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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mentos and coke

Everyone should know that diet coke and mentos don't mix, just like alcohol and driving.

But lots of diet coke and lots of mentos can mix well, and it mixes beautifully. Its a performance.

Don't believe? Watch this then...

During our flying session, we mentioned that what will be the effects of coke and mentos, and Anthony does not really believe, and as a result, i went to the nearby 7-11 store to buy a small bottle of coke and a roll of mentos.

The cashier at the 7-11 looked at me...

Anthony did the experiment.

The coke got spurted out, with a force equivalent to a infant boy pissing.

Anthony wanna something better, and so, off i go, to purchase a 1.5 liter of coke and another roll of mentos.

This time, the cashier looked at me and smile with a knowingly wink.

Anthony did the experiment again.

The coke bottle dropped to the side. Anthony went to upright it, but there's no spurting at all.

Undaunted, Anthony went to purchase another 1.5 bottle lime coke and another roll of mentos.

This time round, the spurting is so pathetic that you can practically drink from the spurt, as demostrated by Anthony. The spurting would make a pissing infant boy glow with pride.

Undaunted again, Ace and Anthony went to buy 2 cans of diet coke and mentos again.

This time round, i did not really see the experiment. Concentrated on flying, but from their exclaimations, i guess it failed terribly again.

And that's the end of our little experiment and our advanture.

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