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Friday, February 06, 2009

F1 2009 pass to be won!!

To those who wanna see the F1 racing badly this year, but due to the stupid economy crisis, well, here's your chance!!

Motor Racing: Three turns at F1 circuit along Marina Bay set to be named
By Ian De Cotta, TODAY Posted: 05 February 2009 1020 hrs

It’s your turn at the Singapore Grand Prix

If you have a great name to immortalise turns 1, 7, or 10, email your suggestions to from now until February 28, explaining to the judging panel your choice in no more than 50 words.

Three winners will each receive a three-day 2009 Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix pass for the grandstand closest to the turn they have named, as well as a pitlane tour.

The best overall contributor will also get a two-night star in a five-star trackside hotel.

Names must have strong local flavour and be no longer than three words – that includes the words “Turn” or “Corner” – and cannot incorporate commercial names.

The contest in opened to all individuals, regardless of nationality or country of residence, except for employees (and immediate family members) of Singapore GP, TODAY, authorised agencies and principle sponsors associated with the Singapore Grand Prix. - TODAY/yb

Mai Tu liao... Hurry, think of some great names and submit before the end of this month!!

Have fun!!

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