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Friday, January 25, 2008

No lifts

Oh yah.. did i forget to mention that the most siong thing about this in camp training is that my company bunk is at the 5th level, and there's no lift?

On the first day alone, we had climbed 35 storeys. till date, i had climbed about 80 storeys. that's more than the vertical marathon at swiss stamford.

That's the most siong thing. The building is certainly not handicap friendly, and how come camps does not have Lift Upgrading Program har??

High fever

I am back!!!

On 4 days MC. For high fever...

Quite slacking for me initially.. But started coughing on Tues night, and on wed afternoon, started feeling unwell. Suspected to have fever. Did not report sick, wanted to report sick on thursday morning.

The terrible feeling came on wed night. I was really shivering, and finally decided to report sick that night. One of my platoon mates went down with me to the medical center.

My temperature was taken, and it was 38.6 degrees C. As the Medical Officer was not there, i was evacuated to Pasir Leba Camp Medical center.

My temperature taken over there was 39.5 degrees. Admitted to the sick bay, set on drips, and i slept, awake every half hour to go to the toilet, and to drink water.

My temperature was constantly hovering around 39 degrees, and they continue to keep me in sick bay till thu afternoon, where the MO decided to sent me to NUH, when my temperature went back up to 39.3 degrees C.

Over at NUH, i was admitted to the fever facility, an isolation ward, where my temperature shoots up to 40 degree C. There was a thermal scanner to check visitors for fever, where i decided to stand up ( i was in a wheelchair) to see how i look like from the thermal scanner.

I was totally red in colour!! Wow!! even my hands are red in colour!!

In the ward, i was given an injection (buttocks) to bring my temperature rapidly down, an chest X-ray was done, and was discharged a few hours later... My temperature was 38.6 degrees C when i was discharged. And while waiting for the army ambulance to bring me back to camp, i started sweating...

That's when i knew my temperature was going down.

Back home, i took my medication and took my temperature.

It was 37.5 degrees. This morning, it was 36.7 degrees... But i still feels a bit weak, and my stomach was groaning non stop. Then i realised that i did not eat anything for almost 20 hours. i only gulp down 3 mouthfuls of food in my last meal.

Hmmm... Now, my diahorria starts.

Thinking back, i must thank my 2 platoon mates who accompany me to the medical center and to NUH, my PC, DN, who took time to visit me while i was in sick bay, and to shoo my back home once i was discharged, CL and WH who make shuttle runs for my PC and platoon mate from Jurong Camp II to PLC, when they can slack in bunk.
The NUH ED doctor, who ordered me not to go back camp and do funny things...

And yes, i am still alive and kicking...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Pictures of space

Ahhh... the beauty of space...

It's getting me fascinated...

Time has come

Once again, the time has come...

And i will be transformed... From a normally slacking person wearing T shirt, pants and sandals to a few hours work, to a slacking person wearing the greens (No 4), vest, and combat boots in 24-5 and 1/2 days work weeks for 2 weeks.

Instead of working in front of a monitor, i am going to work in front of the steering wheel.

Instead of paying for my foods, i will have someone else to pay for me.

Yes... I am going for In Camp Training. For 2 weeks.

So, you readers out there, do not expect any updates from me for the next 2 weeks. Coz a man works as hard as he is worth, and in the army, we (the cheap labours) will work as much as the service allowance allows us.

So, dear readers, in the meanwhile, sit around and frus.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Interesting website surfed

I came across this very interesting website, as i was doing a bit of surfing yesterday.

The title was: Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth

Now, i hope that no potential terrorist is reading this.. But even they do, well, they cannot do anything also...

The livescience ppl top 10 choices... Here's the brief summery, but its very cheem. For more information, you can click on the link above to take a look.

10) Total existence failure.
Just wait for all the atoms of planet earth to disappear.

9) Gobbled up by strangelets
Use the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, to create a stable strangelets to absorb the entire earth...

8) Sucked into a microscopic black hole
Don't be misconcepted by the word, microscopic. You need to create a black hole the same mass with Mount Everest.

7) Blown up by matter/antimatter reaction
This is extremely interesting to me. First time i heard of Antimatter, the most explosive substance possible - can be manufactured in small quantities using any large particle accelerator...

It's simply to create a bomb so big to blow the whole earth up! And that's not easy... The gravitational binding energy of earth is roughly 224,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules!!! The Sun takes nearly a WEEK to output that much energy!! WOW!!!

