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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day of 2006

Last day of 2006.

A time to reflect on what happened and what i had done for 2006.

Keep thinking what had i achieved for 2006. A long time thinking... Then it struck me. I had achieved nothing worth mentioning for 2006, with the exception that i had encountered and assisted quite a number of RTAs and setting up this blog.

OMG... Had i wasted another year again? Practically, i cannot recall anything that is worth remembering that i had done for 2006.

Cannot be like this. Must do better for 2007. (Easiler said than done).

2006 basically had been a bad year for me, especially my friends around me. A couple of funerals (family members of friends), a few of friends who was hospitalised due to DO, sickness, infections, accidents, overworked etc etc.... SK is still in a coma in TTSH ICU. Hope he can pull through.

This year, with the exception of CGH and private hospitals, i had visited all the other hospitals, including Raffles hospital to visit friends who has been hospitalised.

Yesterday, ZX played with my camera phone while i was driving.
Nice effects. Nice pictures...

Something amazing had happened today. Really amazing, but i shall not reveal anything here. Its classified information. I can tell you, but then, i got to kill you, and get charged and hanged for murder. So, its best that i dun tell you... Seriously, that matter is of great sensitivity.

Anyway, good weather today, Went flying at the badminton court beside AF's house, supper at Newton circle, the prawn noodle (in soup) is very nice there, you should try it... Went to riverside point to continue flying and sent AF to Tiong Bahru, then its back home. (its about 5am when i reach home.)

I had bought myself a new year present!
Its a Carrying case (Transmitter box) for my RC Kite Transmitter. I almost damaged the transmitter last night, the throttle control was struck in the up (full throttle) position. I managed to fix the problem, and that problem is the main decisive factor for me to purchase the New Year present for myself.

Going for a countdown duty later at night. Another overnight duty. With the same gang. Looking forward to it. Have to give up going to AM's hometown. HT and JL keep asking me not to go for the duty to go JB (AM's hometown) with them. Haiz~~~ Well, I am afterall, a Duty Siao...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Went back flying

Yeah, its a long weekend again. Sat, Sun, Mon and Tue... And the weather is fine these 2 days.

That means the end to grounding our kite, and yesterday night, we took out our kites once again to fly.

Initially, we were undecided where to fly. Cineleisure, Bukit Timah, Greenridge field, up the hill... We ended up at the badminton court below AF's house. A small area, and we got underway to start crashing out kites.

Played with the trees. And while we got tired of flying, we started playing plane chess. Its a bit difficult to play with the trees.

And so, when its time for ppl to wake up, it's time for me to sleep.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Words of wisdom

Normally at this time of the month, i always go do something.

I always go HDB branch and buy my season parking at my house carpark.

Okie, okie, i know this is lame... but i just want to crack things up a tiny weeny little bit...

Normally at this time of the year, i always receive my christmas gift. But somehow for this year, my christmas gifts are late. They came after christmas. And no, it wasn't from father Santa. And all my presents are the same.

They are calanders for the coming year. From our suppliers.

And most of the calenders usually got some pictures of their products (free advertisement mah), or pictures of nature, or pictures of history. Some came along with some words of wisdom.

A particular calander (from Fisher Scientific) caught my eye. Its titled "value of success" with pictures of the nature and words of wisdom. Its the words of wisdom that got my attention.


1) An experiened man is one who is great MONEY maker.

My Response : "Errr... Define experience pls. I do not really agree with this statement."

2) Deciding not to remain where you are is the first step to SUCCESS

My Response : "Yes, its true."

3) Wealth belongs to those who believe in their DREAMS

My Response : "Not really impossible dreams, thought."

4) Before you can set things RIGHT, you must see things right.

My Response : "Agreed"

5) The man who makes NO MISTAKE does not usually make any money

My Response : "I make mistakes and i dun make any money leh."

6) To succeed, you must work very very hard in a SMART WAY.

My Response : "Sometimes, luck does play a part, dude"

7) One of the IMPORTANT things in life is to profit from your losses.

My Response : "Agreed, but i rather replace the word 'profit and losses' to ' learn and mistakes'."

8) If you don't change DIRECTION, you'll reach where you are going.

My Response : "Provided your Direction is right in the first place."

9) The rich teach their kids on improving WEALTH by mastering knowledge. Which the poor and middle classes do not.

My Response : "Strongly disagree. Kids of rich parents tend to flaunt and sqander away the fortune".

10) No one succeeds without saving MONEY. There is no exception to this rule.

