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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Primary school essay writings

This incident happened over that night when the asshole is totally demoralised, and started drawing things on a piece of paper, primary school style...

And while drawings, the topic turned to life in primary schools.

And i asked a question to ZX.

"Do you still recall the compositions topics you had written in primary school?"

ZX: "like what?"

Asshole: "what would be like in the year 2000?"

ZX: "Of course..."

When i was in primary school, it was in the year from 1985 - 1990... And that time, year 2000 is like so far away.

So when the teachers wanted us to write how is the year 2000 like, i can still recall that it fired up all our imagination, creativity brain cells, and each one painted a truly colourful picture of the year 2000 in their essay.

I still remember what we wrote.. This essay was so interesting that all the students read what each other wrote.

And i can see a few super duper creative one. Flying cars travelling at the speed of sound.. Robots that can replace maids... TV shows that are so real that you find yourself acting in it...

So, now is the year 2008... What have we got. I see no flying cars. I see no robots. All i see and hear is global warming, and terrorist, and the never ending raising of fuel prices.

And where was i in the year 2000?

Serving NS... Damm... if i could have known, i would simply write a simple one sentence in that essay.

"In the year 2000, I will be serving the nation, wearing a uniform that every male hates, holding a weapon that no one wants to hold, and freezing my sorry ass out in the middle of Lim Chu Kang in the middle of the night, feeding mosquitos."

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