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Thursday, November 30, 2006

News about blogging

Woot!!! saw an interesting news article about blogging...


Netizens place great trust in blogs: Online survey Thursday November 30, 8:17 AM

SINGAPORE: Half of Internet users in Singapore rate blogs to be as trustworthy as traditional media such as print, radio and television, according to a survey. Microsoft Asia-Pacific reported Tuesday that Internet users in several Asian countries found blogs to be a "relatively trusted source of information".


So, i guess, only about half of my blog's readers believe what i had wrote... hmmm... sounds interesting... so, i guess, i like to conduct my own survey...

Blogs readers out there, do you believe what i had written and published in my blog?

If yes, please keep quiet, no comments pls.

If not, please sent me an E mail to let me know, at the same time, please include a detailed report explaining why you dun trust my blog, and any recommandations, solutions of how to make my blog more trust worthy.

The blogger reserves the right to close the survey anytime. =P

Another paragraph caught my eye....


"Mr Huggins found the most surprising survey result to be that most bloggers are women. In Singapore, it is a good 74 per cent while it is 55 per cent in Asia. The survey further suggested that good writing is the number one criteria for a good Singapore blog, and bad writing the biggest turn off."


Most bloggers are women in Singapore!!! A whooping 74%!!!

So, let me do a bit of calculation...

I got a total of 35 links in my blog. 9 of them are male, the rest are female. What is the percentage of the females link do i have? (2 marks)

Ans: 74.28% (full marks)


I am one of the pathatic 25% of the male population in Singapore that got nothing better else to do, than to blog... And a regular blogger at that... (sob sob)

That means that i ain't going with the crowd, but all those who know me, will know that i hate crowds...

I am still after-all, me. A asshole loser...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006



Sounds familiar? Its an oldie song, in the late 80s, and suddenly, think back of the song, and did some modifications to it yesterday night, as i was about to go to sleep. I suits me perfectly. Wanna know how it goes?

Dun laugh...



等着那天很痛, 那天来了很 SONG

现在的我很痛, 钱进来了很 SONG

-The End-

Yep... today is my payday!!!

But how many more paydays can i have from my present company?? God knows.

Questions and comments

Fly and fly and fly.....

Just fly kite. No strings attached. The Transmitter the Limit or The Battery the Limit. Or The Weather the Limit. Rain means grounded. Ground very wet = Grounded. No flight.

While flying, common questions that the public asked or comments overheard...

"Look, mum, UFO!!!"

"How high can it go?"

"Where to get it? how much is it?"

"Mummy, i want one!!! / Hey (to the child) you want one?"

"I can fly better" (yes, i overheard this comment at cineleisure. That time, i had yet to fly. A guy was telling his gf)

"Har?? need skills to fly one har?? then i think its not suited for me..."

"I thought it is an insect!!!" (this happens after clement flew his kite close to some gals, who got a shock. We had a good laugh.)

"Wah!!! very beautiful!!!"

"Interesting... Singapore youths are happening" (this is what an Ang Mor told us.)

"What is this"

"Meow" (This happens when Ace flew the kite close to a kitten, who appear in the middle of the field in youth park. The cat ran away.)

ETC ETC... I forgot the rest... But trust me, all the comments are interesting...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

(Last Christmas) lyrics.

George Michael
Last Christmas

( Chorus )

Last Christmas
I gave you my heart
But the very next day
You gave it away
This year
To save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

( back to Chorus )

Once bitten and twice shy
I keep my distance
But you still catch my eye
Tell me baby
Do you recognize me?
It's been a year
It doesn't surprise me

(Happy Christmas)
I wrapped it up and sent it
With a note saying "I love you"
I meant it
Now I know what a fool I've been
But if you kissed me now
I know you'd fool me again

( back to Chorus )

A crowded room
Friends with tired eyes
I'm hiding from you
And your soul of ice
My god I thought you were
Someone to rely on me
I guess I was a shoulder to cry on

A face on a lover with a fire in his heart
A man under cover but you tore me apart
Now I've found a real love
You'll never fool me again

(back to Chorus )

(back to Chorus )

A face on a lover with a fire in his heart
A man under cover buy you tore him apart
Maybe next year
I'll give it to someone
I'll give it to someone special.

