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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas day


Merry Christmas to all my dearest blog readers out there. Hope you have an enjoyable and a happy countdown.

Went to suntec to have a nice dinner with EC, HT, JL, and CN. We went to NYDC. Am wondering what does NYDC means? New York DisConnect?

Anyway, EC left after dinner to attend another outing, and the four of us went to East Coast Park to meet up with AF square, Jolyn, Karen. They had bought a chocolate log cake, which is very tasty, thanks to Jolyn.

Bought some ribbon spray, and i guess, we made a mess outside MacDonalds. The staff must be cursing and swearing at us. But hey, afterall, its christmas!

Went to fly at East Coast Park. After a few times flying at ZX's house downstairs, (and crashing most of the time), which the area is very small, i guess, i flew better at ECP. Played some of the trees there also. The area is bigger than ZX's house downstairs, though it is smaller than greenridge field.

So, dear readers, did your check your stockings or under the christmas tree when you wake up? If you got presents, good for you, you have been a good boy/girl this year. If you did not get any presents, dun be sad. I did not receive any presents in my socks too...

Maybe i ain't a good boy this year, maybe Mr Santa got overwhelmed by the "nice" smell that is emitting from my socks, maybe Mr Santa got hit by a missile when he entered the White House airspace to deliver some presents to Mr Bush, or maybe he's just plain forgotten about me, or maybe, Mr Santa got arrested by SPCA/AVA for abusing some wild animals, reindeers and forcing them to work during a holiday and flying without a licence and clearance from CAAS.

Anyway, i enjoyed myself flying kite at ECP. The other characters at ECP are darn funny. Keep spraying the snow spray at some fellows until that poor victim became a snowman and snowwoman, a lady sprained her ankle, a drunk vomitting under a tree, some ppl vandalising some structure. All funny characters.

Oh yah, before i forgot, thanks to all those who had wished me Merry Christmas, either thr SMS or in person. I hope you enjoyed your christmas, and wish you success in 2007.

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