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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


How it should be ended...

From Youtube...



Friday, September 10, 2010

youtube animated

Some very funny animated stuffs from U tube.

Enjoy!! And remember, try hard not to fall off your chair when laughing!!

Tetris vs Contra

Bomberman vs Tanks

Pac Man Vs Mario

there are lots more!!! go u tube and watch when you are feeling stress or just got too much time!!!


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Gold medal for Singapore?

Hmmm... YOG is over... No more giving way to buses with flashing strobe lights...

But then, i can't seem to sense the disappointment that Singapore did not even get a gold medal for the YOG.

I am sure our people had tried their best, and they got the silver medals to prove it. Even to those who did not get a medal, being able to represent Singapore is no simple feat. Unlike me, where i would prob do Singapore proud by counting the hours i spend on my bed.

Anyway, well done!

But still, maybe it's time for the Sports Council and the YOG committee to think about what they can do to ensure that Singapore gets a Gold medal in the next big thing?

Well, let this S.O get out of bed, putting on his thinking cap, to think of some events to ensure that Singapore gets a gold medal for the next big thing.

1) Queuing Competition.
Singaporeans are proven to be the world expert at this. Especially the prize at the end is not a medal but a hello kitty, a BTO flat (competitors have to pay for the flat), or even perhaps a PC show with lots freebies. Even at places with super nice food. But please, do not take any reference from Brad's blog hor.

2) Archery.
I know there's archery event at the YOG, but with a little twist to the rules. The target is not the circular blue, yellow or red colour, but with humans. Singaporeans are very adept to shooting arrows, with great precision and aim, and sometimes, without aim that goes straight throught the heart of the people that does not dodge fast enough.

Yes. the competitors does not use the bow to fire off the arrow in this sport, but rather, their mouths.

3) Complaining competition.
Any Singaporean should know that we are unbeatable at this. Especially the 2 sisters who got banned from NTUC Fairprice Supermarkets. They are the world champions at this, hands down, by far. No fight. No contest.

4) Vagular language competition
Can hold a competition to see who knows the most vagular language. i believe Singaporeans knows the most, be it hokkien, cantonese, chinese, malay, tamil, Koeran, Japanese, and some even french, german, italian. There's even sign languages that everone knows.

5)Choping seats in hawker centers.
Yeah... One of Singaporeans favourite past-time hobbies. We are so good at that, even using the least expensive stuffs, (read "tissue paper") to chop. And it's quite effective, apparently.

Wow... Does wonders ever cease? In such a short span of brain activites, so much ideas can come in.

So, perhaps, in the next international competition event, perhaps well, there's hope for a gold medal even more!

Friday, July 23, 2010

S.O's Plan C for YOG during Flood

Read the news with interest...

YOG: Organisers' Plan B for Games to run smoothly in case of floods
By Tan Yo-Hinn, TODAY | Posted: 22 July 2010 0933 hrs

What happens if Flooding occurs at all the places mentioned, causing super jams? And Plan B doesn't work?

Fret not. Here's S.O's plan C for you!

In case of heavy floods, all the aquatics wouldn't have a problem. Swimming, water polo, even canoeing, sailing and rowing wouldn't have a problem. Diving might pose some danger, as the water level ain't that high. The only safe area for diving is Orchard Road. There, 4/26 of the problem solved.

All the running events, well, cause of the jams, the athletics, will compete with the games village as the starting point, and their respective stadiums as the ending point, along those non flooded roads, in time to receive their medals. Hopefully, singaporean drivers, seeing that running is actually faster than driving during jams, may ditch their vehicles and join them on a run, leading to a healthier lifestyle. You can even do running events at the gyms! 5/26 problems solved

Badminton, there are numeourous badminton courts in jurong/pioneer area in the housing estate. It's open air. No need worry about the winds.. It makes the game more unpredictable, and more exciting. 6/26 problem solved

Archery wise, well, your aim is to help singapore do crow population control by shooting them down. The one with the most number of dead crows wins. Same for shooting events. Another way with archery is go into any SAF camp, and you get the see lots people doing archery. You can try completing with them (the OCs, COs, CSMs, PS, RSMs) but be warned. They are deadly. 8/26 problem solved.

