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Alvin and the Chipmunks. "Bad day"

Saturday, November 29, 2008


NCOC has started.

So does my RT.

On the same day.
It's been a long long time since i have encountered it.

And i have encountered it today... twice some more.

Yep. Twice. 2 RTA. First on my way to work, the other on my way home.


Another unrelated story.

Singaporean held hostage at Mumbai's Oberoi Hotel killed
By S Ramesh/Ca-Mie De Souza/Asha Popatlal, Channel NewsAsia

Posted: 28 November 2008 2151 hrs

My deepest condolences to the family, relatives and friends of the unfortunate victim of terrorism. And to all the victims of terrorism.

Damm the terrorists. Killing innocent persons.

Nothing but just plain cold blood murderers, bullies. Fight someone your size and arms.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Anti tank weapons

Some very interesting videos from youtube.

Especially for those die hard weapons fans out there... Especially the last part...

Must watch all the videos then you will know the power of military stuffs.

X-ROD tank weapon

Super fast Missile


Javelin Missile & T72 Tank


Spike anti-tank guided missile


Thursday, November 27, 2008

NCC invitational shoot II

Okie.. here's the photos.

That's me... staring at the targets... imaging them to be someone... Well, wanna know who??

The SJAB team

Team 1

Team 2

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visit to Goat farm

Just now went off to a goat farm and a koi farm.

Very interesting, first time going to a goat farm. And here's the photos... Enjoy!!

And the goats there can bite almost everything.. from fingers,

To even clothings and pants!!!

And the kids (young goats) are cute... all the way from the tiny ones,

Which are caged up to prevent much public disturbance, to the young ones...

Which when you put a hand in, they all start walking towards the hand.

And they start fighting for the hand to chew...

Does my hand look, smell and taste like grass?? >.<

And from the young ones, we came to the teenagers...

To the adults...

(females in this case)

Male with a beard?

To the veterens...

And needless to say, the kids are very cute... just look at the photo below...

Ain't them??

Pay cut for civil servants

Okie... So, civil servants and ministers will get a pay cut.

Up to 19% pay cut for top civil servants; lower year-end bonus
By Pearl Forss, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 24 November 2008 1802 hrs

I got nothing to say.

At least they are doing something also...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Misinformation of TechSense Pte Ltd

Some ppl can promise everything but when you actually called them up, they tell you they cannot do this, cannot do that.

Take for example...

In their website, as they claimed, " We are capable to provide more advanced full CCTV solutions for buildings/ retail shops/ commercial premises/ factories/ companies/ schools etc."

So i called them up. And they say now they can only do home use only, not for commerical, and when asked why during my first call to them, they simply just hang up my call.

So, there's misleading information on their website, and a bad service attitude. Hope the others reading this post can steer clear away from them.

Money in fixed deposits

It sounds funny...

Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council says half of S$4m investment not written off
By Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 23 November 2008 2045 hrs

Nope, i am not going to talk about the loss from the "bad" investments.

I quote a paragraph from the news.

"Dr Ahmad said: "If they feel that the way forward is best for us to just park our funds in fixed deposits – that's what we'll do. But bear in mind that FDs will only give you minimal returns. At times, it doesn't even cover inflation." "

Well, since the MP, Dr Ahmad had said that, which means, the "fixed deposits", our CPF money also will get minimal returns, and at times, it does not even cover inflation, am i correct?

And now, we cannot use all our CPF money to do investment. How are we going to cover inflations, to buy house, and for our retirement in the future?

Food for thought.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crab in mussel

Was slacking at HQ yesterday when EC came. Announced that he's going to Suki sushi to makan, buffet that cost 21++ for lots things, and who wants to go with him?

I had lunch liao, plus a piece of pizza, and i agreed immediately.

So went to Cineleisure suki sushi, 4th level. Came out and saw the queue immediately.

Food wise is okie, remembering that you are paying only 21++ only. But the thing is that you may get unexpected things in your food.

Like this little poor thing that was found in my mussel.

Don't know what that?? show you another picture...

Can see clearly??

Yes.. It's a crab!! In my mussel!!

Don't know if the crab is feeding on the mussel or the mussel is feeding on the crab...

IT's a really tiny crab!!

See it in the mussel shell??


Saturday, November 22, 2008

NCC invitational shoot

Went back to army camp today for range. NCC invitational shoot using SAR21. Am not a stranger to SAR 21. Been using it for almost 3/4 of my NS life.

SAF camps no cameras. So no camera for me, not even my camera phone. In the range, i see lots cameras clicking away... @#!@&*^!@%

Absoluting first time in my life that i went shooting SAR21 in a SAF range in civilian, without SBO, no sai kang, and best of all, no need to clean weapons after that...

Well, the feeling is........ SHIOK!!!