My Response : " How true this is!!! That is why i am still not successful... :< "

11) A great PLEASURE in life is doing what people say you cannot do.

My Response : "Who cares what other ppl say, as what NIKE always tell us, just do it."

12) Every SUCCESS is built on the ability to do better than good enough.

My Response : "That's good enough. No need me to explain."


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Just for a laugh

Well, you know your 2006 sucks when you are making these types of new year resolutions...

1) I resolute not to get any more fines and summons for my vehicle.

2) I resolute to pay my bills on time, everytime.

3) I resolute to give my friend ABC a treat, which i had promised 10 years ago.

4) I resolute to feed my dog regularly.

5) I resolute to stop making noise so that the police will not knock on my door everyday.

6) I resolute to remember my signature on my bank passbook.

7) I resolute to sleep by midnight, latest

8) I resolute to stop telling ppl to get away from my "elite, uncaring face".

9) I resolute not to mix up my wife's and my mistress's names, and birthdays.

10) I resolute not to pump diesel into my car, just because its cheaper.

11) I resolute to stay in a job for at least 6 months.

12) I resolute not to curse and swear in vagular lauguage at the f**king cars that bloody suddenly f**king cut into my f**king lane.

13) I resolute not to honk at ppl crossing at zebra crossings.

14) I resolute that i will never play with fires.

Happy new year, everyone...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Year resolutions

2007 is coming soon...

And the talk of the town is about resolutions. New year resolutions. The news talked about it, one of my friend ask me about it, another one MSN me about it...

Seems like resolutions are every where. So, if you haven done any, so please pick up a pen, a paper, and start making resolutions for 2007.

What about me? My resolutions for 2007? My resolutions for 2007 are simple....

"I resolute that i shall not make any resolutions for 2007."

Simple enough?

Or maybe you all can make some for me???

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Generic hydrocodone

Someone had asked me (in comments of my last post) if anyone understands the term, generic hydrocodone. It is linked to some website, and when i tried clicking on the linked, the infamous, cursing and swearing initiator, code popped up. It read 404-file not found.

Before i continue, please bear in mind that i majored in Genetics, the DNA thingy, not pharmology nor chemistry. But i don't mind doing a small search, even it's just a add on knowledge for me.

Anyway, lets skip the word "generic", and concentrate on the hydrocodone.

Information is based on this website

Let me summerise.

Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from two of the naturally occurring opiates, codeine and thebaine. Hydrocodone is an orally active narcotic analgesic and antitussive.

It is basically a painkiller by reacting to some receptors in the brain/spinal cord. Add it to alcohol, and you will sleep like a log. Pregnant ladies, please do not consume it, because what ever effects on the fetus is unknown. Hey, you can even get addicted to it. So, i guess, its a controlled drug. There may have numerous side-effects too.

Its Systematic (IUPAC) name:
4,5a-Epoxy-3-methoxy-17-methylmorphinan-6-one tartrate (1:1) hydrate (2:5)

Chemical data:
Formula :C18H21NO3
Mol. weight: 299.368

Molecular structure of a hydrocodone.

For more information, you can go to for additional information.

Boxing day

yes, its after christmas.

26th Dec is also known as the boxing day, a public holiday in some countries, unfortunately, not in Singapore.

I asked JL what is the meaning of Boxing day. What he told me was that that day was meant to be a day to open christmas presents. But knowing kids around the world, they would had ripped open their presents a long time ago, and by boxing day, some of the toys might had been damaged.

Sometimes, i wonder how much complains the stores had after christmas because of defective toys.

Its supposed to be a happy day ripping presents, but lets not forgot what had happened 2 years ago.

26th Dec 2004. Mother Nature unleashed her almost full fury with an undersea earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter Scale. This caused a massive tsunami which killed about 230,000 people, affecting multiples like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India etc. The worst hit was Indonesia. It even change the coastline of some of the islands, especially at ground zero.

Let us pray for the poor souls that had perished in the warth of Mother Nature.

And meanwhile, please help me to continue praying for my friend, SK, who is still in a coma, at ICU, TTSH.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas day


Merry Christmas to all my dearest blog readers out there. Hope you have an enjoyable and a happy countdown.

Went to suntec to have a nice dinner with EC, HT, JL, and CN. We went to NYDC. Am wondering what does NYDC means? New York DisConnect?

Anyway, EC left after dinner to attend another outing, and the four of us went to East Coast Park to meet up with AF square, Jolyn, Karen. They had bought a chocolate log cake, which is very tasty, thanks to Jolyn.

