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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Smart moves

Saw the news on channel News Asia just now as i was having break.

North Korea is willing to return to six party talks 3 weeks after the nuclear test, her main aim is for the US and other countries to lift sanctions against North Korea.

The rest of the world are glad.

I think otherwise. (Breaks are meant for me to think of other things besides work)

To me, its a damm smart move by North Korea. They can get the best of both worlds. Its like the North Korea are doing this :

"I would like the other countries to life all sanctions against me, but first, let me test a nuclear warhead before we talk about it."

They (North Korea) still have the machinary, the personnals, the know-how and the materials to make that terrible warhead to be fitted into missiles, bombs, and god know what else.

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