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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I witness an arguement the moment i stepped into the build of my workplace this morning...

It's between an employee who always go out to site to collect samples for testing, and his manager, who ask him to go to a certain location to collect samples.

The employee started telling him that the area cannot park any vehicle, as it's a major road, and the traffic is quite heavy, and there's a construction works carrying out there. It's hazardous, and the risk of a RTA is quite high. He cited an example of the time when they were there recently, when they nearly got involved in a RTA.

The manager does not buy that and insist that they follow his instructions to do their job.

All these continued till the volume gets tuned up, short of screaming.

I being there, the innocent party look on.

So, who is right?? The manager or the employee??

The manager wants things to be done, wants the results to be out, so that he can account to his boss.

The employee being the one on the ground, can see the dangers involved, and as well as his crew's safety...

So, who's right??

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