Bought some ribbon spray, and i guess, we made a mess outside MacDonalds. The staff must be cursing and swearing at us. But hey, afterall, its christmas!

Went to fly at East Coast Park. After a few times flying at ZX's house downstairs, (and crashing most of the time), which the area is very small, i guess, i flew better at ECP. Played some of the trees there also. The area is bigger than ZX's house downstairs, though it is smaller than greenridge field.

So, dear readers, did your check your stockings or under the christmas tree when you wake up? If you got presents, good for you, you have been a good boy/girl this year. If you did not get any presents, dun be sad. I did not receive any presents in my socks too...

Maybe i ain't a good boy this year, maybe Mr Santa got overwhelmed by the "nice" smell that is emitting from my socks, maybe Mr Santa got hit by a missile when he entered the White House airspace to deliver some presents to Mr Bush, or maybe he's just plain forgotten about me, or maybe, Mr Santa got arrested by SPCA/AVA for abusing some wild animals, reindeers and forcing them to work during a holiday and flying without a licence and clearance from CAAS.

Anyway, i enjoyed myself flying kite at ECP. The other characters at ECP are darn funny. Keep spraying the snow spray at some fellows until that poor victim became a snowman and snowwoman, a lady sprained her ankle, a drunk vomitting under a tree, some ppl vandalising some structure. All funny characters.

Oh yah, before i forgot, thanks to all those who had wished me Merry Christmas, either thr SMS or in person. I hope you enjoyed your christmas, and wish you success in 2007.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa:

How's North Pole? Heard that the global warming situation on Mother Earth is getting worse, and the ice glaciers are melting at a faster rate then before. Hope that your house is not melting.

Anyway, i am wondering where your house actually is. I learned from my geography, map reading and topography lessons that there are actually 2 North Poles. One is the true North Pole, which is constant and the other is the Magnetic North Pole, which changes position from time to time. So, where exactly is your house?

As i think about the toys that you are manufacturing for the kids every year, What is your production costs, expenditures, profit margins, and i am also wondering who is the CEO, CFO, COO, and what company you use for your audit.

Also, i am wondering what is your distribution networks. I seriously cannot expect you, single-handedly distribute the presents worldwide.

Correct me if i am wrong. You load up billions of presents, go into your sleigh, fly to countries, risking being shot down by fighter jets for entering the countries airspace without permission, stop at rooftops, slide down the chimmeys, (what happen if there's no chimmey? do you go up the sewer?), risk the home owners calling the police to have you arrested for house-breaking, place presents and slimmer up the chimmey and go to the next house? And you are distributing billions of present in that manner in a single night?

Actually, what i guess is that you must have nothing to do nowadays. There's ain't such thing as a good boy and girl liao rite? Business must be bad for you nowadays, are you scared of retrenchment?

Me too. I am getting retrenched. I share your woes. We are in the same boat.

Okie. I ain't been very good this year. So, i am not expecting any presents. But at least, i hope that you are able to fullfill some of my wishes.

I would like all my friends to be happy always, to remain healthy, and best wishes for their studies or careers. Especially the 2 groups of friends that i got. My neighbourhood / kite flyers kakis, and my SJAB friends, especially the Duty Siaos. I hope that SK can recover, and back to his health.

I would like to wish a better change to my career, to be more finanically stable, improvements to my kite flying skills, and more knowledge in my first aid skills.

Lastly, i would like to wish that my family members be healthy and be happy.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely:

Simon Ow

Saturday, December 23, 2006

2 days to christmas

2 more days to Christmas!!!

Got your christmas present already? If you haven't done so, you must do it in a hurry!!! Before the store closed on you!

Nothing much for this entry. Just normal routine of work, kite flying, talking cock, 7-11 big gulps, with a bunch of merry men and women. Weather's been fine these 2 days, and its a chance not to be missed, so, we stopped chess for a while and resume kite flying.

Started to fly in confined space. Starting to really control the kite instead of letting the kite control you. But i ain't there yet. Still got a long way to go.

As i was flying eariler, i heard a loud "bang"! A taxi had crashed on the central divider at a junction. Luckily there are no casualties, and i continue my flying. Just another RTA... Haiz~~~

Still no christmas mood yet. Dunno why. No updates on SK. Am still praying that he can pull through.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas song?!?!?!?!?

A Christmas song from Mr Brown Show. You can click on the link from my blog to access the website, which it contain hilarous podcast.

Thanks to Mr Brown for creating this funny podcast. Here goes...