Basketball. Just like badminton. There's lots basketball courts open air style in the neighbourhood. Too many ppl playing? No problem. Just Play ABC or "Man jiang hong" will do. 9/26 problem solved.

Boxing... hmmm.. This one a bit tricky. But then hor, Just go to Jurong Point, loiter around. The moment someone says "Diao Simi" or "Kua Simi", that's the signal to start the match. Your opponent is the one who says the "Diao Simi" or "Kua Simi" and his associates. You aim is to KO him and run away before the police arrives. Shortest time to KO him is the winner.

Same goes to Taekwondo, Judo and Wrestling. There's half your problem is solved.

Next sport. Cycling. Too bad NTU is far from Tampines. However, you can go the SAFRA gym at jurong to use their stationary bikes. Still cycling mah.. Only thing is that you get to enjoy the air con and you gets tired of seeing the same thing. 14/26 problem solved.

Fencing. Hmmm... SAFTIMI is round the corner. You can go there for a match with the soon-to-be commissioned officers with their swords. 15/26 problem solved.

Football. Change to street soccer lah. Anywhere also can play. Basketball courts, top of the multi storey carparks, and even void decks. IF you want the actual pitch, well, get lots people to form the pitch for you. (remember the world cup pepsi ad?) Remember to prepare cash for you to win, as the goal post opening can change. Highest cash wins. 16/26 proplem solved.

Gymnastics. As mentioned, SAFTIMI and PLC is round the corner. Lots of chin up bars, the bars at SOC for you to play with. Including the high Obs playground. Can play will you get tired of the sport. Not enough? still got Jurong Camp and Jurong Camp II. 17/26 problem solved.

Handball. Advised to you all. Stick to your legs in contact with the ball, instead of the hand. More recognised, more money to be earned. Watch world cup. Who doesn't know world cup? And how much money is being betted during world cup? So, drop the sport and take up soccer instead. 18/26 gone.

Hockey. Same as soccer. Can be played anywhere. Especially void decks. The piller adds to the excitment. 19/26 bye byed.

Modern Pentathlon. 5 sports in one. Fencing, swimming, running, shooting. You start off with running to the OCS to have a fencing match with the officers and their swords, then do crowd control duties at jurong area, then run to a flooded place and swim. 20/26 done.

Table tennis. Comeon... Don't tell me you don't know how to find tables, bring them together to become a table tennis table? just add a small net in the middle. Lecturer's room in NTU are a good place to start searching for tables. 21/26 done

Tennis. Just change the sport to table tennis or badminton. Done. 22/26

Triathlon. Simple. Swim out of the flood to the gym, cycle there, and run at the gym too. 23/26 solved.

Weight lifting. Your help is need to life the vehicles damaged by the flood out of harms's way. The one who lift the most number of cars wins. 24/26 done.

Volleyball. Same lah... can play anywhere... Just get 2 fellows to hold the net with 2 poles. 25/26 solved.

Equestrian. Horsing riding... Just pray that the horse can swim. Well.

There, all the solutions for the 26 sports if there's super massive flood and jam in singapore during YOG.

I am a genuis, right?

Friday, July 16, 2010

blur like sotong... or is it??

Just had this thought...

The old saying... "Blur like sotong"

Who says sotong is blur?? Just look at Paul!
Nice video of Mr

Go on... Laugh your heart out...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

World cup Quote

World cup Quote

Read it in a news forum...

"11 men with 2 balls trying to get 1 ball into a hole garded by another man with two balls refreeed by 1 man with 2 balls who peeps to start the ball and stop the ball and two man by the lines who make sure all the ball are not offside"


Top 10 world cup betting fever

Okie... after the world cup fever top 10 charts, what's next?

