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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Murphy's law, flying in youth park

Hmmm... quite a routine day today. Nothing interesting...

Seminar in the afternoon. I arrived early to help to set up the things. Too early, in fact. Nothing was there, only some tables.

The 2 speakers were late. Luckily, we had some contingency plans. I know Murphy's law too well.

"Murphy's law? What's that?", you may ask.

Murphy's Law is defined as "Anything that can go wrong, will goes wrong." Simple as that. You must have contingency plans for every forseeable things that can go wrong. That's why, even when all the speakers were late, everything went smoothly.

Cineleisure after that. Decision made to fly at the youth park. Anthony started the ball rolling, or to be precise, he started the kite flying.

I was hestiant to fly. The area was small, there are live bands playing, meaning to say, there's a crowd. After some considerations, i decided to fly, very carefully.

I was stressed. First flight, i release the kite in the wrong direction, and rather than try risking, i decided to belly land it.

As i fly more, i realised that my fears were unfounded. I could actually fly the kite in that small area, and i could control the kite to fly in the direction that i want, not some degrees off-course.

And i could fly the kite back to myself when i want to stop flying, though i still could not really catch it in mid-air.

Shiok. Finally, i can fly in confined spaces (not that small lah!!) better than i think i can.

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