AS Square

Ask you all a question.

What does the BP kite flyers do when it is raining at night and they cannot fly kites?

Answer: They all go to a friend's house to watch TV.

Yep. That's what the 4 of us did today. The AS square.

AS square = 2 As and 2 Ss = Ace, Anthony and Stuart, Simon. Yup, the 4 of us. Joshua was not in the picture today, as he went over to Aaron's house to watch TV.

We ended up at William's house to watch SCV TV.

That's it. Pretty boring no-life dudes we are huh?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Murphy's law, flying in youth park

Hmmm... quite a routine day today. Nothing interesting...

Seminar in the afternoon. I arrived early to help to set up the things. Too early, in fact. Nothing was there, only some tables.

The 2 speakers were late. Luckily, we had some contingency plans. I know Murphy's law too well.

"Murphy's law? What's that?", you may ask.

Murphy's Law is defined as "Anything that can go wrong, will goes wrong." Simple as that. You must have contingency plans for every forseeable things that can go wrong. That's why, even when all the speakers were late, everything went smoothly.

Cineleisure after that. Decision made to fly at the youth park. Anthony started the ball rolling, or to be precise, he started the kite flying.

I was hestiant to fly. The area was small, there are live bands playing, meaning to say, there's a crowd. After some considerations, i decided to fly, very carefully.

I was stressed. First flight, i release the kite in the wrong direction, and rather than try risking, i decided to belly land it.

As i fly more, i realised that my fears were unfounded. I could actually fly the kite in that small area, and i could control the kite to fly in the direction that i want, not some degrees off-course.

And i could fly the kite back to myself when i want to stop flying, though i still could not really catch it in mid-air.

Shiok. Finally, i can fly in confined spaces (not that small lah!!) better than i think i can.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wham Wham - Last Christmas

Yesterday night went flying at BT, as per normal. Somehow, i din really have the mood to fly, as in, my mind was occupied with other things, rather than concentrating on flying. Things that other ppl will shudder when they think about it.

Sure its going to be a stormy ride soon. And thank god, i ain't have other committments.

Yesterday, i managed to catch my kite back when i wanna stop flying. Only Once though.... The other attempts results in crashes.

After flying at BT yesterday, i went rounding, helping to sent 3 fellows (and their bicycles) to Toa Payoh. They got a tyre puncture, and stranded at BP, and they are flagging at every van / lorry that they can, and at that time, its 2 plus am, and i can feel that they are getting desperate.

So, i made a U turn and offer my help. Anyway, i ain't in a hurry to get to home.

Helping out in a seminar later. After which i shall be going to cineleisure. Dunno if i can start flying at cineleisure or not. See later how.

And yah, my van is alive back again with music. Changed the head unit. Finally, i will not be driving alone, without any music. I simply cannot survive without music.

Christmas is around the corner. Is the song nice? Have you start making your wishlist for this christmas to father Santa?

My wish list? Well, firstly, i dun know if i had been a good boy this year, but i just wish that (selfishly) i can still have a good job.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Job uncertainties

Job uncertainties.... Retrenchment... Job Transfer....

In this booming economy, all these things can still happen. Yes, it still happen.

Despite the good out look, record numbers of jobs created, good bonus payout to civil servants, job uncertainties, retrenchment still exist.


I may be out of a job soon.

The company may closed down soon. How soon, i dunno. Maybe, it will be bought over by another company, and i will have to "hop" over to another company to do the same kind of work.
It all depends on the situation.

My fate is in the hands of the senior management.

And i hope there's no "elites" reading this post and lambast me for "whining about how Singapore is such an insecure place, how old ppl (perhaps younger as well) fear for their jobs... etc etc..." Coz its the truth. Ordinary non-elites citizens DO FEAR for their jobs, their income, which is no peanuts at all.

