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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Congrads to all those who has passed their NCO Course 2006!

Hope you all really learn something from this course, and in a way, enrich your life, and improve yourself as a human being. I also hope that you had learnt time management, and to manage your time well.

I really enjoyed myself at the POC today. Thanks to the POC committee, the NCOC committee, for your great dedication, hard work in making the events such a success.

To those cadets who did not do well in this course, please do not give up and strive harder to success. Know where went wrong and take steps to correct it.

To all, if you ever need help, i am sure that the officers in zone 3 are more than welcome to help you, but do not ever expect us to spoon-feed you, as we believe you all are able to think for yourself.

May i wish all sucess in your studies, and "to be a better man".

To lead, to overcome!

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