6) Destroyed by vacuum energy detonation
It's getting more cheemer... It was suggested that Vacuum contains vast amounts of energy, as in volume of space enclosed by a light bulb contains enough vacuum energy to boil every ocean in the world. Therefore, vacuum energy could prove to be the most abundant energy source of any kind.

All you need to do is figure out how to extract this energy and harness it in some kind of power plant - this can easily be done without arousing too much suspicion - then surreptitiously allow the reaction to run out of control. The resulting release of energy would easily be enough to annihilate all of planet Earth and probably the Sun too.

Oh my god.. i am having headaches now, trying to absorb these...

5) Sucked into a giant black hole
Need me to explain?? Can spare me please??

4) Meticulously and systematically deconstructed
Just slowly rake up all the earth's earth, minerals, and hurl it into space.

3) Pulverized by impact with blunt instrument
You will need: a big heavy rock, something with a bit of a swing to it... perhaps Mars...

Obviously a smaller rock would do the job, you just need to fire it faster. A 10,000,000,000,000-tonne asteroid at 90% of light speed would do just as well.

2) Eaten by von Neumann machines
Now.. what is that??

A von Neumann machine is any device that is capable of creating an exact copy of itself given nothing but the necessary raw materials. Create one of these that subsists almost entirely on iron, magnesium, aluminum and silicon, the major elements found in Earth's mantle and core. It doesn't matter how big it is as long as it can reproduce itself exactly in any period of time. Release it into the ground under the Earth's crust and allow it to fend for itself. Watch and wait as it creates a second von Neumann machine, then they create two more, then they create four more. As the population of machines doubles repeatedly, the planet Earth will, terrifyingly soon, be entirely eaten up and turned into a swarm of potentially sextillions of machines.

Sounds like the "matrix" movie to me... I had given up attempts to understand liao...

1) Hurled into the Sun
Just sent the earth into the sun. Whoa! Bye bye!! Sayonara!! Zhai Jiao!! Ciaos!! Adios!! The end...

But for me, i had came up with a better way to destroy earth. Much more simplier, no need PhD certs, no need think of all those cheemology.


Simple... Just sit back and relax. Looking at the current enviromental issue, we are already destroying the earth. Just needs to take more time, that's all...

Or when WWIII starts, and all the countries decided to use their nuclear weapons all at once. That's simple and much faster. I recalled reading that the world has enough nuclear, thermonuclear weapons to destroy earth 7 times over!!

So, if you ppl wants to destroy the only planet in the solar system capable of substaining life, go ahead. We all die sooner or later, anyway...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Clouds and sun

Short talk:

The higher your hopes are, the more painful it will be when they are dashed...

The weather has been very funny lately...

One minute can be sunny and hot, the next minute will be raining and is hotter, and the next, it's sunny and raining and it's even hotter than ever...

I know lots of you out there will be cursing at swearing at this weather, but does you all look at the nice side of such funny weather?? I mean, nice scenery of such things?? If no, let me show you!!!

The top few pictures are taken from my house. The clouds cover the sun, but rays of light can be seen, macham (just) like when you are sinking into darkness, those are the rays of lights that can rescue you, to show you the correct path to walk.

The bottom few photos are taken at Lim Chu Kang, where i was attending a Funeral. It did rain heavily for about 3 minutes before it stopped. And it stopped in time for the coffin to be lowered into the ground, and that's when the sun came out.

It did have a big effect on me... reminding me of a comic that i had read.

Ain't nature nice?

But i definity be cursing and swearing if that kind of weather happens when i am having In Camp Training next week and the week after...

Hey... stop laughing.. I am a human after all!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Advertisement shooting in office

We went through a filming session yesterday, for our A&P (advertising and promotion) grimmick.

All the staff was caught on tape, with the exception of me. I made it a point not to get captured (on tape). Let my boss and my colleagues have all the gory...

And while the cameramen are busy shooting the things, i am busy shooting them shooting the equipments.

The difference is that their equipment is this...

While in great contrast, my equipment is only a small puny camera...

My boss being caught on camera... 2 cameras, in fact.

Last minute script writing...

Sorry, you all must understand that we are not mediacorp. Therefore, we have to use low budgets papers and markers for the script.

And the filming proved once again, not all is fun. There's lots NGs.

Thank god that i am not inside... I had a tasted of filming liao... Not really my cup of tea...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happenings in 15 years time????

