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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More air incidents

It never rains, but it pours...

Report says Qantas jet forced to make emergency landing after door opened
Posted: 28 July 2008 2322 hrs

Qantas jumbo lands with 'gaping hole' in fuselage
Posted: 25 July 2008 1514 hrs

Fire breaks out on Vietnam airliner in Japan
Posted: 30 July 2008 1215 hrs

Cathay Pacific jet makes emergency landing in Canada
Posted: 30 July 2008 0942 hrs

I just hope that it's ain't this...

Indonesian pilot charged with deliberately crashing jet
Posted: 24 July 2008 1319 hrs

Monday, July 28, 2008

Beautiful Sunset

I am wondering how many of you did notice this thing while you were on your way home, be it in a public transport, cab, walking, or perhaps, you are already at home, be it bathing, having dinner, watching TV, doing house work or perhaps, even doing homework.

And yes, the time is in the evening, the time where dusk is falling, skies are darkening...

I was at home, watching TV, surfing the net and having dinner at the same time when i happened to glanced out of the window.

Immediately, i stopped what i was doing, and grabbed the camera.

It's a beautiful sunset.

It is indeed a beautiful sunset...

Don't you agree?

It's like the clouds are glowing with heat, just like the colour of the glowing charcoal when you are having a BBQ, but instead of the searing heat from the charcoals, the enviroment of the "glowing" clouds seems to be cooler, and more refreshing.

And the picture above seems like the building is blocking the sun's rays from reaching the clouds, and hence, there's shadow with a clear line drawn.

How many of you did notice the beautiful sunset?

Perhaps, in the mornings and evenings, instead of rushing to work and school, honking at other drivers and cursing and swearing when they cut into your lane, or worrying about tests, exams, undone homework, perhaps, you can go a bit slower and see the wonders of the universe, and i can tell you this, the most beautiful part of the sun rise and sun set last only seconds.

Sunrise and sunset are the wonders, wonders that can vapourise all worries, stresses, and makes the day or night seems much more cheerful.

Try it. Slow down your pace, and start to notice the wonderful things around you.

Car washing results

As you all know yesterday that i spend almost the whole afternoon washing, claying and waxing my ride, here's the results...

Say "WOW".

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Resting day

Last sunday, i spend the whole day sleeping.

This sunday, i spend the whole morning sleeping, and i spend almost the whole afternoon washing, claying and waxing my car.

Been a super long time since i did that.

Am going back to bed now...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Did something

I did something which i had never done before so far...

Something that i never dream about...

Something that i never thought of doing...

Something that i hate doing...

Something that i wish i will never do it...

Something that everyone (well, almost) doesn't want.

Something that it will bring about a change...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Zheng" my car, RC version

Short talk:

I got lost in Vivo city... AGAIN!!


RC (Remote Control) Car hobby fellows!!!

Check this out!!

Super nice!! Nope, it's not done by me. I know shit about wiring, LED lights and resistors and such thing. I can never finish one installation of a LED light without either eletrocuting myself, or short-circuit the battery.

It's done by one friend of mind, VN

It's one RC car with under-carriage lights and blasting sound systems. I kid you not. No shit.

It's bright...

Very bright.

It's a beng RC car indeed.

And it's freaking nice.

It's not only one.

And it's not only cars...

Trailers also!!

With undercarriage lights!!

So, RC cars hobbies fellows, wanna zheng your cars? I can help you all contact my friend. Just drop a comment.

And now, i am hoping that his trailer can become a robot, just like in the transformer movie and cartoon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

News again



41 cases of petrol theft in first half of this year
Posted: 22 July 2008 1742 hrs
SINGAPORE: There were 41 cases of petrol theft in the first half of this year, compared to 27 cases for the whole of last year.

Thirty-seven cases involved theft from motorcycles and four were from cars.

In a written answer to questions not answered in Parliament on Monday, Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng said the cases occurred mainly in Woodlands, Jurong West and Bukit Panjang, in both open and covered car parks.

Wah liao ehhh.... My neighbourhood also kena... Shit man... Gonna be more careful.

What to do??

Don't ask me why
the petrol prices so high
that we can all die
Smelly cheese pie!!

But recently, the pump prices went down slightly only... Hope the trend stays that way, and hope Iran does not so anything stupid to bring the prices up again...

Other news...

Man died 'urinating on live rail'
ITN - Tuesday, July 22 11:09 am

A man was killed at a busy railway station when he reportedly urinated on the track.

British Transport Police confirmed the 41-year-old was electrocuted at Vauxhall station in south London last week.

He walked on to the track from Platform 1, a BTP spokesman said.

According to reports, the Polish tourist went to find somewhere discreet to go to the toilet but his urine splashed on to the live rail.

Don't try anything funny on our MRT tracks hor... Die die must go find toilet or "lun" (tahan, endure) till you can find a toilet hor...

This can be a super pai seh death of all time... I mean, you died with your pants down, peeing, so pai seh, right?

May god bless his soul.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Last Friday, went over to Changi Village to makan with my colleagues...

Changi Village, a place that bring back many memories...

