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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Irritated mood

Been busy the whole week.

Monday night. HS and YX ROM.

Tuesday night. Worked late.

Wednesday night (Yesterday night). NS home team real Run Apprication Dinner

Thursday night (Tonight), a convention (or a meeting?) at suntec.

Friday night, likely guess, will be working late again, still got lots of things to catch up.

Saturday... POP / briefing...

Sunday... Standard Chart Marathon

And somehow, i had became easily irritiated these few days. My mood ain't so good. Maybe it's the hectic schedule, maybe, it's my thought's about my friend's problem, and it kinda got interrupted with lots of stupid things.

And yes. I was bombarded with lots stupid issues. My workplace got a few. I caught my colleague with a wrong technique, and today he told me there's contamination... I am seriously wondering how he got his diploma...

The recuitment of new person which i think had potential turned out to be a big turn off...

And i got lots stupid calls. From someone enquiring about cheese cream, and remain persistent when i informed him that he got the wrong number and gave him the correct number to call. I almost screamed at him.

I got lots advertisment calls. Enquiring about officer photocopiers, printers and even computer software!

And even banks are calling me to offer me loans, and applying credit cards!

Damm it. Damm all telephone advertisements. Don't blame me for being rude if you remain persistent! When i say NO THANKS, i mean NO, and i expect you to stop and hang up the call, before i hang up on you.

I feel like switching off my mobile phone, go off to a quiet place where i can sort out my thoughs, a place where nobody can find me, a peaceful place where i can truly relax and enjoy the peacefulness.

To be very frank, i had thoughts of giving this weekend POP and PD a miss.

Suddenly, i miss Kusu island and Pulau Semakau.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LCC, Entitlement or Privilege?

Been pondering and wondering about this question the whole night...

Just what makes a relationship work? And how different does a male and female wants in a relationship?

Sad to say, i got a few friends facing r/s problems right now, r/s as in they are married, with kids, not those teenagers you see in the shopping malls who hold hands, hugging, kissing and telling each other that they love the other partner and in the end only to change "stead" 1 week later.

The thing is that both sexes see the 3 magical words LCC differently. "Love", "Care" and "Concern".

And when a guy is showing what he thinks is LCC to his wife, or even to his girlfriend, only to end up as an useless attempt just coz the actions that the guy did is not LCC to the lady.

In other words, the lady will just simply say "What he did is an entitlement, not a privilege." and she expects to be a highly privileged lady from her partner.

So, the question many guys faced is, "WHAT IS ENTITLEMENT, WHAT IS PRIVILEGE?"

Should the guys put their partners or family above work and career? Should the guy put their wives above his own parents? Or worst. Should he put his wife above his kids?

I believe many of you are saying "The whole thing should be balanced to get the best" but to my troubled friends out there, how are they going to strike a balance when they don't know where the hell balance is?

And when it comes to entitlement and privilege stuff, how the guy supposed to know what is entitlement and what is privilege? And due to surrounding factors, it may be impossible for a lady to enjoy the "privileges" from her husband.

It's indeed frustrating when encountered with such matters, to the extend whereby a party did think of, and did attempted suicide to end the matter once and for all. And it's worrying as well...

But sad to say, this problem will always be around to most couples out there. Over the years, i had seen and heard too many such cases.

And all along, i been telling to myself... I am still lucky to be single.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another ROM

HS and YX ROM.

Fifth or sixth ROM/wedding i am attending this year... And there are more to come in the years ahead. People around me are getting engaged and married...

It's a buffet dinner at Park Royal Hotel at Beach Road. And i must be feeling darn hungry. I arrived about 20 minutes early, and i was the first one to arrive from the other Zone Exco.

And here are the early arrivals...

Thank god, there's no need to wait to tuck in. We wack the food off the "FUP" to our plates and finally, into our mouths and finally, our stomach.

The food there is average, but the sushi and the sashimi is great! So is the soft shell crabs. It's yummy!!

And by the time everyone arrives, me and "boss" had finished 3 rounds and having a half time break.

And here's the newly wedded couple striking a pose...

And while we all were busy eating. Yeah. Food is more important than anything else!

And after eating, we got bored, and started to do what we are best in... Creativity creation and weird imagination...

Watermelon shot!

And our dear ES took up the challenge to finish that watermelon shot!


And we played with the shot cup.

All i can say is... "Heng" (Luckily) that cup is made of plastic, and not glass, otherwise that restaurant would have suffered huge loss.

And when it's time for coffee, and they had run out of stirrers, we do what we had been trained to do...


Some of us ate ice-cream with a soup bowl, coz there's ain't enough ice-cream bowls to go around.

We also ate ice-cream with the rice spoon, coz there's ain't any dessert spoons!!

That's what we are good at, improvised.

And when i reach home, i was parked between 2 vans, same models as my previous models that i used to own and drive. So conincidence...

The one on the right of the car was the same model as my first "wife" (vehicle), Suzuki Carry 1.3L van.

The one on the left of the car was the same model as my second "wife" (vehicle), Mitsubish L300, 2.5L van.

The car in the center is my current "wife".


Monday, November 26, 2007

Temple duty

Short talk:

My condolences to the families of the 5 dead Singapore rowers.

A super tiring weekend...

Sat was spend at Macpherson Secondary for the POP rehersal, after which i went to ECP food center for dinner with DT.

Next time you are there, i recommand you the wanton mee and the satay bee hoon, even thought we have to wait half an hour for the satay bee hoon. Nicer than Bukit Timah food Center Satay bee hoon.

Sunday. Went for a duty on request from the Jurong Center.

It's an event where numerous people, from local and overseas guest went around Singapore to pray at their "Clan" temples. Started off from Redhill, we went to the temples in Muhammad Sultan, Eunos, Aljunied, Kallang Bahru, Jalan Besar and Yishun.

