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Thursday, July 08, 2010

World Cup fever

Yep.. It's the world cup season, and well, the world cup fever. Yep. World cup fever ain't purely about sales, commericals, soccer goodies, etc etc etc...

Top 10 signs you never realised that you are having the fever.

10)You see a doctor because you don't have enough sleep.

9)You see a doctor because you are really sick due to lack of sleep.

8)You scream "GOAL" when you have finished a assignment, project.

7)You sleep in office/class so that you can be wide awake at night.

6)You scream "referee kayu" at any one who makes you unhappy.

5)Your girlfriends or wife suddenly become a stranger to you.

4)You show your boss or teacher the red card when they piss you off.

3)You put your mobile phone between your boobs wherever you go.

2)You really call for KFC delivery when your TV break down and you need to go to your neighbour to watch the world cup.

Best of all...

1)You know you are having the world cup when even the a cabinet minister in the goverment start using Soccer terms in their speech.
FM Yeo urges patience in Ionescu's case
By Ong Dailin/Hoe Yeen Nie Posted: 04 July 2010 1834 hrs

"It's very important for us to be patient, because if we're impatient, and we're offside, then we lose. So observing due process is absolutely important, both in Singapore and in Romania. It means going through what is required step by step, and sometimes holding back our desire to make comments or do things which we may regret later," said Mr Yeo.

Yep... so, recognise the signs and symptoms that you are having the world cup fever.

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