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Friday, February 12, 2010

Own up??

All i know is since i was small, my parents has been telling me this...

You do it, you own up, and you accept any punishments that come your way.

Since i was small, i heard the story of George Washington, who chopped down his father's tree and when his father ask for the culprit, he owned up.

But to my greatest disappointment and dismay, one highly educated fellow chose to run back to his country, after an incident.

Well, if you never do it, what are you scared of? If you did it, then, own up like a man, unless, of course, you don't have anything swinging between your legs.

And for a highly educated person like you, a PhD holder, holding an important post in your goverment, you chose to scamble off at the slightest trouble, is this what your country folks always do at the slight of trouble? Pardon my ignorance, for i must confess (owned up) that i have never been to your country.

And stop your bullshitting about "set up". You accuse us of setting you up, where's the evidence? As a PhD holder, clearly you should know that any claims must be supported by evidence. No evidence, no case.

Haiz~~ (shake head)... reading on the progress of this incident, i do pity you. I wondered which university you went to, which university you got your PhD from, what you know about the definations of the word called "responsibilities" and what creditials you got to secure such an important post in your goverment, only to end up showing your true colours in this incident.

Friday, February 05, 2010

HOT weather

Weather been trying to murder me nowadays. There's so much snow in Europe, and there's so much sun in Singapore. Can we do a partial exhange with the poor fellows who wish there's ain't so much snow fall?

"Oh shit.. it's really global warming" we said...

"What global warming?" they ask.

See the effects of the sun!!

Don't you feel hot by just looking at the photos??