Wanna know the results?? Well, you can ask, but that does not mean i will answer...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

US watchdog??

Something interesting.

US food and drug watchdog sets up office in China
Posted: 19 November 2008 1609 hrs

Edited picture


To me, this came out of the blue, too sudden...


Nope... not those VCDs or DVDs you can get from those make shift stalls or even pasar malam...

I am talking about pirates. Real time pirates.

Still dunno?? maybe the picture below will snap you to attention...

Got it??

Yah.. Pirates. Now, the problem no longer lies along the Straits of Malacca. It now lies in Somalia.

Maritime group warns Somalia pirates 'out of control'
Posted: 19 November 2008 1539 hrs

KUALA LUMPUR : An international watchdog said Wednesday that piracy in Somalia was "out of control" and called on the United Nations to step in after a Saudi supertanker was hijacked with 100 million dollars of oil.

Kenyan authorities say three ships have been hijacked since the Sirius Star.

But the capture of the supertanker -- a high-tech vessel the size of three football fields, which was taken 800 kilometres (500 miles) off the coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean -- was a sign of the reach of the pirate gangs.

The German navy said Tuesday one of its frigates had foiled attacks on two ships in the Gulf of Aden, using a helicopter to chase off pirates who fled in their speedboats.

Indian navy sinks suspected pirate "mother" ship
By SAM DOLNICK, Associated Press Writer Sam Dolnick, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 47 mins ago

NEW DELHI – An Indian naval vessel sank a suspected pirate "mother ship" in the Gulf of Aden and chased two attack boats into the night, officials said Wednesday, yet more violence in the lawless seas where brigands are becoming bolder and more violent.

Last week, Indian navy commandos operating from a warship foiled a pirate attempt to hijack a ship in the Gulf of Aden. The navy said an armed helicopter with marine commandos prevented the pirates from boarding and hijacking the Indian merchant vessel.

Tuesday incidents raised to eight the number of ships hijacked this week alone, he said. Since the beginning of the year, 39 ships have been hijacked in the Gulf of Aden, out of 95 attacked.

He said 17 vessels remain in the hands of pirates along with more than 300 crew members, including a Ukrainian ship loaded with weapons and a Saudi Arabian supertanker carrying $100 million in crude.

It's really out of control.

I think the Somalia must have seen too much of this...

Don't you think so?

I sincerely hope that all the crew still in the hands of those bastards are okie, and will be released soon.

And may those bastards roast eternally in hell.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New COE record!!!

New record for Singapore!!!!!!!!

COE for small cars drops to historic low of $2
Posted: 19 November 2008 1615 hrs


Aftermath of Singapore Zoo incident II

Finally, at last, something is done for humans.

White tiger exhibit reopens after last Thursday's mauling incident
By Cheryl Frois, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 18 November 2008 1956 hrs

Counselling sessions have also been arranged for zoo staff and employees of Sun City Maintenance - the contract cleaning company that hired Nordin.

Staff also have access to a trauma recovery centre helpline.

Hope the other staffs are okie, and not trumatised by the incident.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aftermath of Singapore Zoo incident

Well, it seems not that the humans are unfair on humans only.

It seems that unfairness also appears on the other animals of the animal kingdom.

Recently the talk of the town in Singapore is not about the finanical crisis. It's not about the collaspe of the Lehman Brother bank or even Singapore Newest 15th Reservoir.

It's about a poor Malaysian worker who was mauled to death by white tigers at the Singapore Mandai Zoo.

Malaysian worker dies after being attacked by white tigers at zoo
By Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 13 November 2008 1515 hrs

And what happens after that??

Singapore Zoo assures visitors that white tiger exhibit is safe
By S. Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 14 November 2008 1615 hrs

And the next news??

Singapore Zoo monitors white tigers' stress levels
By Cheryl Frois, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 17 November 2008 2023 hrs

I mean, what's the meaning of this?

More news coverage on the animals than the poor Malaysian who was mauled to death. Whatever happen to his family now? No one knows?

So you are more concened about the tiger's stress level than the next-of-kin of one of your staff. What about their stress level? Their grief? Their pain? What have you done on that?

Singapore zoo, where's the staff concern?

That's why i always said that being an animal is better than a human.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Decision maker on strike

I am facing a very serious problem now... i mean, right now, as i am typing.

Am facing a strong rebellion against me. Nope, it's not the workers that are rebelling. IT's the main Decision maker that has went on strike, and is refusing to work.

And without the decision maker, what can the workers do?

Funny har.. Normally, in the working world it's the workers that went on strike, and not the decision makers... But sometimes, even to the extend of weekly the decision makers go on strike even when the workers are willing to work.

Like now...

How am i supposed to solve this problem?

Scold my brain? Blame it on monday blues?? Sure as cannot fire my brain, rite?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

OSIM tomorrow

Okie... Another weekend passed... Another day closer to 2009...

