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Thursday, December 31, 2009

First Post for 2010

2010 is here... well, according to my computer time, it's 4 more minutes.

Ironic.. I have not been touching my blog for so long, and here, i am spending the final minutes of 2009 to update my blog.

I got too much free time right now... the stupid mafia wars in facebook need 4.5 minutes just to get a miserable 2 energy and 1 stamina points... The SMS msgs i been trying to sent out just couldn't seems to get out from my mobile to my friend's mobile.

Singtel, starhub and M1 mobile operators must be earning big bucks right now by providing SMS service...

Lucky, there's no internet jam problem...

It's 12 midnight... Right now, i can hear screamings from all around me, shouting "Happy new year!!!", ppl playing sparklers, followed almost immediately with sounds of baby cries. Apparently, the screamings woke up the babies... hahaha...


Remember not to write the year 2009 on your dates, especially on the cheques!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Air Force Theme Song

It's the christmas eve... Once more, chirstmas is here...

Christmas... signify that the end of the year is once here again, and a new year is coming...

So, what have i done in 2009???

let me think about it...

Anyway, found a singapore drama series theme song. To be, it's one of the best theme songs ever to produce locally. It's a super old drama series, about the RSAF, Republic of Singapore Air Force, not Round Short And Fat.

I had upload the clip from youtube to here... enjoy!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 Stages of life

Heard on the radio, Class 95 on my way to work this morning...

The 4 stages of life...

1) You believe in Santa

2) You don't believe in Santa

3) You are Santa

4) You look like Santa....

How true it is...

Monday, December 21, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, its:

4 more days to Christmas!!!

11 more days to the New Year!!!

14 more days to my ICT!!! ArghHhhhhhH!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

4 Heavenly king imitation

There's one video that i like.

There's this guy that can imitate the voice of the Hong Kong 4 heavenly kings. Namely, Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai and Aaron kwok.

And it sound really like them!!

Watch it below...

So, i guess, i know last time, all the pirated cassette tapes and the early CDs, where they got their singer from....


Still got somemore...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday nightly affair

Just received some good news yesterday with regards to myself... Hahaha.. But that good news come with some bad news, i reckon...

And did something shitty today, something which i wish i could never do, yet, i feel it's necessary to do... And hope that shitty thing would not turn to be something more shitty that needs me to clear.

It's an extremely busy week for me... more so from the past few week, which i was busy enough. Why?? boss come back from overseas trip... hahaha

And every Tuesday, it's becoming a normal routine for the 4 of us... CN, HT, TB and me... A night of driving, which requires super intense concentration, with a super high risk of getting invloved in RTA, and it involves some jam, followed by some cheap buys and a night of relaxation, eating, chatting, singing, and perhaps, some "come find trouble" on the forehead...

It's the relaxation and the food that draws the 4 of us to go back there every week. A intense day of slogging out either physically, mentally or both at work, we really need a night of relaxation. I keep looking forward to Tue day, even it means sometimes, i am going to miss my myth buster show.

And Tue has just past. Am looking forward to next Tue.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sleepy at work

It's funny, i know...

My world has turn upside down...

But couldn't be help... Is there anything that i can do to resolve this problem??

It's something like this statement... "How come a kid who is afraid of the dark grows up to be a teenager who hangs out every whole night?"


Night is the time when cockroaches come out and people sleep. Morning is the time when ppl rushes to work and ERP starts.

But i am feeling very sleepy in the day!! Especially when i am in the office. And after work, while driving home, i will be yawning non stop, wishing for my dear warm bed to lie in and my soft pillow to cuddle with.

But once i reach home, all signs and syndromes of sleepiness went "poof!!!" just like when a naughty kid burst a balloon with a needle.

I became wide awake. No more thoughts of my warm bed and my soft super cuddle-friendly pillow. my thoughts turn to TV, Internet and mafia wars, and more recently, BF2.

And all those thoughts will keep my mind occupied till my eyelids cannot take it anymore... that's when i will faint.

And the cycle starts again when i woke up the next day.

Monday, November 23, 2009


"Yesterday, it was such a relaxing day
Now it's time to start the working day
Oh i believe in yesterday...

Suddenly, many arrows come flying my way
There's no way i siam their way,
Oh monday, came suddenly...

Why weekends gone so fast
i dunno, no one can say
I say monday come,
it's a stupid working day...