Once you are in the rat race, you could not get out of it. By getting out of it, you will find it harder to survive, coz the others are all spurring ahead, while you slowed down or even stop in this competitive enviroment.

And i certainly hope no one will tell me to get out of whoever elite, uncaring face.

And thank god that my surename ain't Wee, so that i won't bring disgrace to that particular surename.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mentos and coke

Everyone should know that diet coke and mentos don't mix, just like alcohol and driving.

But lots of diet coke and lots of mentos can mix well, and it mixes beautifully. Its a performance.

Don't believe? Watch this then...

During our flying session, we mentioned that what will be the effects of coke and mentos, and Anthony does not really believe, and as a result, i went to the nearby 7-11 store to buy a small bottle of coke and a roll of mentos.

The cashier at the 7-11 looked at me...

Anthony did the experiment.

The coke got spurted out, with a force equivalent to a infant boy pissing.

Anthony wanna something better, and so, off i go, to purchase a 1.5 liter of coke and another roll of mentos.

This time, the cashier looked at me and smile with a knowingly wink.

Anthony did the experiment again.

The coke bottle dropped to the side. Anthony went to upright it, but there's no spurting at all.

Undaunted, Anthony went to purchase another 1.5 bottle lime coke and another roll of mentos.

This time round, the spurting is so pathetic that you can practically drink from the spurt, as demostrated by Anthony. The spurting would make a pissing infant boy glow with pride.

Undaunted again, Ace and Anthony went to buy 2 cans of diet coke and mentos again.

This time round, i did not really see the experiment. Concentrated on flying, but from their exclaimations, i guess it failed terribly again.

And that's the end of our little experiment and our advanture.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sum of all fears

Imagine there's a terrorist attack in Singapore... Imagine you are at home and suddenly the skies turn a fiery red, and it flickers like there's something huge burning with the fiery intense orange-red flames lighting up the sky.

Panic.... Panic..... and panic... The situation will be unimaginable. The medical services will be stretched. There most prob will have a reverse triage at the incident area, area of contamination will be vast, and all HAZMAT teams will be activated for SAR mission. Citizens will be panic-stricken, and start to behave like wild animals in terms of stocking up food, water and other daily essentials.

Prob, i will be either be in my MOB 4, doing some stupid work, or i will be behind the wheel of an ambulance, driving casualties to hospitals, or even makeshift field hospitals. Either way, i will be involved.

It is even possible that the tiny island will be wiped off from the face of the earth, forever...

I am talking about a situation which is related to the picture below.

What would be your first response if you see the picture below?

What does it reminds you of? Looks like a nuclear explosion right?

Maybe i have seen too much "sum of all fears", but does this seems a bit like the mushroom cloud of a that famous explosion?

This picture was taken from my room window at night, and the source is actually an oil refinary burning off excess oil. Its the first time i am see this "mushroom cloud" from the oil refinary.

Thank god that its only an oil refinary burning off excess oil in its refinary process, and not a disaster or even a terror attack.


Am down with flu. Keep sneezing and coughing the whole day. Feels terrible. Maybe, a Biological attack by terrorist? (My imagination is running wild!!!)


This poster really suits me. (ITI)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Raining in the evenings

Damm pissed off by the skies...

Why does it have to rain every goddamm evening? Spoiling our plans to fly kite.

How not rain in the goddamm mornings, afternoon, but why always evenings?

Evenings when everyone is rushing to go home after a hard's day work. Evening where a lot of familys would want to have a nice meal outside, evening when after at night i would want to fly kite??

If its raining in the evening, the field will be too wet to play kite later at night.

Damm it, I just want to fly kite, but the stupid weather is not allowing me to do it...


What a nice sleep i had!!!

I reached home at around 1600 hours. Fell asleep, and woke up at 0800 hours, the next day.

That's around 16 hours of sleep! Fantestic...

But i woke up, aching all over... Neck ache, arm ache, back ache...

