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Alvin and the Chipmunks. "Bad day"

Monday, June 22, 2009


Ever had a sunday where you had no appointments, no plans, and absoluting nothing to do?

Just had one yesterday.

Just spend the whole day, lying down, sleeping and watching TV... Oh yes... indeed... Watching TV movies. A marathon. Movies marathon. 4, to be exact...

First is "Seabiscuit" which is a really inspirational show. One that can move ppl to tears.

Second is Jackie Chan's action movie, "Police Story III, Super Cop".

Actually, after watching the second movie, i felt like taking a nap, and out of habit, i channel surfed, and to my horror, the other channel was showing "Seoul Raider".

Decisions, decisions. Continue watching or nap??

And i hate making such decisions on such a decision-less day. Ended up deciding to watch till i sleep.

And i did not sleep. Finished watching the third movie, and the sun is getting ready to "extingiush" itself in the sea, i channel surf again, and "Finding Nemo" caught my eye.

So, i continue watching.

And after the movie end, another show captured my attention.


So, yesterday, on such a lazy and totally unplanned day, a long which i had not enjoyed for a long long time, i spend a totally of 8.5 hours in front of the telly.

Almost the same as my working hours.

Somehow, my working hours seems much longer then yesterday.


Yesterday, all my troubles seem so far away
Now it seems they are now here to stay
Oh i believe, in yesterday.

Yesterday. Where is yesterday?

Paintball competition 2009

Okie, okie.. got one "fan" screaming at my tagboard for me to update my dying blog.

Dunno why, but my "mood" to update blog is dying off... No inspirations, no time, no mood or perhaps, just plain lazy...

Been to quite a few duties, and let me talk about one in this post...

Paintball competition.

Yep. Paint balls, not paint your balls.

Held at Pasir Ris Park.

About 100 meters away from where i took this photo about 1 year back.

Able to guess who is he??

Okie... Back to topic... Paint balls.

Okie.. let me focus on their equipments...

The paintball equipments are fastinating. Their "SBO" looks cooler than the SAF type, their masks makes them look something like this...

Errr... minus the top part...

And while the players are busy trying not to get bruise all over their body, (when hit, sure blue black one)

we entertain outselves...

By taking photos...

Can you see what VKP is pointing at??

And after a while, i got interested in the paintball "ammo"

Which is a green ball with orange paint inside...

Started to do all kinds of "experiments" on it.

Well, if you ask me if there's any conclusion to the "experiments", i can only tell you this...

"I had forgotten the results".

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Handsome suit

Have you peeps watch the movie "Handsome Suit" yet?

It's about this ugly guy that can make ugly girls cry when they accidentally touch, wore a suit, that can transform into a very handsome guy that can make girls oogle, scream and went absoluting crazy when they saw him.

Looking at the girls reaction when they saw ugly guys in handsome suit, i think the name of the movie should be renamed to:


It applies perfectly, ain't it??

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Photos from NCOC

NCOC just finished... some photos which i managed to took... Wanna see more photos? can go to the zone blog... i try to upload them ASAP. No promises...

Do you believe the flowers were taken at night?? with no lights at all... Hard time focusing on them... Even manually... Cannot see them...

And below are the photos i taken before and during the hike...

I was that bo liao...

無間道 in Singapore

無間道, Singapore version.