become curly leh... I was a bit "shocked"... Still not used to her new hairstyle.

Went down to YTSS to cover their biannual muster parade rehersal. Quite a number of fall outs. Most of them did not had breakfast. Quite a number from NCC, NPCC, SJAB. None from BB. Well disciplined and well focused lot, i must agree.

ST tried driving my van today. Stalled quite a number of times. hahaha... can see that she is stressed. Driving is actually simple, you just have to get use to the 3 petals, the gears, and how the clutch work. Practice makes perfect. One must get use to it.

Found 30 bucks on the carpark too. Suspected that a teacher had dropped them. Its not everyday that one can find money on the ground huh? EG pass the money to another teacher to return the money.

Went for lunch at the see hum place. After that, went home and fell asleep. All the way till night. Was very tired.

Visited starbucks again at night. The usual place.

Will be going down HQ tomorrow. Most prob will spend the whole day there. What a super no life me...

Friday, September 15, 2006


Okie, okie, i know i had just posted something eariler, but this is so exciting.

All my friends who had finished BMT got their posting orders today!

Halim was posted to 1st guards, as guardsman. A bit suay, i would say, the training will be siong, but knowing Halim, he can take the training and pass out as a guardsman. An elite infantryman.

Joel was posted to ATEC as a rifleman, meaning to say, he will be with the aggressor unit. He will wear "tiger 4" to fight against the regular SAF units. He will be the "enemy" of the SAF. He will always go overseas for ATEC exercises. I would say, ATEC is better than any infantry unit.

I used to be attached to ATEC as aggressor unit before i ORD. So, i know for a fact that ATEC is better than SIR. (I was from 6 SIR).

Another one had posted in WLNY forum, and he's the most unlucky one... He is going to SISPEC.
Wahahaha... SISPEC siah. Suffer In Silence Plus Extra Confinement. Future SGT. Future got more suffering!! wahahhaha...

Ah Wang... he's going to become a RP... Not Republic Poly, not Restriction of Previlages, but Regimantal Police. Slacker!!! Good life siah... But he posted to Changi Air Base... Good luck!!

Take care folks, enjoy your unit life!!! NS will be over soon! then, welcome NSmen!!

Problematic problems


This is my reaction when anyone tells me that they are facing a problem.

I can almost guess that their problems are. Basically, there are 4 most common problems that anyone can faced. (In order of commonity)

1) Relationship problems.
2) Finanical problems.
3) Working or studies problems.
4) Family problems.

Yes, the big 4. The 4 most common problems that everyone faces and have to go through in life, for the common man and woman.

Out of the 4, the most common is the Relationship. They will pose a big big headache to those suffering from it. There are many types of syndrome, easy to diagnose, and different medication is needed to cure it.

I quote a friend's words "Marriage is just a piece of paper. What matters is how both maintain it."

How true it is... Think about it, and reflect on it.

Also not to forget about the vowes that both party had made during the marriage. "In good or bad, till death do us part". Does this words hold no more meaning? If that's the case, then what are marriage vow for?

Well, its not easy to maintain the marriage or even attached status. Both parties are needed to maintain it. Both have to learn to scarifice, both need to give and take, to forgive and forget. Its not easy at all, but then, think about it...

Its not that difficult either, right?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I was on TV

Okie. I did appear on TV.

Got a couple of friends msg me after the scene. They saw me on TV and was surprised.

I did not watch the TV. Was away at the CDANs club house, having a "Thank you for your support" dinner for the NS Home Team Real Run.

But SQ, Tony and me did catch a little at the end of the scene. We were happily passing by a shop with a TV, and i happened to saw it. So, the three of us stopped outside and watched the TV.

I did not see myself.

Some of my friends lamated that i did not inform them that i will be on TV on that particular epsiode.

Well, this is what i am going to tell them....

You wanna see me on TV? Its so simple....

Find me a TV and let me climb on top of it! There, i am on TV!!!

But, Please find a TV that can stand my weight. Once broken, considered sold, and no way i am going to be responsible for it!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

IMF happenings from the eyes of the S.O

IMF. Words that should be familiar with all the Singaporeans out there.