Frankly speaking, i did not have enough sleep for the past few weeks, that's why i slept like a log yesterday night.

Anyway, it was raining, and i was grounded also.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Decisions, brain-stormings and good friends

Just watched a TV program, and it let me into a brain-storming mode.

Imagine that you have a very good friend, that needs a kidney transplant desperately, and you are the only one that is able to donate your kidney (one only lah), and your beloved (GF LAH) is damm worried to hell, and is practically begging you not to donate... What will you do?

Do you or do you not donate?

It's like your wife and mum has fallen into the sea, (both are non swimmers), and who do you save first?

Its a dilemma.

Its not a situation where i wanna face, and i believe that neither is most of you, if not, all.


SY asked me a question today... "How do you define good friends?"

After a minute of brain-storming, this is what i replied back...

Enemies will get you into jail, and into trouble...
Strangers does not know that you are in jail when you gets into trouble...
Friends will ignore you when you are in jail when you gets into trouble...
Good friends will bail you out of jail when you gets into trouble...
Best buddies will be sitting beside you in jail, saying, "DAMM, THAT WAS FUN!!!"

And this is what she replied...

i believe gd friends really wants the best for his/her fren... if its me, i wouldnt join my fren in jail... i dont mind gg to jail though, but i will tell him/her wats wrong so he/she can change for the better

And what will be your definations?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy birthdays...

Happy birthday to Shu Yan, Hwee Peng, Halim, Yan Rong, Yi Hua, Gina and all the November babies.

If i happen to miss your name, please dun feel sad. Coz there are so much November babies.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Progress in RCKF

Phew!!! what a day!!!

Busy in the morning, saw drift stunts, chio... cars, and of course, chiobus , snapping away photographs in the afternoon, and finally, go for a buffet dinner in the evening and kite flying at night.

Yep, kite flying again. (Some ppl out there will groan.)

Kite flying is my latest hobby. RCKF = Remote Controlled Kite Flying.

This is the third time that i am flying my kite. Yes, your eyesights ain't wrong. I got a kite, but not everything is mine. Confused? NVM, no need bother about it...

Here's a short description of my RC kite flying progress.

1st time flying:
Crashed and frontbar broke. Flying in big circles. Lose control a couple of times.

2nd time flying:
No much difference, just that trying to fly in a rectangle, but it seems more like a funny looking parallagram to me. No front bar broke. Spend all 3 batteries.

3rd time flying:
At BT. Started flying in circles, and end up flying in front. Mean that i am not turning anymore with the kite. Tried to fly the kite towards me, but failed miserably. Wanted to fly more, but transmitter run out of gas. Did not charge enough.

Some of you may ask "why kite flying?", and to me, that question is very open, and different ppl will have different answer to it. To me, i enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with kite flying. It actually can enable be to forget about all my worries and my troubles. Its a goal that i want to achieve, to fly as well as Joshua, Ace, Anthony. Step by step.

Hope that i can further progress in kite flying the next time.

Friday, November 17, 2006


Friday.... Hmmmm.... Friday.... Friday....How come that word sounds so sweeeeeeeet??? Just like music to my ears...

And yes, its friday again. Looking forward to this day everyweek. Its the one of the main motivation that i've got on Monday - Thursday... to bear with the week, Just for friday and weekends.

And imagine there's someone is named Friday in a storybook. Can recall?

And yes, my weekends are fully booked. Totally and fully. First Aid seminer, birthday party chalet, Public BCLS class etc etc... Not to mention, kite flying...

Even today, (friday), is a packed event for me.

Am working half day today. (Sounds better rite?) Then going to suntec later to see chio....... cars and the chiobus... Yep, going to motorshow 2006 later with HS. After which i will be proceeding to a company management dinner, and will finally end up at BT for a daily nightly dose of kite flying.

Oh man, what a busy man i am...

Those who agree, say aye....

Lost and found

Its a bit sad to know that there are some singaporeans who pick up misplaced wallets and keep them.

I got a friend who misplaced her wallet recently, and till now, there's no news about it. All her ID is gone. Lost.