It's the top 10 charts for the "WORLD CUP BETTING FEVER"

10) You know your bookie number better than your girlfriend number.

9) Your girlfriend called you and you go "what's the odds?"

8) After that, you goes "okie , Spain, 1/2 ball, 20 bucks" even after your girlfriend identify herself to you.

7) The amount in your bank account goes up or goes down, drastically.

6) Suddenly, 4D, TOTO, and IR is out of fashion.

5) Your mother ask you to "Jiak" (eat) dinner, and you replied back, how much, how many balls?

4) You received your mobile phone bill, and you jumped.

3)Your maths would have made your maths teacher during your secondary school or university proud.

2) Your teachers might be using the soccer betting system to teach maths.

1) You keep waiting information from Pual the Octopus before you call your bookie.

World Cup fever

Yep.. It's the world cup season, and well, the world cup fever. Yep. World cup fever ain't purely about sales, commericals, soccer goodies, etc etc etc...

Top 10 signs you never realised that you are having the fever.

10)You see a doctor because you don't have enough sleep.

9)You see a doctor because you are really sick due to lack of sleep.

8)You scream "GOAL" when you have finished a assignment, project.

7)You sleep in office/class so that you can be wide awake at night.

6)You scream "referee kayu" at any one who makes you unhappy.

5)Your girlfriends or wife suddenly become a stranger to you.

4)You show your boss or teacher the red card when they piss you off.

3)You put your mobile phone between your boobs wherever you go.

2)You really call for KFC delivery when your TV break down and you need to go to your neighbour to watch the world cup.

Best of all...

1)You know you are having the world cup when even the a cabinet minister in the goverment start using Soccer terms in their speech.
FM Yeo urges patience in Ionescu's case
By Ong Dailin/Hoe Yeen Nie Posted: 04 July 2010 1834 hrs

"It's very important for us to be patient, because if we're impatient, and we're offside, then we lose. So observing due process is absolutely important, both in Singapore and in Romania. It means going through what is required step by step, and sometimes holding back our desire to make comments or do things which we may regret later," said Mr Yeo.

Yep... so, recognise the signs and symptoms that you are having the world cup fever.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World cup videos

New funny clips on youtube... to share with you all...

Gandalf Goes to the World Cup


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

YOG lanes

YOG. Youth Olympic Games. This event is coming to Singapore, but it's definity giving the Singapore motorist community some headaches.

Hmmm... Olympic games leh.. sports leh... why is it giving the motorist headache?? one may ask.

Well, read this article...
Yep. During the duration of the games, piority is given to the games athletes and officals, to the extend whereby a lane is reserved for them. On the second left most lane of most of the expressways.

They vehicles will have the YOG logo, and will blinker lights, dunno what colour, and the expressways will have the olympic logo with the words, "GIVE WAY".

And one sentence in that statement caught my eye...

"We are confident that Singaporean motorists being familiar with giving way to emergency vehicles will adopt the Give Way approach when they see Youth Olympic vehicles. This approach means lanes are freed up for motorists' use when there are no Youth Olympic vehicles on that stretch of road," said Mr Lim Bok Ngam, Acting Chief Executive, Land Transport Authority.

Bullshit. Singaporean motorists being familiar with giving way to emergency vehicles?? what kind of bullshit is this? Maybe he's referring to Traffic Police or SCDF ambulances, but i don't think he knows the situation with the private ambulances. Hell, i even witness motorist who never give way to SCDF ambulances who was blasting sirens all the way!!

What a load of crap.

And the penalty for not giving way to the YOG vehicles?

$130 fine.

So, motorist, remember to give way to YOG vehicles hor. Unless you got too much cash to spare... if you really got some spare cash, remember, my pocket is always open for you... No point giving the goverment more money above the road taxes and ERP. I definity got more use of the money than those.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I know i been too lazy to update, (more like sleepy and tired).

Past 11 days, been to 2 days which last 8 days and 6 nights... That's why tired.