The mrbrown show 29 Nov 2006 - A mrbrown show christmas bonus


I'm dreaming of a big bonus
Just like civil servants got you know
ask my big boss to listen
he say no budget this season
our cost all go up long ago.

I'm dreaming of a big bonus
Economy great say men in white
as our GDP growth numbers take flight
it's the perfect time for a tax hike.

I'm dreaming of a big bonus
my boss won't give me 2.2
he say he not garment
not even increment
and if i talk somemore, get pay cut too.

I'm dreaming i don't get retrenchment
no job no money go jiak sai
better next time dun ask boss why
or else christmas time, eat grass and die.


Thanks once again to the forever funny He's very creative and his jokes always impress me.

Enjoy, folks.

BTW, Dennis has discharged from NUH, and resting at home.

Sunny sucky day... It just sucks today.

20th Dec 2006.

The whole Singapore woke up to the happiness of the warmth of the sun. These few days had been raining badly, causing parts of Singapore to flood, a wall to collaspe and a landslide to occur. Finally, its sunny when you all woke up, not to the misery and gloom of the rain.

Not me.

Yes, i woke up to the sun. But the whole day was not a happy day to me. It sucks terribly today.

I ain't feeling well the night before, and this morning, i was awoke by a SMS from a friend.

It read: "Dennis was admitted to NUH (National University Hospital), ward so and so, bed so and so."

Went down to NUH in the afternoon. Heard the story was that he had collasped, and was asleep for 24 hours. Spend the whole afternoon there.

Night came. Another message from another friend.

It read: "Guys, SK unconsious in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) since 15th. Meningitis. TTSH (Tan Tock Seng Hospital)Ward so and so, Bed so and so, bad condition. Visit soon if possible."

Rushed down to TTSH.

He was in a serious condition, to quoto a nurse there "he is very unstable". Seeing him lying, in a coma, in ICU, leaves me with a sense of helpness. SK is a man full of vigour and agressiveness, but now, seeing him lying there helpnessly, hooked up to the machines, gave me the sense of despair.

Am praying hard for SK. If you do care, readers out there, please pray for him as well, be it you know him or not. Please.

Wanted to have a chat, to talk about the worries and my frustration to a friend on the way back, but was uncontactable. Mobile turned off and ain't at home.

Ended up flying kite at greenridge. For a short while only. Ran out of batteries and ain't in the mood for flying too.

It just sucks today, when 2 of your friends are admitted to hospital, and one of them is in critical condition. It just sucks to the core. This has been a very bad year.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A bo liao post

During last Public BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support) class, where i was an instructor, i snapped some photos.

"Help!!! 2 casualties spotted!!! One casualty on top of another!!! Hmmm... did both of them fall?? Wait, check for danger before going in to access the situation... "

"No danger... Going in closer to access the situation... Looks like 2 casualties... Wait... how come the fellow on top got his elbows moving? Consious casualty on top... The other casualty below arms are very straight leh... something is wrong..."

"Chey... It is Derrick Leow trying to connect a cable to the CPR dummy... He just plain lazy to move to the other side of the dummy to connect the cable... Anyway, he got fed up in the end, and just went over to the side."


At nights, as you all would know, normally, we would do this...

Fly kite....

However, Kites and rain does not match, and these few days have been raining, so we end up doing this...

Play chess...


6 more days to Christmas!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Scoldings by boss

7 more days to christmas...

Sometimes, I think that colleague of mine really deserves a scolding.

I am seriously starting to question about his qualifications as a diploma holder.

This morning, he informed me that there's something wrong with the microscope. There's seems to have some kind of readings in the lens that he cannot remove.

So i asked him this.." Do you know what is the purpose of that reading in the lens?"

"Dunno" he responsed.

Alamak!!! I almost want to bang my head on the wall.

"That reading, after calibration, can be used to measure the lenght and width of the micro-organism." i explained.

"Orh" was his reply.... "Then it's my fault... "

"What? boss scold you this morning har?" i queried.

"Sort of... I told him about the markings..." he replied.

"Did you ever learn this during poly? did you use it for measuring the bacteria during poly time?" i queried.

Blank look.

"Dun think so" was his response.

I was thinking... Screw you lah... Microscope is the most basic tool in Microbiology. And measurements of the bacteria is a necessary need to identify the bacteria, and it must have been taught during poly days. I learn it during poly days, and he was from the same poly as me... Damm...

"It was my fault" my colleague repeated.

"Yah, right, its totally your fault that you got a scolding, and you really deserve that scolding", i thought to myself.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

News in brief.