You see the words in the papers. You hear them in the radio. You see the hear them on TV. Aunties and uncles are talking about it. Cabbies and drivers are complaining about it. Organisers and contractors are stressing over it, Policemen are doing extra duties over it.....

IMF and World bank is holding their meetings in Singapore, at Suntec, in case you are not aware of it. Its a high profile meeting, with 16,000 delegates from over 180 countries.

In fact, its higher profile than our biggest birthday party, the NDP.

We are supposed to put on our best smiles for the overseas guest. In fact, the goverment had started a 4 million smiles campagin to train our facial muscles to smile broadly at our guest.

However, to have a lasting effect smiles that leaves a good deep impression on our guest, the goverment should invest 400 million on us. Nope, the money is not going into our pockets. The money should be used for dental appoinments first to whiten our teeth, to patch our teeth.

Imagine you are a foreign delegate, and an toothless Ah pek smile broadly at you.

Or you see an young sweet skirt smiling at you, but you noticed her caffine stained teeth, and on closer inspection, you can see bits of the see hum between her teeth after she had ate mee siam.

Our Police force has also done many things for this IMF-World bank meetings. For the comfort of the protesters, they had shifted the area to protest indoors, in a air-conditioned enviroment. What i don't understand is that a lot of ppl are arguing over it.

I mean, Singapore weather is hot and humid. Imagine hundreds of ppl protesting, crowded together, someone's goanna faint, or even worst, kena heat stroke. Then, the medical personnal will be dispatch to those protesters, instead of standing by for the delegates.

Police will also ban the protesters from bring in their own items (wooden placecards and metal poles). Instead, they will be providing paper cardboard and paper poles. This is to ensure that the metal poles will not be used to "hamtam" ppl when "kua simi" incident happens.

Lastly, the police also restricted the roads around the convention center.

This cause quite a number of problems.

1) Motorists face extra ERP charge if they head to Suntec.
LTA reply : LTA says motorists can choose to park outside the Suntec area and walk over, or take public transport instead - all to avoid the double ERP charge while staying within the Restricted Zone.

2) Taxis in short supply at Suntec area as cabbies avoid the place.

Other problems happened also...

1) Limousine drivers worst hit by slow trickle of delegates arriving for meetings

2) Sluggish sales for Suntec City Mall tenants since Sunday


IMF does cause some problems, ain't it?

But think of the other side. We are host to 16,000 delegates. ITs time we showcase our delicious foods to the delegates which most may never taste or heard before.

Food like " Hainan Chicken Rice, Satay, Chilli Crab', and the best of all...

'Mee Siam Mai Hum"

TV show

The show has started.

The show that i had a part in, but i guess, i wun be on TV after all...

ITs on the 13th sept, Channel 8, 9pm, titled, "Love in the courtroom". Its an RTA scene.

Still remember that day, Rafi, Asiah, EC and me went down to pounggol to do the filming. That's when i realised that being an actor is not easy at all. Not easy at all. Especially when there are lots of NGs.

I was dealing with the trolley cot, and when it's NG, that means that i have to load and unload the trolleycot the number of times they NG. Its redo, redo... Well, i am not complaining, but its part of filming.

But overall, i had gain experience from it. Valuable lessons. I know how hard it is for filming.. the work to be done, the back stage work. During that time, saw my friend, Chris, working as a assitant cameraman. The camera is not light at all.

Especially when the weather is very hot, or doing some stunts. And when you get to do lots of NGs.

Life of celebrities is never good also. They are supposed to set good examples for their fans, (lets not talk about others), They have to put on a smile at all time when outside, they have a reputation, or image to up-keep and they have limited privacy. When they go out, they must be prepared to sign autographs, pose for pictures, just like this...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Internet Down

My internet service provider was down just now. For more than 2 hours.

Till now, i still cannot log on my MSN.

Fantastic, ain't it?

The reason given was "international server undergoing maintainance". Will you accept this excuse?

