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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Zouk out III

I know its kinda funny to mention about zouk out 2006 again in this blog. But then i just received some photos of us IN ACTION!!!

Yes. That was some of us in action!!! Hey, before you comment anything else, bear in mind that its a overnight duty, and we are doing the duty in "shifts". This is to ensure that the ambulance drivers get enough rest in cases of emergency. And the rest refreshed for any medical emergency.

Its not easy at all. Who says we go to zouk out duty to see gals in bikini?

While the rest are asleep, the rest keep ourselves awake by lessons in first aid (in-depth), update courses in first aid equipment and lessons in back and head massaging.

Most of them out there got a taste of my head massaging skills. I dunno how many of them develop severe headaches in the end.

And while we got tired of massaging heads and backs, and with so much free time, this is what we do...

Man, i look happy being flanked by 2 chiobus.

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