Yesterday, work was really seems so far away
but now i need a place to hide away
oh we all longed for yesterday

Why weekends gone so fast
i dunno, no one can say
I say monday come
it's a stupid working day

Yesterday, work was really seems so far away
but now i need a place to hide away
oh we all longed for yesterday"

It's another monday... OSIM.

I wanna weekend to come again... Waiting... Waiting... waiting...

(phone rings) ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beautiful Sunset

Funny weather nowadays... Bukit timah have not been flooding for a super duper long time. And yet, recently it became a swimming pool. And i think the basement carpark can be a scuba diving training center.

Singapore cars might need another feature or insurance... Flood proof. Or perhaps a miniature submarine.

But it's with the funny weather that i can capture these photos...

And a very beautiful sunset...

Don't you simply agree??

Thursday, November 19, 2009


You know, in Singapore, on the mediacorp TV, there's this saying on channel 5, "MUST SEE TUESDAY".

Indeed, it's a must see tuesday. But it's not channel 5. Certainly the new Phua Chu Kang "migrating" to KL nor first class ain't interest me at all. Certainly it's ain't channel 5 either.

It's the new channel in Singapore TV free-to-air. OKTO channel. Tuesdays is a must see for me.

Especially one programme.


Oh yeah... mythbusters. They gather all kinds of myth, mostly which i didn't even heard before, subject it to scientific experiments on real life, and see if the myths is confirmed or busted.

And there's even more on the internet "youtube".

I recalled a myth which my parents told me when i was a kid.

"Elephants are scared of mice" they told me. "Bullshit" i thought. "How can such a huge animal be scared of a tiny thing??"

Anyway, it's been years and i didn't think of that myth, until yesterday.

Mythbusters put that myth under a experiment. and here's the video.


Come to think of the statement i had thought earlier "How can such a huge animal be scared of a tiny thing??" It's ain't true. Nope.. It's totally not true.

I know scores of the most intelligent animal on earth, Human beings, being afraid of thiny animals like cockroachs, lizards, mice, and sometimes, even ants.

So, nothing wrong with elephants being afraid of mice.

If Singapore is to have a myth buster team, here's my top ten list of myths for them to test.

10) Lady and taxi drivers are a road hazard.

9) Singaporeans will queue up for anything as long as it's free.

8) When a winning lottery ticket is purchase from a particular betting center, there's high chance that the betting center will produce more winning tickets.

7) Employees work at a better efficient rate when their boss are not around in office.

6) Singaporeans always jio coffee session, but ended up drinking other drinks other than coffee.

5) Singaporeans always like to get the bride and the groom drunk on their wedding day.

4) Singaporean drivers really does go faster with the amber light showing at the traffic lights.

3) Singaporean drivers does not give way to ambulances with the blinker lights and sirens on.

2) Singaporen drivers are curious enough to slow their vehicle down to almost a crawl to look at traffic accidents and to take down the accident vehicle's licence plate to buy 4D.

1) And the accident's vehicle licence's plate will come out in the 4D lottery.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

animated music

Dear all... something super nice and interesting...

really respect the fellow which did this...


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Long time no post

Lots ppl have been asking me this question...

"What happen to you, simon?" they would ask...

"Simi??" i would query them back...

"so long never update blog..." they would answer...

Good point... My blog is dying, and it's been donkey days since i last update my blog... So, what's happening to me??

Well, the only explaination i could think of is that morning, i wake up, go work, and ever since i took over 3 person's job, changing of office location, orders picking up, going meetings, doing deliveries, after knock off, is go home sleep, or go out, and when the computer's on, i been using the time for Mafia wars, especially with the new country " Moscow" just came out to conquer, there's simply no time to go to and type all these nonsense...

Understand?? No?? let me summerise the summery.

I am simply too lazy to go update my blog.

Got it??


Read this news recently...

SingTel, Starhub submit bids for rights to broadcast EPL matches
By Ian De Cotta,
TODAY Posted: 29 September 2009 2122 hrs

And today, i saw this news...

SingTel wins rights to EPL, ESPN STAR Sports
By Posted: 01 October 2009 0806 hrs

Bye bye starhub cable, hello singtel mio??

Pity the ppl who just signed the starhub cable contract to watch the EPL and ESPN, and now, they have to sign on new contact with Singtel mio plan and carrying on the existing starhub cable.

