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Monday, December 18, 2006

Scoldings by boss

7 more days to christmas...

Sometimes, I think that colleague of mine really deserves a scolding.

I am seriously starting to question about his qualifications as a diploma holder.

This morning, he informed me that there's something wrong with the microscope. There's seems to have some kind of readings in the lens that he cannot remove.

So i asked him this.." Do you know what is the purpose of that reading in the lens?"

"Dunno" he responsed.

Alamak!!! I almost want to bang my head on the wall.

"That reading, after calibration, can be used to measure the lenght and width of the micro-organism." i explained.

"Orh" was his reply.... "Then it's my fault... "

"What? boss scold you this morning har?" i queried.

"Sort of... I told him about the markings..." he replied.

"Did you ever learn this during poly? did you use it for measuring the bacteria during poly time?" i queried.

Blank look.

"Dun think so" was his response.

I was thinking... Screw you lah... Microscope is the most basic tool in Microbiology. And measurements of the bacteria is a necessary need to identify the bacteria, and it must have been taught during poly days. I learn it during poly days, and he was from the same poly as me... Damm...

"It was my fault" my colleague repeated.

"Yah, right, its totally your fault that you got a scolding, and you really deserve that scolding", i thought to myself.

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