Oh, come on, wake up... do you think that i am a 3 year old kid? I may be an ITI, but i know a bit about internet, servers, and of course, basic customer courtesy.

Firstly, schedule maintainance of the servers wil be planned a long time ahead. And any esteemed reputable company with a large customer base will have the most basic courtesy of informing their customers of the disruption ahead.

Secondly, Scheduled maintainance will be done as quickly as possible. Given the team of professionals doing the job. Hello, we are paying the money leh. We are paying for this service, and do you think we enjoyed this kind of disruption?

Thirdly, reputable companies should hold their maintainance during the super off peak period, which is sometime after midnight and before dawn. In this way, the number of people affected will be the least. And not at 7pm, whereby it is the peak period of ppl using internet at home after school and after work.

So, all these points led me to discredit the reasons that my internet service provider gave me. All those excuses are a pile of bullshit.

So, i suspected that either 1) their server system failed, 2) their server systems got hacked and spammed, 3) Someone did something naughty at the server controls.

I hoped that IDA will look into the matter and take appropiate actions. Its not fair to us customers who have to sign a contract, to pay monthly bills and yet receive this kind of service. Imagine if you are having a online meeting with your clients, and this kind of things happen, you could lose millions of dollars, and who should be responsible for it?

We customers should be compensated for the disruption of service.

Its 9/11

Something happened 5 years ago on this date.

That thing that changed the world. Shook the whole world, that thing started a global war, excluding some wars in the middle east.

Yes. The terrorist attack on the Twin world trade center towers in New York, US, as well as the pentagon, the nerve center for the US Armed Forces.

ITs the biggest terrorist attack. On a scale that no one can imagined, except the mastermind, which a lot of people believed to be Osama Bin Laden. Thousands died. Millions got shocked. The whole world shook.

I still remember clearly on that day, five years ago. I was still in NS. I was at home, having block leave before going to Australia for Ex Wallaby (aggressor unit).

I finished watching a show on Channel 8. It was late at night. Absent-mindedly, i switched channels (i was alone, all my family members had fallen asleep). When i flicked to Channel newsasia, i stopped. All i can see was a tower was in flames. At that time, i don't know what the hell had happened in the US.

I kept on watching. The streets was in chaos. People were running in all directions.

Then it happened. The second aircraft crashed in the the second building.

I was struck dumb-founded. I was speechless. I was rooted to the spot. I could not believe my eyes that an aircraft has crashed into the second building.

"This could not be true." i thought.

I woke up my parents to watch, and sent a SMS to all my friends telling them that aircraft has crashed into the world trade center twin towers in US.

Some of them replied my SMS. "Is this a joke?"

"I am not kidding, watch channel newsasia now" i replied back.

At that time, my mum mentioned, " War is breaking out soon".

I kept my eyes glued to the telly. Its an attacked on such a great scale that it seems impossible, but it was happening right in front of my eyes.

Next, the pentagon struck.

Later, the twin towers collasped.

I could not sleep the whole night. I was praying for the people who are awaiting to be rescued will be rescue. But deep down, i knew that even uncle SAM was not prepared for a disaster on such a great scale.

War has started. The War on terrorism.

We have to live with the fear of terrorism. We have to live with the increased security. We have to live witih it. It had become a part of our daily lives.

May god bless all the victims of terrorist attacks worldwide.

And condamn all the terrorist.

A chance to rest.

Nothing much today... just spend the whole day in HQ.

Supposed to help SQ with the public class. But there's enough instructors, so spend the whole morning in server room, ,surfing the net.

After lunch, went for a nap in the server room. just fell asleep on 2 chairs. I was tired. I forgot when is the last time i had such a good afternoon nap. It was good, even though i was sleeping on 2 chairs.

The cadet heartsaver exams need help, so, helped with that as an examiner.

One cadet cried, when she cannot remember the next step. I plead innocent. I did not scold her nor punish her. All i did was to guide her along the way. Another cadet cried, and Tony was her examiner. All Tony did was nothing. She just cried. Amazing.

Went dinner with DT. Saw CH and Callen at the usual place. Chatted a bit before sending DT back and going home.

