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Monday, June 22, 2009


Ever had a sunday where you had no appointments, no plans, and absoluting nothing to do?

Just had one yesterday.

Just spend the whole day, lying down, sleeping and watching TV... Oh yes... indeed... Watching TV movies. A marathon. Movies marathon. 4, to be exact...

First is "Seabiscuit" which is a really inspirational show. One that can move ppl to tears.

Second is Jackie Chan's action movie, "Police Story III, Super Cop".

Actually, after watching the second movie, i felt like taking a nap, and out of habit, i channel surfed, and to my horror, the other channel was showing "Seoul Raider".

Decisions, decisions. Continue watching or nap??

And i hate making such decisions on such a decision-less day. Ended up deciding to watch till i sleep.

And i did not sleep. Finished watching the third movie, and the sun is getting ready to "extingiush" itself in the sea, i channel surf again, and "Finding Nemo" caught my eye.

So, i continue watching.

And after the movie end, another show captured my attention.


So, yesterday, on such a lazy and totally unplanned day, a long which i had not enjoyed for a long long time, i spend a totally of 8.5 hours in front of the telly.

Almost the same as my working hours.

Somehow, my working hours seems much longer then yesterday.


Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away
Now it seems they are now here to stay
Oh i believe, in yesterday.

Yesterday. Where is yesterday?

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