Anyway, that's not the aim of this post. This post is about what happened this morning in the whole bloody part of Singapore.

This morning, it rained. Heavily. Super heavily. Super duper heavily. And singapore flooded. Nah, not the whole of singapore, but more on the central singapore, like Orchard Road, Bukit Timah Road.

And i was one of the suay driver that got caught in the flood at bukit timah. The huge canal was almost to the brink, and the flow rate of the water in the canel can allow white water rafting to be done in the cancal.

It's that bad.

And the whole road was flooded, only one lane passable, as the water level ain't that high.

Yep. My car is flood proof. Proven this morning.

I never regretted never listening to my friend to adjust the cold air intake to the bumper, otherwise, my ride would die of dihydrogen oxide poisoning.

And i heard that Orchard Road was flooded very badly... prob the only way of transportation is by this...

Who says dragonboating is not good?

But i am wondering if that dragonboat got an IU unit with a cashcard inserted.

Or did the rain cause any short circuit to the ERP system?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Eating alone

Read this article on Straits times...

Jun 3, 2010
Are you a 'loser' for eating alone?
By Amanda Wong

IF YOU see someone eating alone, what comes to mind?

'I'll be wondering why he's eating alone. My god, you're a loner, that's what I think,' said student Alfred Chua, who finds eating alone a daunting and stressful experience.

As such, he avoids eating alone in public if he can help it.

'It's a cultural thing, especially among Singaporeans, it's normal to dine with friends and chit-chat, so when they see people eating alone, they perceive them as being a loser,' said Dr Adrian Wang, a psychologist.

Is there really a stigma associated with eating alone?

Dr Wang offers some tips on what you can do to alleviate any feelings of embarrassment, should you find yourself asking for a table for one. Find out more on RazorTV.

Okie... I am now alone in the office... No one to eat with me... Well, it seems like i am eating alone everyday....

But afterlooking at this article. Well, i ordered mac delivery... Eating in office shouldn't have stress bah...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why you so like dat

Yeah.. a long lost song that i like when i was still a kid...

Thanks to youtube and the crazy fellow who uploaded it...


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We are the world

One of the most popular songs of all time.

One of best song they keep using to raise funds for the poor nations that met with natural disasters.

One of my favourite songs as well...

One of the song that is sung by most ppl of all time, with variations, different languages too.

USA for Africa version

25 for Haiti version

Chinese version...

A very beautiful song indeed...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Own up??

All i know is since i was small, my parents has been telling me this...

You do it, you own up, and you accept any punishments that come your way.

Since i was small, i heard the story of George Washington, who chopped down his father's tree and when his father ask for the culprit, he owned up.

But to my greatest disappointment and dismay, one highly educated fellow chose to run back to his country, after an incident.

Well, if you never do it, what are you scared of? If you did it, then, own up like a man, unless, of course, you don't have anything swinging between your legs.

And for a highly educated person like you, a PhD holder, holding an important post in your goverment, you chose to scamble off at the slightest trouble, is this what your country folks always do at the slight of trouble? Pardon my ignorance, for i must confess (owned up) that i have never been to your country.

And stop your bullshitting about "set up". You accuse us of setting you up, where's the evidence? As a PhD holder, clearly you should know that any claims must be supported by evidence. No evidence, no case.

Haiz~~ (shake head)... reading on the progress of this incident, i do pity you. I wondered which university you went to, which university you got your PhD from, what you know about the definations of the word called "responsibilities" and what creditials you got to secure such an important post in your goverment, only to end up showing your true colours in this incident.

Friday, February 05, 2010

HOT weather

Weather been trying to murder me nowadays. There's so much snow in Europe, and there's so much sun in Singapore. Can we do a partial exhange with the poor fellows who wish there's ain't so much snow fall?

"Oh shit.. it's really global warming" we said...

"What global warming?" they ask.

See the effects of the sun!!

Don't you feel hot by just looking at the photos??