Interesting News....


Roads named after colonials could be changed to honour S'pore's pioneers

Sunday December 17, 12:17 AM

SINGAPORE: The suggestion to honour Singapore's pioneers is now going a step further.

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, who first broached the idea, has suggested that several roads named after minor colonial officials could be changed to honour Singapore's pioneers instead.

But he cautioned that road names should not be changed just for the sake of doing so, as it is a sensitive matter.

Mr Goh had also suggested naming new buildings after Singapore's pioneers and builders.

ETC ETC........


Hmmm... I can imagine the confusion of drivers around singapore when that happens...

Frankly speaking, my knowledge of Singapore History had returned to my history teacher, also named Simon. So, pardon me if i make any mistakes....

I can imagine this.... (for road name-wise).

Queenstown to be renamed as President town. (The head of state in Singapore is called the President, not the King or Queen).

Alexandra Drive to be renamed as Lim Bo Seng Drive ( In case you dun know, Lim Bo Seng is a national hero who led the Anti-Japanese Resistance movement, Malayan People Anti Japanese Army, MPAJA against the Japanese during the second World War. He was capture and totured to death by the Japanese, and he did not reveal any MPAJA member's names.)

Stirling Road to be renamed as Ang Peng Siong Road. (Ang Peng Siong is the Singapore Swimmer hero who is the first Singapore Swimmer to win a gold in Swimming for Singapore during the Asian Games, and he broke the games (or world???) record. He retired after winning the 50m freestyle SEA Games hosted in Singapore in 1993).

Dawson Road to be renamed as David Marshall Road. (David Marshall is the first internal (???) minister for Singapore, and led Singapore to gain partial independence. )

York Road to be rename Zubir Said Road. (Encik Zubir Said is the composer of the Singapore-famous song that most Singapore knew by heart, which the students sang everyday, the National Anthem, Majulah Singapura on 3rd Dec 1959. Upon Singapore's Independence in 1965, it was adopted as the National Anthem).

And many more... Can you imagine the confusion once all those is changed?

And now, imagine this as well.

Malcolm park is renamed as Toh Chin Chye Park. (Dr Toh Chin Chye was the DPM for Singapore during the early days. He head the committee that created the Singapore (state) flag).

Raffles Institution or Raffles Girl's School needs to be renames as well.

What a confusion.... Having headaches now...


Anyway, happy birthday (belated) to Ken Koh and Eileen Goh!!!

Hmmm it rymes...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Reading your own blog's post

I got a burning question to ask you bloggers out there....

I wonder how many of you out there goes back to read what you had posted, from the first post till your recently post. "Jia Bao Eng har..." (eat full very free har) might be your response, but to me, it a good thing that you go back once in a while to read your post.

Honestly speaking, i started blogging 8 months (more or less lah...) ago. In these 8 months, i had never go back to read my old postings. Till now.

Blog is a online diary that allows you to put some special happenings, your feelings, your thoughts to be shared by online users. Over time, you may forget what you had encountered in the past, and that's where blogs come in.

I started reading from my first post. A whole oceans of memories came flooding back to my mind. I recall why did i start blogging in the first place. Memories of my struggling to sign-up for a blog (hey, i am still an ITI, don't forget) came back, funny, strange, lessons learned all came back.

I had voiced out some of my frustrations in blog, and over time, when i went back to read, i was actually chucking away, laughing at my mood at that moment when i was writing it. I was amused at a few occasions over some silly things that i had done.

In other words, its a re-lession learnt, it boost your knowledge of what you had encountered and how you might be able to deal with the situation better.

I would suggest to all bloggers to read back on their enteries ( interesting ones only lah), and laugh your head off.


Nothing much to write these few days, as there's nothing really interesting to write about. It was back to the routine of waking up, go work, find friends to talkcock or go RT after work, fly kite, PD, back home and sleep, meanwhile, counting down to pay-day and retrenchment day.

Basically, that's my life now.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Another week had gone past, and christmas is approaching.

There's only 2 holidays that i look forward to in the past. That is Chirstmas and Chinese New year.

My early memories of Chirstmas is that that's lots of nice Cartoons in the day. Not those anime, but really cartoons, christmas cartoons. And those cartoons are nice. The weather was nice too. It was raining, and it was cold. And all of us siblings had worn 3-4 pieces of clothings and we were acting like astrouants in space.

There's one time, my cousin bought me to her church to celebrate christmas with a play, and i throughly enjoy the play (more like musical drama with a dash of singapore humor). Followed by a tea reception and some prayers.