Preparing of offerings to the deities.

This duties is an eye opener for me and my bro, Mr SOS. We asked questions that no one can answer, initially. And SOS got an "crash course" on Chinese Taoist Tradition Culture.

Carrying the deities on an chair, with full colours and banners.

Priest in action.

Our good friend having a headache... hmmm... from what??

Throwing rubbish!!! hahaha

Our buses.

Mostly, i slept during the journey. I was still that tired after the POP rehersal that i had yesterday, and i slept only a couple of hours that night...

It's was pretty confusing as there are LOTS of followers going around. Imagine, there are 16 buses full of ppl.. We caused numerous traffic nightmares for other motorist, but everyone is in a good mood. No honking, hornings is heard.

And the temple volunteers have done a pretty good job, directing traffic, ensuring convoy movement, considering the huge amounts of people, mostly elderly. We never run out of food and water...

And i slept all the way, once i reach home till monday morning...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Best days in my life

Short talk:

Ah yes... the 4 magical numbers... 9124...

Truly magical.... the 4 most beautiful numbers to me, for now.. hahaha


Either it's going to be the best "last weekday of the week", or its going to be the best "weekend" of my whole life!!!


Oh man, i can't wait till Friday or Sat!!! And morever, sat is the POP rehersal!! I simply can't wait...

Oh time, please hurry... hurry up till tomorrow... I am just dying to touch tomorrow and Saturday!!

Come on, come on...

Santa cannot use "HO HO HO"

I have been scolding women unwittingly all these years... And worse, i did not know about it... OMG...

Yes, it's true... And all my friends, including women had been scolding women all these years!!! Unbelieveable?? It's true....

"One disgruntled Santa told the newspaper a recruitment firm warned him not to use "ho ho ho" because it could frighten children and was too close to "ho", a US slang term for prostitute."

Oh shit!!! I have been scolding women that i had met, telling them that they are "prostitutes"!!


As an example in this conversation....

Me to all ladies : "YO!! ho bo?"

Me to certain ladies: "Wei, ho liao bua??"

And i am not the one... There's an media advertisement who uses small kids to sing the "HO" word out!!!

"HO HO HO, Horlicks drink!!"

Looking at that brand name more closely, i see the link... Don't you??

Holicks.... Look closer... HOrlicks.... and Look closer a bit more... HO r licks...

Make any sense?? HO HO HO!!!

OMG... Dear ladies friends of mine out there... please forgive me if i had spoken the word "HO" to you... I did not do it intentionally, and please forgive me if i am still using that "HO" word, coz, i am not an American, but a Chinese who quite usually use Hokkien words.


Opps... sorrry... HA HA HA!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just a Lame post

I was super tired and super bored after the Semakau Run duty, sitting, staring aimlessly in the zone room, when someone started playing with her notebook camera, taking pictures of some guy...

This got me interested, and by default, that guy became my model, as i experiment different pose for the different funny effects.

Don't you have to agree that my model is very handsome??

Nope, you are not looking at twins... Its the Mirror image. And whose's KPO hand in the middle??

Looks like my hand.. hmmm... wait... it's my hand!!

"Wahaha... Mr Model, i gonna crush your head with my 2 fingers!!!"

The next few photos remind me of a scene from the movie, "MEN IN BLACK" Where there's this character, who always got his head blow away, but always regenerate the head?

Remember him??

I can do a re-enactment...

The photo below shows a normal guy...

And suddenly, "KA_BOOM"!!! A shot is fired, and the head is blew away...

But the figure is still standing!!!

And suddenly out of the blue..... something appear!!! The head is growing back!!!

And a few seconds, he is back!!!

Applause, Applause!!!

Wow.. now then i know my model got super-natural powers!!!

Just like superman!!!



This is just a lame post.. The blogger got nothing else better to do...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I am still broken hearted...

The second COE bidding for Nov had started. And i am still monitoring it, despite the fact that it has nothing to do with me now. I miss the adrenaline rush on that wednesday when the number of bids sky-rocketed.

Know what it means??

Means that i had waited for more than 3 weeks for my new "wife" to come.... And till now, there's still no sign of my beloved wife.

Despite the fact that i still got "flirt around" during these 3 weeks, i still miss the days when i got more freedom with a wife around...

Haiz~~ I am suffering from a broken heart.

Oh! My new wife!! When can i see you?? When can i touch and feel you? When can us become one, and travel around? Don't you know that i am yearning for you?

I am one hell of a restricted man now...

Pulau Semakau's scenery photos

Looking at all these pictures....

I miss Singapore's off shore island!!!

Happy birthday to many!!

Short talk:

Happy birthday (Belated) to SY, HP, HL, GQ, and all those whom i missed.. There are simply too many birthdays during this period...

Next year, i shall go overseas during this period. hahaha

There's a very lucky girl, whose on her birthday, gets to celebrate it twice!! She gets people to sing birthday song for her twice, gets to blow candles twice, and gets to cut the cake twice!

Yep, She's the one in white.

And looking at her cake, guess how old is she?? Haha...

She tried to blow out the candle, but unsuccessfully. She can only extinguish the flame when she laugh...


These was taken the night before the offshore duty... And that night, the girls created a lot of smoke...

And they practised their First aid Case... d(O.o)P

" Halt!!! Is there any danger?"


And here's someone who like handsome guys so much that she wants to take pictures with them.... ALL OF THEM!!!


And after the duty, comes the round 2 of birthday celebrations...

Birthday girl looking sian.... (Oh no... not another cake again, one candle again...)So you all can guess her age rite?

Hahaha... Happy birthday!!