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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World cup videos

New funny clips on youtube... to share with you all...

Gandalf Goes to the World Cup


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

YOG lanes

YOG. Youth Olympic Games. This event is coming to Singapore, but it's definity giving the Singapore motorist community some headaches.

Hmmm... Olympic games leh.. sports leh... why is it giving the motorist headache?? one may ask.

Well, read this article...
Yep. During the duration of the games, piority is given to the games athletes and officals, to the extend whereby a lane is reserved for them. On the second left most lane of most of the expressways.

They vehicles will have the YOG logo, and will blinker lights, dunno what colour, and the expressways will have the olympic logo with the words, "GIVE WAY".

And one sentence in that statement caught my eye...

"We are confident that Singaporean motorists being familiar with giving way to emergency vehicles will adopt the Give Way approach when they see Youth Olympic vehicles. This approach means lanes are freed up for motorists' use when there are no Youth Olympic vehicles on that stretch of road," said Mr Lim Bok Ngam, Acting Chief Executive, Land Transport Authority.

Bullshit. Singaporean motorists being familiar with giving way to emergency vehicles?? what kind of bullshit is this? Maybe he's referring to Traffic Police or SCDF ambulances, but i don't think he knows the situation with the private ambulances. Hell, i even witness motorist who never give way to SCDF ambulances who was blasting sirens all the way!!

What a load of crap.

And the penalty for not giving way to the YOG vehicles?

$130 fine.

So, motorist, remember to give way to YOG vehicles hor. Unless you got too much cash to spare... if you really got some spare cash, remember, my pocket is always open for you... No point giving the goverment more money above the road taxes and ERP. I definity got more use of the money than those.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I know i been too lazy to update, (more like sleepy and tired).

Past 11 days, been to 2 days which last 8 days and 6 nights... That's why tired.

Anyway, that's not the aim of this post. This post is about what happened this morning in the whole bloody part of Singapore.

This morning, it rained. Heavily. Super heavily. Super duper heavily. And singapore flooded. Nah, not the whole of singapore, but more on the central singapore, like Orchard Road, Bukit Timah Road.

And i was one of the suay driver that got caught in the flood at bukit timah. The huge canal was almost to the brink, and the flow rate of the water in the canel can allow white water rafting to be done in the cancal.

It's that bad.

And the whole road was flooded, only one lane passable, as the water level ain't that high.

Yep. My car is flood proof. Proven this morning.

I never regretted never listening to my friend to adjust the cold air intake to the bumper, otherwise, my ride would die of dihydrogen oxide poisoning.

And i heard that Orchard Road was flooded very badly... prob the only way of transportation is by this...

Who says dragonboating is not good?

But i am wondering if that dragonboat got an IU unit with a cashcard inserted.

Or did the rain cause any short circuit to the ERP system?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Eating alone

Read this article on Straits times...

Jun 3, 2010
Are you a 'loser' for eating alone?
By Amanda Wong

IF YOU see someone eating alone, what comes to mind?

'I'll be wondering why he's eating alone. My god, you're a loner, that's what I think,' said student Alfred Chua, who finds eating alone a daunting and stressful experience.

As such, he avoids eating alone in public if he can help it.

'It's a cultural thing, especially among Singaporeans, it's normal to dine with friends and chit-chat, so when they see people eating alone, they perceive them as being a loser,' said Dr Adrian Wang, a psychologist.

Is there really a stigma associated with eating alone?

Dr Wang offers some tips on what you can do to alleviate any feelings of embarrassment, should you find yourself asking for a table for one. Find out more on RazorTV.

Okie... I am now alone in the office... No one to eat with me... Well, it seems like i am eating alone everyday....

But afterlooking at this article. Well, i ordered mac delivery... Eating in office shouldn't have stress bah...