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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa:

How's North Pole? Heard that the global warming situation on Mother Earth is getting worse, and the ice glaciers are melting at a faster rate then before. Hope that your house is not melting.

Anyway, i am wondering where your house actually is. I learned from my geography, map reading and topography lessons that there are actually 2 North Poles. One is the true North Pole, which is constant and the other is the Magnetic North Pole, which changes position from time to time. So, where exactly is your house?

As i think about the toys that you are manufacturing for the kids every year, What is your production costs, expenditures, profit margins, and i am also wondering who is the CEO, CFO, COO, and what company you use for your audit.

Also, i am wondering what is your distribution networks. I seriously cannot expect you, single-handedly distribute the presents worldwide.

Correct me if i am wrong. You load up billions of presents, go into your sleigh, fly to countries, risking being shot down by fighter jets for entering the countries airspace without permission, stop at rooftops, slide down the chimmeys, (what happen if there's no chimmey? do you go up the sewer?), risk the home owners calling the police to have you arrested for house-breaking, place presents and slimmer up the chimmey and go to the next house? And you are distributing billions of present in that manner in a single night?

Actually, what i guess is that you must have nothing to do nowadays. There's ain't such thing as a good boy and girl liao rite? Business must be bad for you nowadays, are you scared of retrenchment?

Me too. I am getting retrenched. I share your woes. We are in the same boat.

Okie. I ain't been very good this year. So, i am not expecting any presents. But at least, i hope that you are able to fullfill some of my wishes.

I would like all my friends to be happy always, to remain healthy, and best wishes for their studies or careers. Especially the 2 groups of friends that i got. My neighbourhood / kite flyers kakis, and my SJAB friends, especially the Duty Siaos. I hope that SK can recover, and back to his health.

I would like to wish a better change to my career, to be more finanically stable, improvements to my kite flying skills, and more knowledge in my first aid skills.

Lastly, i would like to wish that my family members be healthy and be happy.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely:

Simon Ow

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