Another year, we (my family included) was invited to a christmas party by my sister's godfather, who also happens to be our swimming coach /trainer when we were very small. The party was at the roof of the old cathy cinema beside Plaza Singapura. There's a small swimming pool there also.

Man, we had a splashing good time, and when i say splashing, we really created a splash... Everyone (almost, except the fathers and the mothers) got thrown into the pool, with our party suits on. We swam around, trying to catch one another in the pool. We sang christmas carols and truly enjoy ourselves.

2005 Christmas eve. I spend it at william's house, with the rest of WLNY supper gang. On that day, i bought my new mobile phone, the one that i am using now. It was a memorable night, a night of fun, joy and laugher. The best part is the present exchanging session. Aaron got my present, i got CY's present and CY got zhi xiang's present and he KP... what a joke...

Coming soon is 2006 Chirstmas. No plans for celebration. No parties planned. Is this going to be the first moody christmas that i am going to face? With the job uncertainties in the background?

If there's really no plans, i think i just fly kite for christmas.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

News view

Was about to sleep yesterday, when i came across a piece of interesting news.

More like good news to ppl like Stuart, Ace, Karen, me Etc etc...


Oil price to fall to below $53 by 2008: World Bank

Wed Dec 13, 1:35 AM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - High global oil prices are likely to ease to $56 a barrel in 2007 and fall further to just below $53 in 2008 as supplies increase and demand growth eases, the
World Bank said on Wednesday.


Now, if that happens, ain't it a piece of good news?

Another piece of news that concern ppl like Stuart, Ace, Karen, me Etc etc...


Thursday December 14, 10:17 AM

Drink-driving deaths up by 33% between January and November

Drink-driving fatalities have gone up by 33 percent this year, claiming 24 lives between January and November.

There were 525 accidents between January and November this year, all caused by tipsy drivers.

During that period, 2,915 people were also arrested for drink driving.

Statistics have shown that those aged between 25 and 35 years are the ones particularly guilty of drinking and driving.


Wow, that's a lot of deaths, a lot of accidents, and a lot of arrests....

So, if you drive, you can drink, but only non-alcoholics drinks. If you drink, make sure you drink lots.... (of water)

Flying indoors

It was raining the whole evening to night.

At first, i was sian 1/2, coz rain means the end to fly later... Gounded. Our kites are certainly not rainproof, waterproof. They carry electronics, and they dun mix well with water.

But i ended up flying for a while, while its still raining, and my kite end up dry, me myself also dry.

I flew indoors. The "training shed" (that's what we call) where its located beside some flats, especially newly build estate, became my training ground. The area is not big, its smaller than the youth park where i flew only once.

I managed to keep it in the air, though it crashed a few times. Flew circles, and manage to did a small loop. Just one loop is enough. Spend 2 batteries flying indoors.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Zouk out III

I know its kinda funny to mention about zouk out 2006 again in this blog. But then i just received some photos of us IN ACTION!!!

Yes. That was some of us in action!!! Hey, before you comment anything else, bear in mind that its a overnight duty, and we are doing the duty in "shifts". This is to ensure that the ambulance drivers get enough rest in cases of emergency. And the rest refreshed for any medical emergency.

Its not easy at all. Who says we go to zouk out duty to see gals in bikini?

While the rest are asleep, the rest keep ourselves awake by lessons in first aid (in-depth), update courses in first aid equipment and lessons in back and head massaging.

Most of them out there got a taste of my head massaging skills. I dunno how many of them develop severe headaches in the end.

And while we got tired of massaging heads and backs, and with so much free time, this is what we do...

Man, i look happy being flanked by 2 chiobus.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Should i stay, or should i go?

Suddenly thought of a song from “梦飞船”.

I forgot the title of that song, but there's a verse that suits my mood, confusion now.

That verse is "i don't know, i wanna know, should i stay or should i go".....

To those who knows the song, nope, i am not talking about what the song meant, i ain't talking about confusion over relationships.

I meant career-wise.

A recuitment company called me up today, and ask if i am interested to go for an interview as a QA manager for a certain int'l company.

I am hestitating. Should i stay, or should i go?

If i stay, it means the same job for me, but suddenly, the road is not so bright for me.

If i go, i will be moving out of my comfort zone, and face the unknown. Wondering if i can cope with the new enviroment, new colleagues, new management etc etc. Basically, its a totally new challenge for me in a well-established company.

