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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bored at KFC?

Some interesting e mails received.

Imagine you are bored... very bored. You went to KFC, order a meal. you finish eating. You are still bored.

what will you do??

This is what some very bored ppl did.

Super creative hor??

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some thoughts

How come all the characters in drama serials end up happily and without worries, especially during towards the end of the show??

In real life? Does happily means towards the end??

And what happen if the end comes without happiness??

In clubsnap forum, someone posted a new topic, "your next life"...

I dunno what prompt me to write these...

" dun wanna come back for next life... if i do, not a human, at least... " It just comes to me naturally and i typed those down without any thoughts. Nor did i think about the topic...

I think i am a bit down. Emoing, as what others would say...

I need my "gua zi"

Conflicting news report

This is conflicting...

2 different news on the same incident... 2 conflicting reports... See below...

Iraqi police shoot dead four US soldiers: ministry
AFP - Wednesday, February 25

BAGHDAD (AFP) - - Iraqi policemen shot dead four US soldiers and their local interpreter in the main northern city of Mosul on Tuesday, an interior ministry official said.

"Four US soldiers and their Iraqi interpreter were killed by two Iraqi policemen who opened fire at them in the Dawasa district of (central) Mosul and then fled," the official told AFP, declining to be named.

Meanwhile, another news report...

US soldiers wounded in Iraq police station shooting
Posted: 25 February 2009 0221 hrs

MOSUL, Iraq : At least three US soldiers were wounded and a local interpreter killed in a shooting at an Iraqi police station in the northern city of Mosul on Tuesday, the US military said.

"Several soldiers were injured in the attack. However none were killed," US Colonel Bill Buckner told AFP, amid conflicting reports on the shootings.

So, which is which?? which one is real, which one is fake??

Both are from the news agency, AFP. Both are posted on the same date... AFP is supposed to be a reputable news agency, ain't it?

And now, there's conflicting reports. Imagine the anxiety of the US troop's family members. Are they wounded or are they killed?

It's not supposed to be like that one, right? People around the world depends on news for knowledge of the current affairs around the world, and this kind of things happen.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It rained...

It rained heavier...

And heavier...

Until it was pouring with rain.

And the sun came out...

Damm the weather...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Escape of a prisoner

It's amazing...

How someone can escape from the same high security prison, twice, using the same methods of escape...


Heads roll after top convict escapes Greek jail a second time
Posted: 23 February 2009 0541 hrs

ATHENS: Greece's most notorious criminal escaped on Sunday by helicopter from one of the country's top-security jails for the second time in less than three years, prompting a string of top officials to resign.

In a scene not out of place in a Hollywood movie, Vassilis Paleocostas and his Albanian accomplice Alket Rizai escaped on a rope ladder which had been lowered by a helicopter to a prison in Korydallos, near Athens, where both men had been moved after their earlier break-out, according to police.

So, what would have happen if some other ppl escape from the ISD detention center via the toilet again??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


ICT coming up...


Monday, February 16, 2009

Aftermath of Valentine's day

How come it's always after a valentine's day that the single people i knew end up attached??

An evening - night out

So, Valentine's day is over. Gone. Poof!!! just like that...

Had an enjoyable time??

I did. Went out on a date... With 3 other guys.

Went OCC (Orchid Country Club) for a bowling session...

Yep... went on a date with those 3 buddies...

My hand gave up after only 2 sessions... It's indeed been a super long time since i went bowling...

Stylo milo hor??
Too bad, it's not a strike...

And the bowler's worst nightmare...
A 7 - 10 split... hahaha

After the bowling session, we went over to Macpherson seafood center located at guess??

Nope.. not at Macpherson, but at Sembawang for supper.

Why there? Coz i had suggested that we go for "see hum" (cockles) and stingray. But ended up they ran out of see hum and stingray. Ended up wacking some gong gong, fish and satay.

THe food is nice, and quite cheap. 40 bucks for 4 persons, excluding drinks. Reasonable.

Went over to fetch CS, and ended up at Changi Village to purchase drinks and headed down to Changi Beach.

Some photos taken at Changi Beach.

And some special effects photographs, without any editing... I learn something new with my camera... Amazing!!!

It was fun!! Especially when i learn how to take these shots, almost accidentially!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day for Singles also known as...

To those of the two thirds of the one third of the two thirds of the whole population in Singapore (if you are seeing stars coz of the thirds, read my next post, and try not to vomit blood), this day holds another meaning for you...