Well, with regards to my last post, since we are talking how's the future will be like, i might as well try to forsee what might be happening in 15 year's time in the papers, if the global warming and the pollutions did not kill us first...

1) Singapore announces her intention to bid for 2028 Summer Olympic Games.

2) Crude oil hits all record high of US$1000 per barrel.

3) Singapore to build 8th terminal at Changi Airport.

4) Singapore Airlines to ground aging A380 aircraft, citing high fuel comsumption.

5) Singapore and Malaysia goes to ICJ over Pedra Branca for the 6th time.

6) Singapore Soccer Team out of world cup qualifiers after losing 10-0 to Thailand

7) F1 drivers are getting sick of Singapore track, reports

8) Marina Bay Floating platform in danger of sinking, PSA Enginneer.

9) CPF minimum ceiling raised to 2 million, withdrawal age raises 100.

10) LTA to set up 15 more ERP gantries on top of the 75 gantries over singapore for 24 hour operations.

11) Goverment announces plans to build Asia longest tunnel to link Singapore with Batam and Bintan.

12) Goverments announces Tekong island to be redeveloped as Singapore fifth Intergrated Resort.

13) PTC approves revision of bus and train fares. Minimum fares per trip will cost 10 dollars for students.

14) Top 100 richest people all from China.

15) Osama bin laden sent latest video, comdemming latest terrorist attack.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Primary school essay writings

This incident happened over that night when the asshole is totally demoralised, and started drawing things on a piece of paper, primary school style...

And while drawings, the topic turned to life in primary schools.

And i asked a question to ZX.

"Do you still recall the compositions topics you had written in primary school?"

ZX: "like what?"

Asshole: "what would be like in the year 2000?"

ZX: "Of course..."

When i was in primary school, it was in the year from 1985 - 1990... And that time, year 2000 is like so far away.

So when the teachers wanted us to write how is the year 2000 like, i can still recall that it fired up all our imagination, creativity brain cells, and each one painted a truly colourful picture of the year 2000 in their essay.

I still remember what we wrote.. This essay was so interesting that all the students read what each other wrote.

And i can see a few super duper creative one. Flying cars travelling at the speed of sound.. Robots that can replace maids... TV shows that are so real that you find yourself acting in it...

So, now is the year 2008... What have we got. I see no flying cars. I see no robots. All i see and hear is global warming, and terrorist, and the never ending raising of fuel prices.

And where was i in the year 2000?

Serving NS... Damm... if i could have known, i would simply write a simple one sentence in that essay.

"In the year 2000, I will be serving the nation, wearing a uniform that every male hates, holding a weapon that no one wants to hold, and freezing my sorry ass out in the middle of Lim Chu Kang in the middle of the night, feeding mosquitos."

Monday, January 07, 2008

Drawings and red wine

Wanna know what happens when a totally demoralised asshole and his good buddy does when they are really doing nothing at a void deck?

They draw...

Their drawings?? Wanna see??

Promise me not to laugh.. okie?? promise??

Here goes...

Hey!!! you promised not to laugh one!!!


In another unrelated news, 7-11 is selling red wine in paper wrapping!!! yes!!! paper!!! no more glass bottles!!

I wonder when will they start selling red wine flavoured ice cream??

Friday, January 04, 2008

Dunno what i am typing

These few days have been a busy time for me.. New year, new work, audits, new colleague, phase 2 RT....

And beside all those, i have been drifting away... but suddenly, a recent message recieved jolt me back to reality. Dragged me all the way back to where i really am...

And i realised that i have been drifting away too much.

I cannot be like that... i must face reality. Would not like to be too engrossed into it. Must slap myself awake every now and then, to bring me back to this cruel and real world.

Was pretty depressed yesterday... So much stuffs to do... So much things to settle... and so little time...


Leave me alone to vent it out...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Movie "Platoon" Part II

Okie... i know i am lame... posting so many post about the same thing...

But it's interesting... and i am talking about the 1986 (more than 21 years ago) movie "platoon".

Found some more interesting pictures and "quotes" from websites...

Above: Quite a nice scene of a machine gunner watching a huey chopper coming in with ammo supplies on a knoll.

Above: Another nice scene, whereby they are going out on a patrol to an ambush site, with the lighting striking in the back ground. In the SAF exercies, it's Cat 1 and all troops will be under some shelter...

Above: Awesome view of the sun setting, while Chris Taylor having a smoke break from latrine duties. Taking out the shit buckets and setting fires to them... A super nice scene...