Can someone advise me, please?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Zouk out II

Sorry folks...

I pervious post, i had typed till i fell asleep... I was that tired. So, here continues...

When we reach the beach, the first time that hit me was, "damm!! it was that crowded..." the roads, was crowded, the music was loud.

We settled in and went for a briefing. Thus done, we settle down to wait for dawn to come. Initially, it was boring. We hang out at the medical post, looking at dudes and babes. A couple of walk-in casualties came in, seeking some attention over some small cuts on their legs and toes.

Then a radio call came in. A casualty got a toe fracture. Needed evacuation. My ambulance was activated. So, off we go, to SGH.

On our way there, there are 2 more casualties that needed evacuation. Both ambulances activated, and left only 1 more (reserved for P1 cases). We have to rush back to sentosa. This time, the traffic flow is much smoother. (it was 3 plus am in the morning, i think)

So, its back to the medical post to slack.

Soon, dawn comes, and the skies start to brighten. That's when i took a nap.

Duty over, we went back HQ, to unpack, and after breakfast, i slept for 6 hours in HQ. Then i went home in the evening, and slept till this morning.

, and i am still sleepy now....

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Zouk out 2006

Highlight of this weekend is actually the zouk out. Besides the dinner, that is...

The dinner was average, but throughout the dinner, i was monitoring the comms from the zouk out. The dinner was average, but the only exception to the dinner was the second dish, "buddha jump over the wall". Its my first time tasting such a dish, a famous chinese dish.

Towards the end of the dinner, i skipped the dinner to prepare the top-up equipment for the zouk out duty.

And so, off we go to sentosa.

The road to sentosa was crowded, as usual for zouk out nights. We really crawl our way inside, inch by inch.

(writer too tired to continue. Will continue at a later date.)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Weekend again

its weekend once again.

Another busy weekend for me. Friday was a whole night out. Went kite flying back at Bukit Panjang, (not bukit timah, as there is some technical points cock-up).

Went to cineleisure after that for a movie. "Deja Vu".

So, what is Deja Vu?

From the , it is defined as "Psychology. the illusion of having previously experienced something actually being encountered for the first time."

Does you, readers out there been in such a situation? Its like, you are wondering when the hell you been there, but then its the first time there... Cannot be answered by science.

"How come this place looks so familiar??"

A nice show. The plot is good, and you need to watch till almost the end until the jigsaw puzzle matches, all the pieces, all of them. And suddenly, the whole show is veryu clear.

Suddenly, i got the feeling that i had watched the movie before... when, i dunno...

Okie... I am kidding. But the show title "Deja Vu" is not used as a movie title for the first time. There's another show with the same title shown in 1998. And from what i read, its not an interested show.

Come Sat. Going to be a whole night out for me too.

RT later, after which, a brigade dinner at NHQ "grand ballroom", and a overnight duty at sentosa. Event?

Zouk out.

Hearing the event, gives me a bit of "sian 1/2". Drunk ppl, violent ppl, and lots more things can happen.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Had a great time flying kite, as per normal...

I am learning how to do loops. Its a process to make your kite go upwards, flip it backwards and downwards back to the orginal flight path. It involves quick hand reaction, good control on your transmitter, and sharp eyes.

All i can do is small loops, which is relatively simple.

And yes, weekend is coming once agian. A day which everyone looks forward to, including me.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Population statistics

Just saw this piece of news on a website. Seems interesting enough...


Thursday December 7, 4:17 PM

Singapore's total population stood at 4.48 million, up 3.3% from 2005

SINGAPORE: Singapore's total population at the end of June this year stood at 4,483,900.
This was an increase of 3.3 percent from the previous year.

Of this, 3.6 million were Singapore residents – made up of citizens and permanent residents – and 0.88 million were non-residents.

Releasing its latest report on Population Trends in Singapore, the Department of Statistics said figures also showed that non-resident population numbers grew by 9.7 percent in 2006 against a resident population growth of 1.8 per cent.

The department added that the ethnic distribution remained relatively stable with 75 percent Chinese, 14 percent Malays and 8.8 percent Indians, and there were 33,200 more women than men in the resident population in 2006.

As for marriage rates, 34 percent of men and 22 percent of women in the age group of 30-34 years remained single. - CNA/so


Woah... There are 4.48 million ppl on a piece of rock that is only about 600++ square kilometers big.

And i don't know that there are more women then men in Singapore, and that there are more men remaining single then women in the age group of 30-24. This sounds funny, the statistics look funny.

