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Friday, November 24, 2006

Job uncertainties

Job uncertainties.... Retrenchment... Job Transfer....

In this booming economy, all these things can still happen. Yes, it still happen.

Despite the good out look, record numbers of jobs created, good bonus payout to civil servants, job uncertainties, retrenchment still exist.


I may be out of a job soon.

The company may closed down soon. How soon, i dunno. Maybe, it will be bought over by another company, and i will have to "hop" over to another company to do the same kind of work.
It all depends on the situation.

My fate is in the hands of the senior management.

And i hope there's no "elites" reading this post and lambast me for "whining about how Singapore is such an insecure place, how old ppl (perhaps younger as well) fear for their jobs... etc etc..." Coz its the truth. Ordinary non-elites citizens DO FEAR for their jobs, their income, which is no peanuts at all.

Once you are in the rat race, you could not get out of it. By getting out of it, you will find it harder to survive, coz the others are all spurring ahead, while you slowed down or even stop in this competitive enviroment.

And i certainly hope no one will tell me to get out of whoever elite, uncaring face.

And thank god that my surename ain't Wee, so that i won't bring disgrace to that particular surename.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Hey dun be sad. Cheer up man!

Life is full of uncertain..

Jen =)