Welcome to:


Dun hamtam me hor... i got it from someone else... :P

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's day thirds

The whole population in Singapore can be divided into threes.

And tomorrow is the day you can see the threes in the most contrast. Yes... Tomorrow is the Valentine's day, a day which i suspected was created by business to suck money from the couples, normally, guys are the victims.

And i had come out with a formula. A rule of thirds, that will present itself tomorrow. Yah.. the rule of thirds not only comes in photography, alright??

In the whole population, one thirds of that population are classified to be "unsuitable" to be in a relationship, being too young and too old. So, those who are paying senior citizen bus fares, or those still celebrating children's day, shoo... off you go.

The 2/3 that are deem "suitable" for relationships can be further divided into threes.

One third have no dates to go out on Valentine's day.

And two thirds of that one third who have no dates to go out with, are single and avaliable status. Desparate or not, they themselve know.

The rest, one third of that one third who have no dates to go out with, have a relationship, but coz of numerous reason, they are alone on that special day. Reasons are, partners overseas, parents curfew, or even perhaps, at home, doing homework, cannot go out coz parents dunno.

But to mention something special, a special portion, a third of those who are in a relationship, but yet stayed at home, will be scatching their heads, wondering how come their dates are not free, and yet, not working??

Those are, simple... their dates got a date with others or they are outside, trying to earn more money by selling flowers or bears bears or even, balloons.

That's the one third part.

For the 2 thirds that will be going out on that "money-grabbing-by-florist-and-restaurants" day, well, they will be outside pa-toring, and spending money.

Of that 2 thirds, one third of them are married, and yet, they still go pa-toring like macham first time dating like that, while trying not to quarrel on that day. And the best part is that they have the rest of 364 days to quarrel.

The other 2 third that goes out are unmarried. Of that, one third are first time spending Valentine's day, the other 2 third are V on V day. (Veterans on Valentine's day)

Of those first time spending together, one thirds of them are working adults. The other 2 thirds are school kids.

Of the school kids, 2 thirds of those kids lied to their parents that they got CCA or tution in schools, even sats, which the one third of kids no need to lie, coz, 1) their parents know about the relationship, 2) their parents just dun care.

Talking about the 2 thirds that are veterans on V day, one third are school kids, with the same percentage of lies and knowledge, un-careness of the relationships are the same as above.

The other 2 thirds are working adults which you will mostly see on tomorrow night. Of those 2 thirds, one third of them will not be going home. Where they will be going, will be up to their imagination.

THe 2 thirds will be going home, of that, 2 thirds of those, will be highly intensively "interrogated" by their friends and families.

The rest of will be spared the agony.

And there will be one person, on Valentine's eve night, who is too free from sore neck to think about such stupid things to post on his stupid blog.

And there will be 2 thirds of the whole population who will be thinking the same as me... "Valentine's day?? Just another day only".

Yah... that's my point after writing all those shit.

Accident in space

hmmm.. seems like accidents can happen anywhere...

And i mean, anywhere...

Including space... WOAH!!

Crash of US, Russian satellites a threat in space
Associated Press Writers AP - Friday, February 13

MOSCOW - U.S. and Russian officials traded shots Thursday over who was to blame for a huge satellite collision this week that spewed speeding clouds of debris into space, threatening other unmanned spacecraft in nearby orbits.

The smashup 500 miles (800 kilometers) over Siberia on Tuesday involved a derelict Russian spacecraft designed for military communications and a working satellite owned by U.S.-based Iridium, which served commercial customers as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.

Wow... accident in space...

So, what's the SOP for reporting accidents in space?? call the police and your insurance company?? whahah..

What's more interesting is this:

There are 800 to 1,000 active satellites in orbit and about 17,000 pieces of debris and dead satellites,

So, with so much things out there, how is one going to monitor each and everyone, and to siam everyone??

Bound to happen... So, now, it had happened. What's the cleanup plans??


Just realised one thing today from MSN with somebody.... Well, it may sound a bit familiar in this economy crisis.

"HIRE" and "FIRE".

It's only a letter different. So, it's a fine thin line out there...

All the best in your jobs!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Car servicing rantings

Yah... am blogging now coz i got 2 and half hours to kill...

Yes... 2 and half hours... i can go watch movie, come out go for a coffee and still got time. But the only thing is that i am crippled... Cannot go anywhere. Lazy to walk, ezlink card no money and too ex to take cab.

