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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Flying indoors

It was raining the whole evening to night.

At first, i was sian 1/2, coz rain means the end to fly later... Gounded. Our kites are certainly not rainproof, waterproof. They carry electronics, and they dun mix well with water.

But i ended up flying for a while, while its still raining, and my kite end up dry, me myself also dry.

I flew indoors. The "training shed" (that's what we call) where its located beside some flats, especially newly build estate, became my training ground. The area is not big, its smaller than the youth park where i flew only once.

I managed to keep it in the air, though it crashed a few times. Flew circles, and manage to did a small loop. Just one loop is enough. Spend 2 batteries flying indoors.


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