Above: One of the saddest part of the movie. Sarge Elias was shot by his own people (SGT Barnes), and left to be hunted by the NVA (North Vietnamese Soldiers), while the rest are watching helpless from the choppers.

Above: Sgt Barnes, with full fury in his eyes as he was about to club Taylor.

Above: And Taylor, at the mercy of Sgt Barnes as he was about to be clubbed.

And the "quotes"

Junior: "Hey, white boy. What you waiting for? That hole ain't going to dig itself."
Barnes: "Yo. Saddle up. Lock and load."
Taylor: "I figured why should just the poor kids go off to war and the rich kids always get away with it."

King: "Oh, I see. What we got here is a crusader."
Captain: "And I can promise you something. If I find out there was an illegal killing, there will be a Court Martial. Right now I need every man in the field."
Wolfe: "Hey, don't worry about it, Sergeant. Elias won't be able to prove a thing. He's a troublemaker. Elias is..."

Barnes: "Elias is a water walker, like them politicians in Washington trying to fight this war with one hand tied around their balls."
Taylor: "Well, Elias is still out there, Sarge."

Barnes: "Taylor, I'll get him. You get Crawford in now before you Article Fifteen both your asses."
Rhah: "Barnes been shot seven time and he ain't dead. Does that mean anything to you, huh? Barnes ain't meant to die." (87K)
Taylor: "They sent us back into the valley the next day, about two thousand meters from Cambodia, into a battalion perimeter. It felt like we were returning to the scene of a crime."
Taylor: "Somewhere out there was the entire a Hundred and Forty First NVA Regiment"
Captain: "Where are you going to pull back to? They're all over the perimeter. Now you be advised, you will hold in place and you will fight. That means you, Lieutenant. Bravo Six out."
Taylor: "I think now, looking back, we did not fight the enemy, we fought ourselves and the enemy was in us."

Movie: "Platoon"

I finally got something that i had been looking for a long long time...

A super long time!!!

I got the movie, "Platoon", starring Charlie Sheen!!!

Oh yeah!!!

First time i watched this movie is at Ngee Ann Polytechnic library, when i was a student there, where i used my breaks in between to watch movies.

And i watched it last night. And as per normal, the thoughts of the lead, Chris Taylor came floating back in my mind... It's so applicable to all of us nowadays.

A review of that show can be found here...
The pictures are all from wikipedia website.

I still remember what Taylor had thought of when leaving the final battlefield...

"I think now, looking back...

We did not fight the enemy. We fought ourselves...

And the enemy was in us.

The war is over for me now, but it will always be there for the rest of my days..."

To those readers whose are having internal conflicts, anywhere, bear in mind that you all are supposed to work towards a common goal, and not to have internal conflicts. You can only progress if you all work together, and scare your enemy off for good.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Last few things i did before 2007 ended

So, 2007 had passed... And 2008 is here to stay... For a year.

Got a company gathering lunch on the last day. Went over to Bukit Merah office. And having so much BBQ food, especially satay and Chicken wings, i was dismayed to see that there's satay and BBQ chicken wings on the tables in our Bukit Merah Office.

But then, there's a delicious spread of food. I avoided the chicken wings, and whack the rest off the tables, including the satays into my stomache.

Here's the spread. Don't you envy me??

I had 2 helpings.

And there's wine and beer!!! I had 2 cans of beer!!! Root beer!!

And after which, i went back home to sleep, but somehow, my room is like an oven, (coz of the afternoon sun), i cannot sleep and end up going to the airport with YJ, to meet SL and ET to welcome CO back.

This is the first time i went into the multi storey carpark at T2, having went into the airport building, something was amiss.

It was too quiet.

The corridors were devoided of people. This is not possible in one of the world's busiest airports!!!

And we realised that we had strayed into the offices area of the T2 building.

Ended up walking one big round to the T2 hall accordingly. And played hide and seek with SL and ET.

And we had dinner at Fish and Co.

I learnt an important lesson that day. Don't assume that small sized ppl cannot eat much.

SL finished her whole meal, plus extra fried fishes from the others. In total, as calculated later, she ate a total of 2 and half fried fishes and countless fries, plus her dessert!!
SL with the "weapons", a fork. She's going to tear the fishes apart!!

SL eating so fast that her hands were blurred.

And i slowly ate. THe best part of the meal is actually the dessert!! Just look at it!!

Don't you wish you can sink your teeth right into it right now??


And i spend the countdown playing chess with Grandfather Chow, snoring away.