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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sum of all fears

Imagine there's a terrorist attack in Singapore... Imagine you are at home and suddenly the skies turn a fiery red, and it flickers like there's something huge burning with the fiery intense orange-red flames lighting up the sky.

Panic.... Panic..... and panic... The situation will be unimaginable. The medical services will be stretched. There most prob will have a reverse triage at the incident area, area of contamination will be vast, and all HAZMAT teams will be activated for SAR mission. Citizens will be panic-stricken, and start to behave like wild animals in terms of stocking up food, water and other daily essentials.

Prob, i will be either be in my MOB 4, doing some stupid work, or i will be behind the wheel of an ambulance, driving casualties to hospitals, or even makeshift field hospitals. Either way, i will be involved.

It is even possible that the tiny island will be wiped off from the face of the earth, forever...

I am talking about a situation which is related to the picture below.

What would be your first response if you see the picture below?

What does it reminds you of? Looks like a nuclear explosion right?

Maybe i have seen too much "sum of all fears", but does this seems a bit like the mushroom cloud of a that famous explosion?

This picture was taken from my room window at night, and the source is actually an oil refinary burning off excess oil. Its the first time i am see this "mushroom cloud" from the oil refinary.

Thank god that its only an oil refinary burning off excess oil in its refinary process, and not a disaster or even a terror attack.


Am down with flu. Keep sneezing and coughing the whole day. Feels terrible. Maybe, a Biological attack by terrorist? (My imagination is running wild!!!)


This poster really suits me. (ITI)

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