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Friday, July 04, 2008

Article on STOMP

OMG!!! DO you believe such things can happen in Singapore?? Such ppl does exist??

Why clinic refused to sell medication without seeing my son? So money-minded!"
Posted on 03 Jul, 2008 10:34

A STOMPer said a clinic refused to sell medication for his son who was having a high fever without seeing him first, even though the same medication had been prescribed by a doctor from another clinic.

He said:

"My son had a 40.4 Celsius fever and when I called up his paediatrician, I was told to give him Veron and Bifen to bring down his fever.

"The paediatrician's advice was to get his fever under control for the night and bring him into the clinic in the morning.

"Because these 2 medication that I keep at home has expired, I was advised to get them from any nearby family clinic.

"As it was raining and my feverish son was still sleeping, I went to a clinic in Woodlands. When I asked to purchase the medications, the clinic assistant said that I have to bring my son to the clinic before any medication can be prescribed.

"When I asked why, the clinic assistant said 'it is our law and regulation.'

"That's it?? She didn't even ASK the doctor knowing that my son is burning at above 40 degrees Celsius.

"Would any parent with a burning kid take that as an answer? Thinking that she probably doesn't have a child of her own, I asked another lady for help.

"The answer I get this time is that if the child has never been prescribed with this medication before from the clinic, they can sell it to me without seeing the child. That means that they have it, but refuse to sell it.

"It was raining, I don't drive and to bring him over to the clinic I have to carry him in the rain and walk 500 metres. Would any parent bring a feverish child out into the rain?

"In the end, I decided to bring him to the hospital instead."I can't help but wonder why clinics are becoming so money minded.

"Despite being told that the advice came from the paediatrician, they still insisted that the child be brought over. Then what?

"Give the same kind of medication just because they have seen the suffering child?

"What if a patient is too weak to go over to the clinic? Doesn't the doctor at the clinic even think of it? I told the clinic that I am not holding them accountable or responsible but that rude clinical assistant started to raise her voice 'our law, our policy, our reputation'.

"WHAT THE?....?? She didn't even wanted to listen when I tried to explained that my son had ever had fits before when his fever was above 40 degrees Celsius. She kept on saying in her raised voice 'our law, our policy, our reputation'.

"For an extra $30 consultation fee that a doctor can earn, a doctor can refuse to sell medication that can help someone who is in need of help.

"The expired medication that I had with me was issued by a competitor clinic at the same location (in fact it's just the next shop) that happened to be closed.

"It doesn't make sense why a clinic cannot issue the same type of medicine that another doctor issued, and was also advised by a paediatrician from a renowned hospital to buy from a family clinic to control the fever.

"Though the situation was explained CLEARLY, the answer is still NO. What does that lead me as a parent to think? 'MONEY MINDED DOCTOR at work'."

OMG!!! I still cannot believe such ppl exist... and you all out there should know who that ppl i am refering to...

Am so very the speechless...

Wake up, you shit-for-brains...

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