IMF starting tomorrow. Roads closure. Security measures. All are taking place right here, right now. Personnal driving to work at suntec will face problems.

May the event proceed smoothly.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Went for a duty eariler.

Whole duty was quite boring, in the beginning. One swimmer got a cut, while one swimmer complained that his gf got gastric pain.

Things turn out to be different in the end. Very different. And very bad. Started when the competition to hold the breath underwater started. The last competitor was trying to set a new Singapore book of records.

I was subconsiously counting the time, by heart, when he went under the water. I counted up to 4 minutes, and by then, when he did not surface for air, i was starting to get worried. We got the equipment ready way before that competition was held.

Started to see the competitor starting to struggle. But still, he did not surface for air. I was totally keyed up, and started to move closer to the water edge ( I was standing on the spectators stand with DT, Rafi, Asiah, KS, Venod).

I finally make a move to the pool side, and that's when i saw the competitor stopped struggling. Thats when the lifeguards pulled him up from the water. He was limp. That's when i chiong down, together with Venod and the rest behind us.

The life-guard has started mouth to mouth resustitation in the water. They had given one blow, when we reached the poolside. We pulled the casualty out of the water, and i removed his goggles, and saw that the eye was dilated.

I maintained the airway, and Rafi immediately check for pulse.

"I did not detect any pulse" were the words from Rafi, and it struck a chill into my heart. The casualty's heart had stopped beating. "Oh shit, oh fucking shit" was the first words that i can think of. I placed my fingers on the throat of the casualty, and to my dismay, i really did not detect a pulse.

I told KS to get the air viva ready, connected to the oxygen tank. Meanwhile, Rafi proceed to CPR. All these actually took place in less than 10 seconds, even though as i was typing now, it seems that a long time was used.

All Rafi need to do was just to give 10 compression (need to double confirm with Rafi). That one magic compression. The ten compression that changed everything. (Rafi, in his incident report, mentiones about 10 compression done)

The casualty started vomitting water. I turn the head to one side in order to drain the water away. Meanwhile, Asiah and DT was preparing the suction unit to suck the water away.

That's when Rafi did another pulse check.

And that's when i heard the most reassuaring words of the world...

"I detected a pulse."

I immediately put my finger onto the casualty throat to double check for pulse. All this while, Asiah was working with the suction unit to suck away all the water that the casualty vomitted from his oral cavity. (The casualty kept vomitting water).

"I did not detect any pulse" I informed Rafi. Its true. I could not detect any pulse at that point.

My finger remained at the point. Then i could feel it... the pulse came back. It grew stronger and becoming more regular. (Initially, it was still too weak to feel it).

"Okie, i detected a pulse. Strong and regular". I informed the rest. I looked into the casualty's eyes. The pupils had become constricted, and the casualty was starting to cough. He is regaining consious.

The trolley cot came. I went over to prepare the trolley cot. Loaded the casualty onto the trolleycot, and into the ambulance and soon, the ambulance was blasting away to the nearest hospital.

This whole thing (from pulling the casualty out of the water to loading into the ambulance" had took less than 5 minutes. But to me, it seems a long long time. The casualty had came very close to death. Very Very close. Too close for comfort. I had heard from some professional medic that if a person needs CPR to be done, he/she has only about 7% chance of survival (just CPR alone), unless the chain of survival is observed and the casuslty needs CPR done immediately, and early defrib, and early hospital care.

What went in our favor was that we immediately gave CPR. All the equipment was on standby, checked and double checked by me before we set out. The suction unit was critical in this case.

By the time the casualty reached the hospital, he had regain consious, and was alert. Last i heard of, he can be discharged tomorrow afternoon.

We all had saved a life today. Technically, he was already dead, but we managed to resuscitate him back to life.

Later, back in HQ, DT asked me this question, which i had thought of, on our way back to HQ.

"How would you feel if the casualty does not pull through?"

I replied this...

"If the casualty survived, that means your skills are good. But if the casualty dies, as what Rafi says, its an act of god, why worry?"

