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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas song?!?!?!?!?

A Christmas song from Mr Brown Show. You can click on the link from my blog to access the website, which it contain hilarous podcast.

Thanks to Mr Brown for creating this funny podcast. Here goes...

The mrbrown show 29 Nov 2006 - A mrbrown show christmas bonus


I'm dreaming of a big bonus
Just like civil servants got you know
ask my big boss to listen
he say no budget this season
our cost all go up long ago.

I'm dreaming of a big bonus
Economy great say men in white
as our GDP growth numbers take flight
it's the perfect time for a tax hike.

I'm dreaming of a big bonus
my boss won't give me 2.2
he say he not garment
not even increment
and if i talk somemore, get pay cut too.

I'm dreaming i don't get retrenchment
no job no money go jiak sai
better next time dun ask boss why
or else christmas time, eat grass and die.


Thanks once again to the forever funny He's very creative and his jokes always impress me.

Enjoy, folks.

BTW, Dennis has discharged from NUH, and resting at home.

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