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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last day of 2006

Last day of 2006.

A time to reflect on what happened and what i had done for 2006.

Keep thinking what had i achieved for 2006. A long time thinking... Then it struck me. I had achieved nothing worth mentioning for 2006, with the exception that i had encountered and assisted quite a number of RTAs and setting up this blog.

OMG... Had i wasted another year again? Practically, i cannot recall anything that is worth remembering that i had done for 2006.

Cannot be like this. Must do better for 2007. (Easiler said than done).

2006 basically had been a bad year for me, especially my friends around me. A couple of funerals (family members of friends), a few of friends who was hospitalised due to DO, sickness, infections, accidents, overworked etc etc.... SK is still in a coma in TTSH ICU. Hope he can pull through.

This year, with the exception of CGH and private hospitals, i had visited all the other hospitals, including Raffles hospital to visit friends who has been hospitalised.

Yesterday, ZX played with my camera phone while i was driving.
Nice effects. Nice pictures...

Something amazing had happened today. Really amazing, but i shall not reveal anything here. Its classified information. I can tell you, but then, i got to kill you, and get charged and hanged for murder. So, its best that i dun tell you... Seriously, that matter is of great sensitivity.

Anyway, good weather today, Went flying at the badminton court beside AF's house, supper at Newton circle, the prawn noodle (in soup) is very nice there, you should try it... Went to riverside point to continue flying and sent AF to Tiong Bahru, then its back home. (its about 5am when i reach home.)

I had bought myself a new year present!
Its a Carrying case (Transmitter box) for my RC Kite Transmitter. I almost damaged the transmitter last night, the throttle control was struck in the up (full throttle) position. I managed to fix the problem, and that problem is the main decisive factor for me to purchase the New Year present for myself.

Going for a countdown duty later at night. Another overnight duty. With the same gang. Looking forward to it. Have to give up going to AM's hometown. HT and JL keep asking me not to go for the duty to go JB (AM's hometown) with them. Haiz~~~ Well, I am afterall, a Duty Siao...

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