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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Interesting website surfed

I came across this very interesting website, as i was doing a bit of surfing yesterday.

The title was: Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth

Now, i hope that no potential terrorist is reading this.. But even they do, well, they cannot do anything also...

The livescience ppl top 10 choices... Here's the brief summery, but its very cheem. For more information, you can click on the link above to take a look.

10) Total existence failure.
Just wait for all the atoms of planet earth to disappear.

9) Gobbled up by strangelets
Use the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, to create a stable strangelets to absorb the entire earth...

8) Sucked into a microscopic black hole
Don't be misconcepted by the word, microscopic. You need to create a black hole the same mass with Mount Everest.

7) Blown up by matter/antimatter reaction
This is extremely interesting to me. First time i heard of Antimatter, the most explosive substance possible - can be manufactured in small quantities using any large particle accelerator...

It's simply to create a bomb so big to blow the whole earth up! And that's not easy... The gravitational binding energy of earth is roughly 224,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Joules!!! The Sun takes nearly a WEEK to output that much energy!! WOW!!!

6) Destroyed by vacuum energy detonation
It's getting more cheemer... It was suggested that Vacuum contains vast amounts of energy, as in volume of space enclosed by a light bulb contains enough vacuum energy to boil every ocean in the world. Therefore, vacuum energy could prove to be the most abundant energy source of any kind.

All you need to do is figure out how to extract this energy and harness it in some kind of power plant - this can easily be done without arousing too much suspicion - then surreptitiously allow the reaction to run out of control. The resulting release of energy would easily be enough to annihilate all of planet Earth and probably the Sun too.

Oh my god.. i am having headaches now, trying to absorb these...

5) Sucked into a giant black hole
Need me to explain?? Can spare me please??

4) Meticulously and systematically deconstructed
Just slowly rake up all the earth's earth, minerals, and hurl it into space.

3) Pulverized by impact with blunt instrument
You will need: a big heavy rock, something with a bit of a swing to it... perhaps Mars...

Obviously a smaller rock would do the job, you just need to fire it faster. A 10,000,000,000,000-tonne asteroid at 90% of light speed would do just as well.

2) Eaten by von Neumann machines
Now.. what is that??

A von Neumann machine is any device that is capable of creating an exact copy of itself given nothing but the necessary raw materials. Create one of these that subsists almost entirely on iron, magnesium, aluminum and silicon, the major elements found in Earth's mantle and core. It doesn't matter how big it is as long as it can reproduce itself exactly in any period of time. Release it into the ground under the Earth's crust and allow it to fend for itself. Watch and wait as it creates a second von Neumann machine, then they create two more, then they create four more. As the population of machines doubles repeatedly, the planet Earth will, terrifyingly soon, be entirely eaten up and turned into a swarm of potentially sextillions of machines.

Sounds like the "matrix" movie to me... I had given up attempts to understand liao...

1) Hurled into the Sun
Just sent the earth into the sun. Whoa! Bye bye!! Sayonara!! Zhai Jiao!! Ciaos!! Adios!! The end...

But for me, i had came up with a better way to destroy earth. Much more simplier, no need PhD certs, no need think of all those cheemology.


Simple... Just sit back and relax. Looking at the current enviromental issue, we are already destroying the earth. Just needs to take more time, that's all...

Or when WWIII starts, and all the countries decided to use their nuclear weapons all at once. That's simple and much faster. I recalled reading that the world has enough nuclear, thermonuclear weapons to destroy earth 7 times over!!

So, if you ppl wants to destroy the only planet in the solar system capable of substaining life, go ahead. We all die sooner or later, anyway...

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