I wonder what is going on in that person's mind when he/she finds the wallet... "WAH!!! Wallet leh!!! see how much money is inside." Or "I wonder who is the fellow who misplace the wallet, and how much the contents in the wallet means to him/her..."

What will you really do if you find a wallet with lots cash inside? What is your first thought?

"Wah!!! the fellow must be rich, and wun hurt much with this loss." or is it "Wah... Tio Bua pio liao" or perhaps "does that fellow need that money? maybe to pay bills, or to pay household goercies, or even, the money might be used to let a sick child see a doctor..." or maybe, " is there any item of very importance value (sentimental value) to the owner..."

So, ask yourself this question... will you return any found wallets?

Be truth to yourself.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nice piece of life message

Was browsing through some of the profiles of the WLNY BP members when i saw this. Its meaningful, and i thought that i would like to share with my blog readers.

So, here goes...


Don't undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others.
It is because we are different -
that each of us is special.

Don't set our goals by what other people deem important.
only you know what is best for you.

Don't take for granted the things closest to your heart.
cling to them as you would your life;
for without them, life is meaningless.

Don't let your life slip thru your fingers
by living in the past or for the future;
By living your life one day at a time,
you will live all the days of your life.

Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect,
It is this fragile thread that binds us to each other.

Don't be afraid to encounter risks,
It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.

Don't run life so fast -
that you forget not only where you've been,
but also where you are going.

Don't shut love out of your lifeby saying it's impossible to find;
the quickest way to receive love is to give love -
the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly -
and the best way to keep love is to give it wings


Nice piece of life message.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kite flying again!

Flew Anthony's kite again today.

And yes, it crashed a couple of time, more like controlled glided crashes rather than head first. Only thing is, no front bar broke.

In the beginning, i was a bit stressed. Have not been playing simulator for more than a week, and i was afraid that i have lost touch.

But after some uncontrolled flying with controlled glided landings, i managed to keep the kite in the air, making some turns before it glided to a stop.


When can i come out with my very own kite??? sob sob...

A Joke.

What's the difference between stress, tension and panic ?

Stress is when the wife is pregnant
Tension is when the girlfriend is pregnant
And Panic is when both are pregnant.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Increase of GST


GST is going up again, by 2% to a total of 7%.

Yah, even if PM says the GST is going up, but dunno when, but he hinted that its best to go up when the ecomony is good, and i am sure that its going to be soon.

Remember a quote from , "What goes up will never come down, laws of GST and PTC"

How true it is!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

seldom seen animals


Never new my company carpark has so many species of animals.

During lunch, i was standing at the lobby entrance, staring out towards the carpark, then i noticed an animal hopping on a tree.

My first thought was that animal is a squirrel. (Yes, we do have some squirrels living at the carpark, i had seen some squirrels a few times).

But then, it flew, to another tree, and from its outline, it turns out to be a woodpecker.

Yes, a woodpecker. This is the first time in my life i have seen a woodpecker in the wild. I watched it pecking away at the wood. It was fantestic.

Reminds me of an incident, where i had seen monitor lizards along the AYE towards Jurong. I had encounter it a couple of times.

And another incident where i had enountered a tortoise in the middle of a tarred road in Lim Chu Kang during my NS days. My PC helped that tortise cross the road a lot more faster than that tortoise could travel.

And another one where i spotted a python crossing the road when i was working in Lim Chu Kang.

Its nice to sometimes see seldom seen animals in one's busy daily routine of life.

Funny posts on WLNY forum

Show you all something funny that was posted onto the (BP) forum.

Please take note that this is not an advertisement, so, do not msg me to help you to get tickets, cos i would not be bothered.


Orginal Post (by J):

5TH DEC 06
8pm till late
Presale$20 Door$25 with a free drink
Age16^[ 18^ get diff tics for enterin other rooms]


Featuring bands like:
West Grand Boulevard
Concave Scream
Plain Sunset
Saw Loser
Project Ultrasound
Divine9 - BEST BAND IN Western Australia!!
Someone Special!

