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Friday, November 17, 2006

Lost and found

Its a bit sad to know that there are some singaporeans who pick up misplaced wallets and keep them.

I got a friend who misplaced her wallet recently, and till now, there's no news about it. All her ID is gone. Lost.

I wonder what is going on in that person's mind when he/she finds the wallet... "WAH!!! Wallet leh!!! see how much money is inside." Or "I wonder who is the fellow who misplace the wallet, and how much the contents in the wallet means to him/her..."

What will you really do if you find a wallet with lots cash inside? What is your first thought?

"Wah!!! the fellow must be rich, and wun hurt much with this loss." or is it "Wah... Tio Bua pio liao" or perhaps "does that fellow need that money? maybe to pay bills, or to pay household goercies, or even, the money might be used to let a sick child see a doctor..." or maybe, " is there any item of very importance value (sentimental value) to the owner..."

So, ask yourself this question... will you return any found wallets?

Be truth to yourself.

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