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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Movie: "Platoon"

I finally got something that i had been looking for a long long time...

A super long time!!!

I got the movie, "Platoon", starring Charlie Sheen!!!

Oh yeah!!!

First time i watched this movie is at Ngee Ann Polytechnic library, when i was a student there, where i used my breaks in between to watch movies.

And i watched it last night. And as per normal, the thoughts of the lead, Chris Taylor came floating back in my mind... It's so applicable to all of us nowadays.

A review of that show can be found here...
The pictures are all from wikipedia website.

I still remember what Taylor had thought of when leaving the final battlefield...

"I think now, looking back...

We did not fight the enemy. We fought ourselves...

And the enemy was in us.

The war is over for me now, but it will always be there for the rest of my days..."

To those readers whose are having internal conflicts, anywhere, bear in mind that you all are supposed to work towards a common goal, and not to have internal conflicts. You can only progress if you all work together, and scare your enemy off for good.

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