And yes, one of the stalls in CV serves the biggest fried oyster!


The biggest oyster was gobbered up by AM before i could take a picture...

In fact, one of the drinks stall serve their drinks (sugarcane in my case) in one of the biggest cup i ever saw...

The ciggie box is there to let you readers have a idea how big the cups are...


Needless to say, we had a great time there... And here's the picture of what had happened after we had finished...


I miss Changi Village...

Monday, July 21, 2008

NDP 2008 NE 3 photos

Okie... another weekend gone.

And the days are drawing closer..... and closer.... and closer... nope, i ain't talking about NDP, nor even formula 1 nor even the Olympics...

I am talking about my payday. Yeah!! Payday coming closer and closer!!

I am broke, flat broke. (If only my blog can earn money... Haiz~~)

And here once again, are the photos taken from last sat's NDP NE show 3.

The new holding area... Man, i don't know how to describle the place. I hate it, coz it's too cramp the smoking area, ambulance bay were too far out, super limited parking space, but i like it, coz it's cramp and we got to go back early.

Self-contridictory... Well, errr... ain't that the unique character of the species "homo sapies"

Our medical post.

Arguements and work time...

Leisure and makan time...

Photo taking time!!

Me and EC again..

3 musketeers and the incredible hulk!!! (man in green mah):P

Taking photos of others...

And of course, not to mention, the SJAB marching contingents!! Here are the glam and the unglam photos of them... (not as unglam as the last post).

The contingent...

Munching on errrr..... SFI lunch... Nice or not, ask them...

Dinner meals are much better, judging from the smiles from the members... haha

See how much they like their pizza?

Too busy eating to notice me taking photos...

Indeed... too engrossed in eating pizza to notice, except for one lady, who was grinning crazily away... Haha...

To the 3 ladies, photo uploaded as promised. To the other lady, too bad, photo uploaded on the requests on the other 3 ladies. Majority wins. Haha

SAF Central band having a practice.

During the colours uncasing ceremony;

I took photos of other people instead of taking the colours party photos.

And taking photo of someone helping to take photos of someone(s).


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Photos of NFAHN Competition 2008

National First Aid and Home Nursing Competition 2008.

Guanyang Primary School.

Yep, once again, it's the NatComp. And the the night before, ES almost got heart attack twice...

And on that morning, there's almost another heart attack to all of us...

Look how stress we all are on that morning...

Especially ES... Almost got 3 heart attacks in less than 18 hours!!! Oh yah, and also super pissed off with the attitude of someone in the mist of the last heart attack of that morning.

Thank god it all got settled out in the end...


Opening Parade...

Can see the people from our zone?? Cannot see??

Can see better now??

From where i was standing, i can only capture these 2 teams on camera, the others, i simple could not reach them... They are too far out, or hidden well among view...

And the competition started!

First to kena captured was NC team doing footdrill.

And after which we went off to Junction 8 to have our breakfast, which at that point of time, personnal views, is the most suitable thing for us to do... I don't want to stress them up with us the competitor's every move, and in another way, i don't want to get stressed.

And we came back from J8 only to realise that it's the competitor's lunch time. So, we took some rest, napping, staring at the sky.

While Sars is having this "Thousand yard stare".

And from the place where i was lying down, staring at the skies, i saw something that made my day.

THis is what i saw...

It seems like the clouds are making a border with the outline of the trees... It's nice...

And soon, the competition continues.

Managed to see one of the guy's team doing TOC, halfway, when we heard that the NA team is doing their first aid case upstairs, rushed up only to find that they had completed the case.

And slack around till it's time for the NA team for their home nursing case.

And then, it's all over.. waiting for the results...

And here's the zone's supporters for the competition. Thanks to them for comeing down on a sunday to support the competitors.

YTSS people!! Including some seniors that were not in the photos!!

JL and CK!!!

YN and the members from FTPS!!

Peeps from ANSS!!

Mr Lim, Eric and the students from SJI!!

And an ex-officer from zone 3, which i am sure all the competitors does not know him, also came down to give his support to our zone... He's non other than...

Mr CKL!!

And the wait for the results was really nervous...

To the extend that someone could not simply stay still...

Like turning her head back to talk to others...

Looking upwards

Until she sees me pointing a camera at her.. and nope... she did not stay still after that...

She smiles at my camera!!! OMG!! Can't she stay still for a minute?

And her team members got infected, and all started the same thing...

When when i shifted my location of the camera, they also know... They must have a radar locked on to my camera...

And when they walk, also must have some pose one..

......... speechless.... haha

And okie.. here's another shot of them...

And the stressed one finally learn how to relax just a tiny wneeny little bit...


You all know the results, so, i ain't going to post the results here, but i gonna post the photos of it here.

NC Team, Best in Home Nursing

NC, Best in First Aid

NC, Overall Champions

NA, Best Team Leader

NA, Best in Home Nursing, and best in footdrill, tied with zone 4.

And here's the group photos which you all have been waiting for.

Well done, girls...

And yah, the results are out on the SJAB website. Feel free to go there to take a look.