Look here. There are 33,200 more women than men. And there are more single men than single women in the age group of 30-34.... Where has the rest of the women gone to?

More details needed to explain this funny phenomance.



My whole body is aching. My neck, arms, chest, back, legs. All of them are aching.

Its a sign that i had a good workout (in RT lah!!!) yesterday. Its a sign that i had been very slack in exercising, and its a sign that more aching periods are to come for these 2 months (Oh shit!!!).

Maju FCC (besides Ngee Ann Poly) has upgraded. Those taking IPPT will face machines and sensors. You do incorrectly, it will be a no-count. Yes, cannot CK anymore. Sian 1/2...

Basically, the ppl there remains the same as my last RT, with the exception of new faces (PTI) and the loss of some faces also. Training is also basically the same as my last RT. So, i guess, i can adept faster to my life for the next 2 months.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

RT again...

Yup... My RT has started...

Am supposed to go for my RT yesterday, but something urgent cropped up, and i have to defer the RT session to today.

But right now, i am feeling very tired, sleepy. And am also recovering from flu. But my RT session is later in the evening till night. Bo Bian.. have to go... Recently got ppl suddenly die of cardiac arrest during runs... hmmm...

Tonight, the kite gang is going Sengkang to fly. I dunno if i wanna go all the way there after RT, a tired me, and go there and most prob crash my kite. Dunno if it's worth it... Maybe, i will be heading home to sleep after RT. Maybe... see later how.

After this weekend, i shall be more free. And 31 Dec is coming up. That is the critical time.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

After thoughts

Recently feeling down, marathon events, tireness, unexplained factors contribute to my laziness of writing my blog, hence, that explains the shortness of my past few blogs.

There's nothing much to write anyway... I know i should have lots of things to write, especially after the marathon, as so much things happen.

I agree. Lots of things happen during the marathon, but none is involving my ambulance team. We responsed to 2 calls, the first call, we could not locate the casualty due to some technical error, and the second case, its a false alarm.

In a way, i am glad that we did not encounter any P1 case. Anyone with a common sense will know that P1 case is not easy to handle. I got a good team for my ambulance, well equipped and got confidence that we can handle any P1 case, and i also am looking forward to deal with P1 case, but somehow, i am glad that we do not have to face life and death situations.

In a way, the marathon deployment and the operations was a bit cock-up. But i hope that the personnals in the ERU team, including me, will take this as an experience and not to repeat the same mistake. No one is at fault here. The whole team is at fault for the cock-ups.

Lets us work together, to solve the mistake and make future deployments a better one.

Next Big thing for duty will be the zouk out. Its an overnight duty, from Sat night till Sunday morning. Venue: Sentosa... Hope that things will turn out better for operations side than the marathon.

Been feeling down recently. Issit because of the uncertainly of my current job now? Most prob.

Till now, there's no confirmation of any progress. Still not confirmed that i will be receiving my compensation. Different ppl are telling me different stories, and i dun know who to believe and trust. Damm the senior management ppl. I ain't controlling my career, and its leaving me in a whirlpool, lost, confused and feeling utterly useless.

First time i am in such a dilemma with my career. Unable to make any decision and i hate myself for it.

Am i really such a loser for unable to control my own fate? Till now, i have not achieve anything. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Marathon II

Am very tired, shacked out, after duty. Today rest also. Ain't feeling well.

But what surprised me is that our ambulance got no case!! unbelieveable!! There are lots of case for this marathon, and we got no case!!

Nevermind. Next sat is the zouk out night. We are covering again.

Good luck to us.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Stradard chart Marathon later. Am a driver. So, i need plenty of sleep, so, i got to log off now and sleep.


Friday, December 01, 2006


Many things are happening to me right now, and i need to have a grasp of air. I am suffocating in a sea of confusion, which is beyond my goddamm control.

How i wish i can go flying continuously, day in, day out. It can make me forget my worries, my woes, my regrets, giving me a sense of freedom and joy. Its a new challenge for me to master the kite flying skills.

Life is full of challenges. Challenges like passing your exams, graduating, finding a job, working full time and studying part-time, passing your driving test and setting up and running the daily operations of a plant (factory).

I relish the challenges, but when something beyond your control sets in, you feel damm demoralised, regrets. Much time and effort had went in, seeing the seedling of success, and suddenly, everything folds up. Just like that. It's just so sudden.

Its just so goddamm demoralising.


Maybe i need a break. Maybe i should have an vacation. Maybe i need 3 days of uninterrupted sleep....

I think i will just keep flying kite.