And Djs:
DJ Koflow [Sg top Dj] + DJ RATTLE + DJ TANG!!
Zul [Subversive]
DMZ [Indonesia/Junglista]
Vortex [Exitmusik/Spectrum]
RnB & Hip/Hop @ Smoove ALL NIGHT!!

Drum N Bass @ 54

Along with Nightlife. Sg photographers who will be
there to spot you in your glitz & glamor!
Be sure to be spotted by our videographers that night as well!

Dun miss the GreatMegaParty of the Year

Pm me for tics now!!!



Copied post with modifications (by Joshua):

FLOWer@ Greenridge
5TH DEC 06 (more like everyday leh)
8pm till late
Presale$ sell wad ?
Door$25 <-- so cheap ?
with a free drink ( Ice mineral water )
Age - Girls18-21... guys just come if you want to see girls .

STAND A CHANCE TO WIN 3 Cup of 7-11 Big Gulp .

Featuring bands like:
Ang Ku Kuey
Hey Uncle
Ba Chor Mee Please
Please Explain
& wadever you can find in Loser Ow's handphone
A performance by our malaysian star Aaron Ma .
Someone not too Special!

And Djs:
DJ Elmo [Sg top Dj]
+ DJ Piglet
+ DJ forgot his name!!

The flyers :
Anthony - trickster
Ace - Stunt master
Joshua - Kite crasher
Simon - Kite simulator stunt flyer (Added by me in this blog)
Stuart - Kite simulator kite crasher (Added by me in this blog)
Along with No_life.

Sg photographers who will be
there to spot you when you get sauces on your face .
Be sure to be spotted by our videographers that
night as well!


A CHANCE TO FLY ANTHONY'S KITE ...( and crash it )
Dun miss the You (CallThisAParty?) of the Year
Don't Pm me for tix ... i will just ask you to pls explain !!!!


Sunday, November 12, 2006


Congrads to all those who has passed their NCO Course 2006!

Hope you all really learn something from this course, and in a way, enrich your life, and improve yourself as a human being. I also hope that you had learnt time management, and to manage your time well.

I really enjoyed myself at the POC today. Thanks to the POC committee, the NCOC committee, for your great dedication, hard work in making the events such a success.

To those cadets who did not do well in this course, please do not give up and strive harder to success. Know where went wrong and take steps to correct it.

To all, if you ever need help, i am sure that the officers in zone 3 are more than welcome to help you, but do not ever expect us to spoon-feed you, as we believe you all are able to think for yourself.

May i wish all sucess in your studies, and "to be a better man".

To lead, to overcome!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Finally, here comes friday, the favourite day of the weekdays for me. ( not to mention weekends).

Friday is the day i usually hang out till super late (sometimes, can see the sn rising).

Friday is the day i am more relaxed at work, not today though :(

And Friday is the day where the kite flyers will go somewhere else to fly kite (normally at cineleisure, or youth park), instead of BP.

And so, for this week, the kite flyers will be going to Bukit Timah to fly. Interested? can call me.


I hate it when my suppilers, clients, salesperson comes down to meet me just before lunch time.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Feels like committing suicide.

What will happen to you if this senairo happens to you?

I asked my colleague to do a research test, add 30 liters of water into a tank, and add glucose up to 4% and yeast extract up to 2%, sterilise and do a running test for contamination.

Sounds simple? What is 4% of 30 liters, assuming that 1kg = 1 liter?

Simple?? How to calculate?

My colleague can come back to me, and told me that he dun understand what i want. So, i explain to him in simple terms, "4% of 30 Liters, and 1 liter of water = 1 Kg".

He looked at me with a blurred look. I refused to give him the solution. I want him to work himself out. After all, he's a diploma holder from Biotechnology, and all these happens during practical sessions, whereby you must get the concentration right by calculations on your own.

I want him to give me the formula. Guess what he gave me?

30/50 x 4% (something like that).

I almost bong my head on the wall.

