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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Conflicting news report

This is conflicting...

2 different news on the same incident... 2 conflicting reports... See below...

Iraqi police shoot dead four US soldiers: ministry
AFP - Wednesday, February 25

BAGHDAD (AFP) - - Iraqi policemen shot dead four US soldiers and their local interpreter in the main northern city of Mosul on Tuesday, an interior ministry official said.

"Four US soldiers and their Iraqi interpreter were killed by two Iraqi policemen who opened fire at them in the Dawasa district of (central) Mosul and then fled," the official told AFP, declining to be named.

Meanwhile, another news report...

US soldiers wounded in Iraq police station shooting
Posted: 25 February 2009 0221 hrs

MOSUL, Iraq : At least three US soldiers were wounded and a local interpreter killed in a shooting at an Iraqi police station in the northern city of Mosul on Tuesday, the US military said.

"Several soldiers were injured in the attack. However none were killed," US Colonel Bill Buckner told AFP, amid conflicting reports on the shootings.

So, which is which?? which one is real, which one is fake??

Both are from the news agency, AFP. Both are posted on the same date... AFP is supposed to be a reputable news agency, ain't it?

And now, there's conflicting reports. Imagine the anxiety of the US troop's family members. Are they wounded or are they killed?

It's not supposed to be like that one, right? People around the world depends on news for knowledge of the current affairs around the world, and this kind of things happen.

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