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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crab in mussel

Was slacking at HQ yesterday when EC came. Announced that he's going to Suki sushi to makan, buffet that cost 21++ for lots things, and who wants to go with him?

I had lunch liao, plus a piece of pizza, and i agreed immediately.

So went to Cineleisure suki sushi, 4th level. Came out and saw the queue immediately.

Food wise is okie, remembering that you are paying only 21++ only. But the thing is that you may get unexpected things in your food.

Like this little poor thing that was found in my mussel.

Don't know what that?? show you another picture...

Can see clearly??

Yes.. It's a crab!! In my mussel!!

Don't know if the crab is feeding on the mussel or the mussel is feeding on the crab...

IT's a really tiny crab!!

See it in the mussel shell??


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