Yep... by now you would have guess something.

My car is undergoing servicing. And i am struck at the servicing center right now, waiting for the whole process to finish. Thank god i can use the computers there, online, to do blogging, to chat with ppl on MSN.

Only thing is that the seats for the computer are darn uncomfortable... Hopefully, the boss of CM will read my post and do something about it...

Perhaps, a pool table also... perhaps a gym for those who want to work out... perhaps SCV, so that i would not be able to see the same old news all over again, perhaps a lan gaming center, perhaps some bed for those who wanted a shut-eye... perhaps...

Okie... i am thinking too much...

But won't it be better if all those things are in?? everyone will bring their rides to service at the service center, and enjoy the morning or afternoon out. They will be telling the staff there, "take your time hor... i am not in a rush. Let the other cars go first." :P

Shiok, if you come to think about it...

So, after this blog post, i dunno what to do... Sleep?? or test drive other cars?? or stare at the TV screen, seeing, hearing the news unseeingly, and unhearly?? or shall i try to write 10 blog post today?? I dun have so much topic to blog about...

Waiting for cars to be serviced can be a chore... do you agree??

Especially if there's a hugh crowd waiting for their cars...

Okie... enough of my ranting. Time to go off to dream about pool tables, gyms, arcade, lan games, and a bed... all in my chair.

Monday, February 09, 2009

MRT Piority seat Saga

Something indeed very interesting is happening in Stomp.

Mum-to-be takes pic of woman in priority seat then..."She curses me and unborn baby"

And then the "victim" of the post posted back...

Girl who cursed pregnant woman in train tells her side of the story

Initially, for me in person, it's good to hear both sides of the story. Anyway, there are 2 faces to a coin, and to make a fair judgement, it's always good to hear both sides.

And after hearing both sides, well, basically, i couldn't see who's in the right or wrong. Yes, its a shame that sometimes, you give up your seats to those who need it more, only to get a scolding or a scrowl back.

And i would regret giving up seat to them.

Yah. It did happened to me before.

But in this case, well, after reading both stories, i understood what's the whole problem is about, and was about to forget the matter when i started reading the comments.

And to my shock, something shocking happened.

It's not only on the stomp page. It's on 2 forums too.
Posted on 29 Jan 2009 11.10pm
Posted on 29 Jan 2009 11.20pm

And last i heard, it was on hardwarezone too!! But did not bother to search for it.

Wah... This preggy was darn scary siah. She wants to make her point by posting in so much forums, and now, this is really hot news.

And the lady in the picture had fought back in her blog post...
Posted on 1st Feb 2009.

As well as in Stomp, which the URL was posted above.

Who's right and who's wrong?? You all decide.

Yuan Xiao Celebrations at Chinatown

Another PD at chinatown...

Yuan xiao Celebrations. Yuan Xiao Jie is celebrated on the 15th day of the Luner New Year, whereby, it is the last day of the New Year Celebrations in the Chinese Calander.

But last sat is not Yuan Xiao. The celebrations are part brought forward to a weekend.

Photos here...

At Chinatown. Same place...

I would say the deity below is the favourite deity of all for the Chinese... God of Wealth... Who wouldn't want wealth?? HUAT AH!!!

Flaming act. Perhaps the SAF can enlist this man to start the flamethrower Company. No equipment needed, only a flaming torch and some flammable liquid. The mouth can do the rest. Arguable the most cheapest deadly weapon. haha...

NTU Float.

People on board the NTU float...

Another float...

And yet another float.

Talking about this float, well, we had come out with a new dance step. If you had seen how the toy soldiers on this float move, well, that's the new dance step...

4 pretty ladies on top of the "toy soldier" float...

An another float...

"legend of the white snake" malay version float...

"the christmas season" float. Yep, i think Christmas is still in the air...

The elves taking a well deserved break after making so much toys for kids. The well deserved break includes taking a return airfare to Singapore to participant in Chingay and Yuan Xiao.

Just a question for all those elves... I wonder how they find Singapore weather?? haha

The slow moving train on board the christmas float that can only move 2 meters forward and backwards.

The cheeky giant caterpillar... I would love to go into the shoe business with caterpillars as my customer...

The "high tech" looking float...

The performers...

The christmas family... Where's father Santa?? hmmm...

Team Singapore!!!

And we all had a fun time, going bonkers and knotty... This is what happens when you went for too many duties in a short duration of time...

And everyone's laughing...

What a way to end the new year!!