How time flies...

Went to JB on sat night. Followed by to East Coast Park for someone's birthday, and the birthday girl is someone whom i don't know...

Fantestic right?

Morning went down to HQ for the event. Am waiting for my photos to be sent by WT, so that i can post them up in here...

Super tired... Have a major trouble-shooting to do the whole of next bloody week.

Hope it's not as major as the worst possible thing.

Interesting space news

An interesting paragraph caught my eyes as i was reading some news on yahoo website.

Nope, that news ain't much interesting, it does not concern me, or the majority of you, i'm sure.

It's about a space mission of the US Space Shuttle, Endeavour, on a extreme home makeover.

Endeavour speeds toward space station
AFP - Saturday, November 15

Am i right? Not so much affecting us right? unless you are a space frantic, so much so that you wanna be buried on the moon after you had kicked the bucket.

Don't laugh. It's totally possible, if some crazy ideas does kick off.

US space-funeral company plans to launch lunar cemetery
AFP - Saturday, November 15

Off topic a bit. Imagine i am the one buried on the moon after i died, and every year, thousands and millions of the people would pray to me, especially during the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calander!! Perhaps, i would also get to meet the pretty Chang'er that floated to the moon!!!

And those who want to visit my grave, well, prob have to travel for days before reaching me.

Not a bad idea, come to think of it...

Okie.. back to topic.

About the home improvement project. As i had mentioned, a paragraph of that news caught my attention... THis is it.

"The astronauts also will be installing a system that can turn urine back into drinking water. The 250-million-dollar upgrade will allow enough recycling for a six-person ISS crew to sharply reduce the amount of water that has to be flown up from Earth."

Does it sounds familiar to us, Singaporeans?

The astronauts are going to drink NEWATER!!!

I hope you all enjoy it, like we do!!

SJAB dinner 2008


Another dinner... And nope, it's not a wedding dinner... No need empty pockets again... I already had emptied my pockets twice and a third one is on the way, 2 confirmed ones next year... (wondering how come got so many weddings at year end?)

But there ain't such thing as a free lunch, (TASTAAFL), even though the money for the dinner ain't from my pocket, there's still a catch.

We had to go in uniform.

Venue: Grand Ballroom, 420 Beach Road.

Yep. It's the SJAB Annual Dinner cum presentation, 2008.


Portion of the newly commissioned officers, including "Alvin and chipmunks"

Yep... these are their "true faces".

Part of the zone 3 family. Some ppl were missing in this photos.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

SGP awarded

News again...

Interesting news...

Singapore Grand Prix awarded Motor Sport Facility of the Year
By Patwant Singh, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 13 November 2008 0018 hrs

SINGAPORE: The SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, which was held in September this year at the Marina Bay circuit, has been awarded the title of Motor Sport Facility of the Year.

It received the industry accolade at the Professional MotorSport World Annual Awards ceremony in Cologne, Germany on Tuesday.

The Singapore Grand Prix – the world's first Formula One night race – was commended for its revolutionary track lighting. It also scored high points for the spectacular way in which the track was designed to weave through the heart of the city.

Other short-listed entries for this award included the European Grand Prix venue in Valencia, Spain; the new Toyota Racing Development chassis engineering building in Cologne, Germany; and a new racing facility in Sweden.


But as i remember, there's some clown who had mentioned that our race track was a circus track?? After his team loses after one crash and the other drives off while refueling??

Who's the clown har??

The award is fake one hor?? The commandations are all fairy tales hor?

What a sore loser... If you cannot afford to lose, DON'T COMPLETE!

Another school collaspe


Second Haiti school collapse injures nine
Posted: 13 November 2008 0548 hrs

PORT-AU-PRINCE: A Port-au-Prince school partly collapsed on Wednesday, days after more than 90 were killed in another school cave-in.

What's with the constructions standards in Haiti??

Lucky this case only injures 9, and not killing anyone of the students...

In any case, i wonder how does one concentrate on studying in schools in Haiti, when you have a fear and keeps looking at the ceiling to see if they are falling or not, which any rumblings or creaking sound makes everyone run out to the courtyard at a speed which most prob will break the world record for 100 meter dash.

Or how parents will forbid their kids to go to school.

Hmmm... kids in Singapore would love that. No need find excuse not to go to school...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

using iPod

special post!

This post is going to take me a super long time to post!

Why? Cos I am using Zx iPod to post... Keeps typing all the wrong letters and damn... Am getting fed up... My fingers too fat Liao..

okie... Going to log off Liao...

This took me half an hour...


Monday, November 10, 2008

Remembrance Sunday

Another weekend passed, only event is the Remembrance Sunday on well, as the name suggest, you go figure it out.

Here's the photos.

To the sjab peeps, grab all ya want...