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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pek Chek delivery

Something very pek chek happened at work today, which make me pissed off eariler...

An eariler mail from our distributor had requested for 300 boxes of our product early last month. Due to some unforseen circumstances, i was unable to sent to them (on an error. I was not supposed to sent to them).

Yesterday, i scheduled an afternoon to deliver. I called up the liaison and he said okie to deliver.

So, today, i went down, and upon reaching that place, i called up the liaison, and he mentioned that he is outside, and gave me an number to call. That numebr turned out to be a fax machine number.

Managed to contact the person, and i requested for someone to take a trolley down to collect the goods. Later another person called me and called me to deliver the goods up to their office. I mentioned that i got no trolley, and all he told me to come up to collect the trolley and go down to pick up the goods and deliver up.

I got pissed off.

Called up their boss to request someone to come down. All he ask is what the heck am i doing a delivery without his knowledge. He does not know anything, and he refuse the delivery.

All the driving, time spend wasted on this delivery.

Have to sent the goods back to our warehouse.

Damm it.

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