But deep inside me, i know that if the casualty dies, i will be affected. Tormented. Tormented that we cannot bring him back, despite the preparation, the skills of us, the equipment that i had prepared. And worst still, i have to live with the fact that someone had died under our care.

Well, thank god that we managed to make him pull through. All went well.

One good thing that happened. During that short 5 minutes, the 4 of us, DT, Rafi, Asiah and me, managed to work together as a team. There was no shouting of instructions, no shouting of what to do next. We worked together, and each of us know our role well, as well as the other's role. We don't get in the way of each other.

That's what i call a team.

I don't think i will ever forget this incident. True that i had helped out in numerous RTAs, Injuries, evacuations, etc etc, but i had never done any resuscitation before. This is my first. This is the first time. And a successful one.

By the way, the casualty had spend 5 minutes 03 seconds under the water, holding his breath, until the lifeguard pulled him up.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


A fight is happening, its starting to brew. We had received a direct attack.

No, i am not talking about real fighting, whereby you see fists, punches, kicks, smelly legs etc....

I am talking about industry competition. A competition whereby the winning company gets the market share, while the losing company gets trailing behind.

This is getting exciting. A war of the words. We had received the challenged. We had received a direct attack, and we are planning a counter-offensive. As in the book "art of war" by Sun Tze, the best defence is to attack.

Me? my views? I trust results from third party, independent test. The "facts" in the article are based on assumptions, which i am sure that all of you know, is the mother of all fuck-ups. There's no evidence or grounds to prove that their accusations are correct. Not even a graph.

The graphs says everything...

What i can concur is that their sales is being affected badly, that's why they are launching a attack to discredit us. And this shows another thing. Consumers prefer ours to theirs.

There's no need for me to say anything. I am sure the consumers will know themselves which is better. They can feel themselves. They have the right to choose.

Hope that this will be a healthy competition. And all facts said are based on evidence, with results from a third party independent test.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tiring weekend.

Wanted to much to blog yesterday night, but on the advice of someone, i did not.

I needed the sleep. So much things had happen, that kept me so busy. I would really want a rest, hanging around with my friends, having a good time.

Went for NCOC camp on Sat. Went down HQ to sleep on Friday night. Before that, i was attending CN's mum wake. That's when i heard that someone had attempted suicide by swallowing lots of panadol.

That someone was okie during that time. So, with a heavy heart, i went for the camp.

I thought i could rest during the camp. Being the safety and the camp "medical" officer. Wrong. Kids nowadays are so "weak". Lots of them got flu, cough, or feeling pains somewhere in the body. And its those, and some minor incidents kept me busy.

Sunday, came our AGI. I was co-ordinate the parade music. After that, its the night hike.

Received quite a number of fallouts for the hike. Kept me quite busy also. Luckily, DT is there also, and we ran the sick bay. (DT is a lot more experience in medical and first aid than me).

Monday morning. I was woke up by a call from DT. Informed me that there's a casualty. She tripped and fell on the stairs. When DT called for help, its serious. Rushed down to the scene. Stabilised her, and called for Civil Defence Ambulance. Evacuated to KKWCH.

Just before break camp, i received a call, saying that the person who had attempted suicide before was admitted to SGH, the effects of overdose had kicked in. After breaking camp, i went home to rest first. (i had not slept well for 4 nights). Planned to wake up by evening to pay a visit, but woke up at night instead. Rushed down to SGH.

After SGH, went over to CN's mum wake, where me and aaron stay overnight there, helping out. The funeral was on the tuesday.

Tuesday morning, Went back to rest. Slept for 2 hours, and have to rush back to the wake. After the funeral, rushed to KKWCH, and after that, went down to SGH. Finally, its home sweet home.

My bed never feel so nice. Did not slept on my bed at night for 5 days liao... Shiok.

Friday, September 01, 2006


CN's mum had passed away today.

CN, if you are reading this, my greatest condolences to you. Give yourself time to get over it, but meanwhile, carry on with your life, and stay happy. You have to learn to be independent.

The BP WLNY SUPPER CLUB will always be around to help you in the event you need help.

May god bless you.