Especially the coffee shops, the pubs which now have to switch sides in order to retain their customers.

Politics... the never ending war between singtel and starhub... And yet, i still dun really see the effectiveness of this war to us as consumers...

I think i shall still stick to my present life style of being not a football fan... It saves me a lot of trouble.

Friday, July 24, 2009

YEAH!!! Thanks a lot to SM, who help me to find somethings that i wanted for a long long time!!!

And it has proven true again that i am an ITI... :(

Another story....

Went in to Malaysia yesterday night in ZX's car, and guess what?? We only stopped for around an hour to eat, and his car was "bombed". 6 "bombs" on his rear, and about 6 more "bombs" on the roof of his car...

The best part?? His car just finished washing about 10 minutes before we stopped to eat.

Anyone got medication for birds on diahorria??

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

NDP 2009 Family day Part II

After the parade, comes the show.

By then, the skies turn dark. And it's time to make full use of one's imagination on lightings!!

For the show segment, there's lots animation on the giant screens which will really capture your attention, and hence, not much focus was on the performers or dancers.

THe animations was really eye catching. Poor performers... no one's gonna watch you all. :P

The pyrotechnics (fireworks) were great. Especially during the grand finale. The burst were so much that you would have thought you were in the middle of a intense battle, that would have break even the bravest soldier.
Grand finale.

Only thing that bothers me about the fireworks is that, if you have realised it from the photos above, all are the same colour.

Errr... organiser, can add more colour into the pyrotechnics?? Especially at the grand finale??

Perhaps, during the preview and the actual day, there would be more variety.

well, judging from the amount of pyrotechnics, perhaps the SAF would consider using the fireworks for exercises... And during the fireworks period, there's so much camera flashes from the spectators, that if you are standing in front of them, in their direction, you would have thought you were under fire from a whole division of infantrymen, if the flashes were muzzle flash.

I wonder how's their photographs will turn out.

Monday, July 06, 2009

NDP 2009 family day


National Day Parade.

A day which took almost a year to organise, involve thousands of people, SAF, school kids, working personnal, in fact, involves people from all walks of life, be it in marching contingents, dancing participants, ushers, marshallers, traffic control, crowd control, temperature screenings, and of course, the back stage crew, who put up all the props, the wiring, the audio, the lightings...

In fact, to me, the most work (physically) are actually the back stage crew, who put in so much effort, but got the least recognition, and the SAF personnal, who did lots back stage work, without any recognition.

All for the our nation's birthday celebration.

I went for the last CR (combine rehersal) and was impressed with all the displays.

All along, the only part that interest me during NDPs is only the Parade segment. And coming out of the Marina Bay are yesterday night, i was impressed. The show segment was impressive. In fact, the whole celebration was very nice, except for the marina bay wave part where a car and motorcycle was involved.

The pre parade display, with the 5 hosts

(mediacorp celebrities) was a bit dull, with not much spectators co-operation to heat up the event. Perhaps, the NE show with full of hyeractive screaming primary school kids will be more interesting to watch.

And personnally, i like the "terrorist incident" segement, the sea display. Too bad, there's ain't a air show segment only whereby the chinook chopper flew close to the bay area and the 2 AH64 Apacha Choppers.

The freefall was the same every year, but it never fails to bring out much screamings from the spectators. Imagine jumping out of a perfectly working aircraft. They got guts... (Salute them).

Next come the parade.

The same every year, with 2 exceptions. 3 F-16 bomb bursts with full afterburners.

And the firing of the 21 gun salute. It's done on the bay instead of hard solid ground.. Impressive.

And the parade wise, well, even thought it's the same every year, the smartness of the guard of honor contingents and all the other supporting contingents, the uniformed groups, other civilian contingents, the SAF and Police bands, all make the march past an interesting part to watch.

Imagine the hours they had put in trainings.

Okie... I shall end here on the part I of the NDP 2009. I shall come to the show segment soon (hopefully).

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thoughts from TV show

I am not really a fan of Korea drama shows, but sometimes, the TV programs on TV are so damm stupid that i have to resort to either 1) turn off the TV, 2) watch some shows that i am not a fan of... (read: Korea Shows)

RIght now, it's one of those times, when i am resort to watching Korea drama.

And the "meaning" of the shows struck me.