I wanted to commit suicide. I am ashamed to tell others that both of us went to the same poly for the same course, taught by the same lectuerer. My grades at Biotechnology ain't great, and i wonder how he pass his exams.

In the end, i have to spoon-feed him.... again....

Thank god i am not talking about Moles, Molars, (scientific terms for the molecular weight, concentration), w/w (weight per weight), v/v (volume per volume) to him. I believe in using layman terms with him.

I still feel like committing suicide. Someone help me please.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quotes from Calvin and Hobbes

Just wanna share some nice (incomprehensive??) quotes from the famours comic strip cartoon, Calvin and Hobbes. If you spend sometime understanding it, you will think that it is true to certain extend.


"There's more to this world than just people, you know."

"Why should I have to WORK for everything?! It's like saying I don't deserve it!"

"I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul."

I go to school, but I never learn what I want to know."

"To make a bad day worse, spend it wishing for the impossible."

"If you couldn't find any weirdness, maybe we'll just have to make some!"

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless."

"If you do the job badly enough, sometimes you don't get asked to do it again."

"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."

"I hate to think that all my current experiences will someday become stories with no point."

"Childhood is short, maturity is forever."

"I don't need to compromise my principles, because they don't have the slightest bearing on what happens to me anyway."

"In my opinion, we don't devote nearly enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks."

"Why waste time learning, when ignorance is instantaneous?"

"There's an inverse relationship between how good something is for you, and how much fun it is."

"There's no problem so awful that you can't add some guilt to it and make it even worse!"

"So the secret to good self-esteem is to lower your expectations to the point where they're already met?"

I don't know which is worse, ...that everyone has his price, or that the price is always so low."

"You know how people are. They only recognize greatness when some authority confirms it."

"It's not the pace of life I mind. It's the sudden stop at the end."

"The best presents don't come in boxes."

"As far as I'm concerned, if something is so complicated that you can't explain it in 10 seconds, then it's probably not worth knowing anyway."

Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend."

"People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world."

"It's only work if somebody makes you do it."

In my opinion, television validates existence."

"Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success... ...Flat stretches of boring routine... ...And valleys of frustration and failure."

"Reading goes faster if you don't sweat comprehension."

"There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want."

"A day can really slip by when you're deliberately avoiding what you're supposed to do."

"The worst part is that I don't even have the fun of doing the things I'm getting blamed for."

"Being a parent is wanting to hug and strangle your kid at the same time
Calvin's Dad

"I keep forgetting that rules are for little nice people."


Ahhhh... Dear Calvin, our fovouite forever six-year old kid who speaks with a lauguage which is so true, and yet, it is so incomprehendable. When will he ever grow up, get married and have kids?

Pek Chek delivery

Something very pek chek happened at work today, which make me pissed off eariler...

An eariler mail from our distributor had requested for 300 boxes of our product early last month. Due to some unforseen circumstances, i was unable to sent to them (on an error. I was not supposed to sent to them).

Yesterday, i scheduled an afternoon to deliver. I called up the liaison and he said okie to deliver.

So, today, i went down, and upon reaching that place, i called up the liaison, and he mentioned that he is outside, and gave me an number to call. That numebr turned out to be a fax machine number.

Managed to contact the person, and i requested for someone to take a trolley down to collect the goods. Later another person called me and called me to deliver the goods up to their office. I mentioned that i got no trolley, and all he told me to come up to collect the trolley and go down to pick up the goods and deliver up.

I got pissed off.

Called up their boss to request someone to come down. All he ask is what the heck am i doing a delivery without his knowledge. He does not know anything, and he refuse the delivery.

All the driving, time spend wasted on this delivery.

Have to sent the goods back to our warehouse.

Damm it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I guess i am still suffering from this:

Post Road Traffic Accident Sian 1/2 Syndrome.

RTA with a twist

Yah, another RTA... With a twist...

Why a twist?? Because i was the cause of the accident. Yes, i am the cause of it.

I reverse into a Mercedes. And the Merc. driver was standing beside his car.

