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Friday, February 25, 2011

General Elections is coming!!

Okie... it's meant to be a joke... ISD, dun come after me hor...

General Elections are coming... and knowing from past history, polling day, which is a public holiday is always on a saturday.

Yah... public holidays which falls on a saturday is quite a waste. i know some company compensate by having the holiday on a friday or even monday, while some add an additional day leave to their workers annual leave, while come bastards will just smile and laugh at their workers, saying them "suckers!!"

So, goverment, if you are reading this, i got an wonderful idea that makes all working adults,(which are eligible to vote, and knowing every vote counts) super duper happy that they will swing their votes to you.

it goes like this...

Campaigning will end on a sunday.

Monday - cooling off day. People needs to sit down and think about it. they need peace and quiet to seriously think who to vote. So, make it a public holiday.

Tuesday - Polling day! needless to say, it's a public holiday.

Wednesday - Results day. Announcement of results, which all singaporeans would eagerly be waiting. so, make it a public holiday.

Thursday - sure some ppl will kao pei about the results, appealing results and want to recount the votes. And being Singapore, are very concerned about other beings (Read: KAYPO) all will eagerly wait for results also. Make it a public holiday.

Friday - The winning side will address to the nation, and make the various MPs go to the stage to thank his supporters, his family, his dog, his maid etc etc, and make it a celebration. make that day a public holiday too for celebrations.

There you go... I don't know about the others, but this kinda arrangement will definity make me a very happy man, and a very happy voter.

Oh yah, on a last note, can make the same kind of arrangement / timings for the presidential elections at the end of this year??

lastly, this post is meant to be a joke personnally. And yah, i am that bo liao.