The scene is about a son who just started a small eatery business. And his father is worried about him, to the extend that he cannot sleep until his son comes back safety...

He wrote all his heart in a small diary, all his worries on his business, worries on if he will get any scalds and burns, as he is quite clumsiness, worries on him driving alone late at night back home. And the father also realised the fact that he's getting old and staying up late is affecting his health.

And then the son came back. The father only asked why he's back so late, and quietly stepped out of the house to help the son carry the stuffs back in.

The son response? The moment he saw his father's room lights are still on, commented that his father is giving him stress, by not sleeping.

When the father stepped out of the house to bring the stuffs in, all the son did was to throw a bit of temper, and getting the father back to bed.

From a TV viewer point of view, well, it's the generation gap of father and son.

It's nature that parents worry about their kids, what they do outside, how successful they will be, all the way from studies, to career, to relationship and setting up a family.

But to the kids, all those worries and concern will translate into stress for the kids. The higher the expectations, the higher the stress. A kid will not understand the amount of the worries of the parents on their child and similarily, a parent will not understand the stress level of their kids.

So, what is the best remedy for this kind of situation? I am sure all or most ppl out there will face this situation right now, or perhaps, in the future.

Think abuot it, folks... Be understanding to each other...

Monday, June 22, 2009


Ever had a sunday where you had no appointments, no plans, and absoluting nothing to do?

Just had one yesterday.

Just spend the whole day, lying down, sleeping and watching TV... Oh yes... indeed... Watching TV movies. A marathon. Movies marathon. 4, to be exact...

First is "Seabiscuit" which is a really inspirational show. One that can move ppl to tears.

Second is Jackie Chan's action movie, "Police Story III, Super Cop".

Actually, after watching the second movie, i felt like taking a nap, and out of habit, i channel surfed, and to my horror, the other channel was showing "Seoul Raider".

Decisions, decisions. Continue watching or nap??

And i hate making such decisions on such a decision-less day. Ended up deciding to watch till i sleep.

And i did not sleep. Finished watching the third movie, and the sun is getting ready to "extingiush" itself in the sea, i channel surf again, and "Finding Nemo" caught my eye.

So, i continue watching.

And after the movie end, another show captured my attention.


So, yesterday, on such a lazy and totally unplanned day, a long which i had not enjoyed for a long long time, i spend a totally of 8.5 hours in front of the telly.

Almost the same as my working hours.

Somehow, my working hours seems much longer then yesterday.


Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away
Now it seems they are now here to stay
Oh i believe, in yesterday.

Yesterday. Where is yesterday?

Paintball competition 2009

Okie, okie.. got one "fan" screaming at my tagboard for me to update my dying blog.

Dunno why, but my "mood" to update blog is dying off... No inspirations, no time, no mood or perhaps, just plain lazy...

Been to quite a few duties, and let me talk about one in this post...

Paintball competition.

Yep. Paint balls, not paint your balls.

Held at Pasir Ris Park.

About 100 meters away from where i took this photo about 1 year back.

Able to guess who is he??

Okie... Back to topic... Paint balls.

Okie.. let me focus on their equipments...

The paintball equipments are fastinating. Their "SBO" looks cooler than the SAF type, their masks makes them look something like this...

Errr... minus the top part...

And while the players are busy trying not to get bruise all over their body, (when hit, sure blue black one)

we entertain outselves...

By taking photos...

Can you see what VKP is pointing at??

And after a while, i got interested in the paintball "ammo"

Which is a green ball with orange paint inside...

Started to do all kinds of "experiments" on it.

Well, if you ask me if there's any conclusion to the "experiments", i can only tell you this...

"I had forgotten the results".

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Handsome suit

Have you peeps watch the movie "Handsome Suit" yet?

It's about this ugly guy that can make ugly girls cry when they accidentally touch, wore a suit, that can transform into a very handsome guy that can make girls oogle, scream and went absoluting crazy when they saw him.

Looking at the girls reaction when they saw ugly guys in handsome suit, i think the name of the movie should be renamed to:


It applies perfectly, ain't it??

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Photos from NCOC

NCOC just finished... some photos which i managed to took... Wanna see more photos? can go to the zone blog... i try to upload them ASAP. No promises...

Do you believe the flowers were taken at night?? with no lights at all... Hard time focusing on them... Even manually... Cannot see them...

And below are the photos i taken before and during the hike...

I was that bo liao...