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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thoughts from TV show

I am not really a fan of Korea drama shows, but sometimes, the TV programs on TV are so damm stupid that i have to resort to either 1) turn off the TV, 2) watch some shows that i am not a fan of... (read: Korea Shows)

RIght now, it's one of those times, when i am resort to watching Korea drama.

And the "meaning" of the shows struck me.

The scene is about a son who just started a small eatery business. And his father is worried about him, to the extend that he cannot sleep until his son comes back safety...

He wrote all his heart in a small diary, all his worries on his business, worries on if he will get any scalds and burns, as he is quite clumsiness, worries on him driving alone late at night back home. And the father also realised the fact that he's getting old and staying up late is affecting his health.

And then the son came back. The father only asked why he's back so late, and quietly stepped out of the house to help the son carry the stuffs back in.

The son response? The moment he saw his father's room lights are still on, commented that his father is giving him stress, by not sleeping.

When the father stepped out of the house to bring the stuffs in, all the son did was to throw a bit of temper, and getting the father back to bed.

From a TV viewer point of view, well, it's the generation gap of father and son.

It's nature that parents worry about their kids, what they do outside, how successful they will be, all the way from studies, to career, to relationship and setting up a family.

But to the kids, all those worries and concern will translate into stress for the kids. The higher the expectations, the higher the stress. A kid will not understand the amount of the worries of the parents on their child and similarily, a parent will not understand the stress level of their kids.

So, what is the best remedy for this kind of situation? I am sure all or most ppl out there will face this situation right now, or perhaps, in the future.

Think abuot it, folks... Be understanding to each other...

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