Thank god that i reverse slowly, and my rear bumper hit his licence plate in front, just a gentle bump. I had forgotten the car behind, and was concentrating on the kerb, then a gentle knock. I stopped immediately and look behind. A merc. My heart sank.

But the outcome was good in such a way that there's no damage on the Merc, and the driver say nevermind, since there's no damage.

I offered to give him my mobile number and he call me if there's any damages, but he say nevermind. What a reasonable person he is.

It reminded me of another accident when a car bumped into me on the PIE.

No damages. And i tell the other person nevermind, coz there's no damages also to his and to my vehicle.

Sometimes, i wonder what you did will eventually goes round back to you, so, be nice to all people, be it strangers or friends.

It's indeed my blessings, or otherwise, there goes my kite.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Upgrading in progress

Hey, noticed anything different with my blog recently?

Am bored, and so, i am trying to make you ppl out there think i am not an ITI, when in fact, i am still an ITI.

Currently having fun with all the changes. Its still under upgrading (experimental) stage. So, dun be surprised if you see sudden, funny changes.

Got it?

Jobs and careers

What is the difference between "Job" and "Career"?

Give yourself some time to ponder over the question, and find out where the line is being drawn between JOB and CAREER.

From, a career is defined as:

1. an occupation or profession, esp. one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework: He sought a career as a lawyer.

2. a person's progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking: His career as a soldier ended with the armistice.

3. success in a profession, occupation, etc.

While a job is defined as:

1. a piece of work, esp. a specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation or for an agreed price: She gave him the job of mowing the lawn.

2. a post of employment; full-time or part-time position: She was seeking a job as an editor.

So, what is the line drawn between a JOB and a CAREER?

Same thing for the terms " SHRIMPS" and "PRAWNS"

What is the difference?

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Feeling terrible these few days...

Just so terrible.... Nose keeps running...

Friday, November 03, 2006

Mystery of the missing tagboards

Yep, i know the tagboards have returned.

But about 7 minutes ago, my tagboard have mysterious disappeared for some 6 minutes (1254 hours), as i was doing some template changes using html. (i am trying not to be an ITI liao).

At first, i though i had deleted that portion, and i went back to take a look, but the html code is still there! And i try to go to their website to see, and the returned message was "Error 404 - Website not found"

And i concluded that that website is down when i went to visit some other ppl's blog that are using the same tagboard as me. All of theirs had disappear too!

Since then, i had came back.

Mystery solved!!

Worthless post

Sometimes, life are interesting in such a way that when something happens, a whole lot of it will happen.

It's like sometimes, when you think the worst has happened, something worse cropped up, and sometimes you think you are in deep shit, someone pours more shit on you...

Its like you are preparing for the worst, but you don't know what is the worst, and how much worse can that worst be...

Well, dunno why, but i think i ain't in such a "good" mood these few days.

What happen? Well, things happen all the time, but i ain't in a bad mood over those, can say I dunno...

What cause it? I also dunno...

Its like you suddenly feel despair over nothing, you worry about things that never happen... hell, you dun even know what are you worrying about. Its just that you had entered a totally dark room, cannot see, hear, feel, sense anything. Its just you and darkness accompanying you.

Ain't life interesting?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Smart moves

Saw the news on channel News Asia just now as i was having break.

North Korea is willing to return to six party talks 3 weeks after the nuclear test, her main aim is for the US and other countries to lift sanctions against North Korea.

The rest of the world are glad.

I think otherwise. (Breaks are meant for me to think of other things besides work)

To me, its a damm smart move by North Korea. They can get the best of both worlds. Its like the North Korea are doing this :

"I would like the other countries to life all sanctions against me, but first, let me test a nuclear warhead before we talk about it."

They (North Korea) still have the machinary, the personnals, the know-how and the materials to make that terrible warhead to be fitted into missiles, bombs, and god know what else.


Diesel prices have gone down once again!!!

To below S$1 per liter! The cost is now $0.983 per liter.