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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

NDP 2009 Family day Part II

After the parade, comes the show.

By then, the skies turn dark. And it's time to make full use of one's imagination on lightings!!

For the show segment, there's lots animation on the giant screens which will really capture your attention, and hence, not much focus was on the performers or dancers.

THe animations was really eye catching. Poor performers... no one's gonna watch you all. :P

The pyrotechnics (fireworks) were great. Especially during the grand finale. The burst were so much that you would have thought you were in the middle of a intense battle, that would have break even the bravest soldier.
Grand finale.

Only thing that bothers me about the fireworks is that, if you have realised it from the photos above, all are the same colour.

Errr... organiser, can add more colour into the pyrotechnics?? Especially at the grand finale??

Perhaps, during the preview and the actual day, there would be more variety.

well, judging from the amount of pyrotechnics, perhaps the SAF would consider using the fireworks for exercises... And during the fireworks period, there's so much camera flashes from the spectators, that if you are standing in front of them, in their direction, you would have thought you were under fire from a whole division of infantrymen, if the flashes were muzzle flash.

I wonder how's their photographs will turn out.

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