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Friday, September 15, 2006


Okie, okie, i know i had just posted something eariler, but this is so exciting.

All my friends who had finished BMT got their posting orders today!

Halim was posted to 1st guards, as guardsman. A bit suay, i would say, the training will be siong, but knowing Halim, he can take the training and pass out as a guardsman. An elite infantryman.

Joel was posted to ATEC as a rifleman, meaning to say, he will be with the aggressor unit. He will wear "tiger 4" to fight against the regular SAF units. He will be the "enemy" of the SAF. He will always go overseas for ATEC exercises. I would say, ATEC is better than any infantry unit.

I used to be attached to ATEC as aggressor unit before i ORD. So, i know for a fact that ATEC is better than SIR. (I was from 6 SIR).

Another one had posted in WLNY forum, and he's the most unlucky one... He is going to SISPEC.
Wahahaha... SISPEC siah. Suffer In Silence Plus Extra Confinement. Future SGT. Future got more suffering!! wahahhaha...

Ah Wang... he's going to become a RP... Not Republic Poly, not Restriction of Previlages, but Regimantal Police. Slacker!!! Good life siah... But he posted to Changi Air Base... Good luck!!

Take care folks, enjoy your unit life!!! NS will be over soon! then, welcome NSmen!!

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