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Monday, September 11, 2006

Internet Down

My internet service provider was down just now. For more than 2 hours.

Till now, i still cannot log on my MSN.

Fantastic, ain't it?

The reason given was "international server undergoing maintainance". Will you accept this excuse?

Oh, come on, wake up... do you think that i am a 3 year old kid? I may be an ITI, but i know a bit about internet, servers, and of course, basic customer courtesy.

Firstly, schedule maintainance of the servers wil be planned a long time ahead. And any esteemed reputable company with a large customer base will have the most basic courtesy of informing their customers of the disruption ahead.

Secondly, Scheduled maintainance will be done as quickly as possible. Given the team of professionals doing the job. Hello, we are paying the money leh. We are paying for this service, and do you think we enjoyed this kind of disruption?

Thirdly, reputable companies should hold their maintainance during the super off peak period, which is sometime after midnight and before dawn. In this way, the number of people affected will be the least. And not at 7pm, whereby it is the peak period of ppl using internet at home after school and after work.

So, all these points led me to discredit the reasons that my internet service provider gave me. All those excuses are a pile of bullshit.

So, i suspected that either 1) their server system failed, 2) their server systems got hacked and spammed, 3) Someone did something naughty at the server controls.

I hoped that IDA will look into the matter and take appropiate actions. Its not fair to us customers who have to sign a contract, to pay monthly bills and yet receive this kind of service. Imagine if you are having a online meeting with your clients, and this kind of things happen, you could lose millions of dollars, and who should be responsible for it?

We customers should be compensated for the disruption of service.

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