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Monday, November 26, 2007

Temple duty

Short talk:

My condolences to the families of the 5 dead Singapore rowers.

A super tiring weekend...

Sat was spend at Macpherson Secondary for the POP rehersal, after which i went to ECP food center for dinner with DT.

Next time you are there, i recommand you the wanton mee and the satay bee hoon, even thought we have to wait half an hour for the satay bee hoon. Nicer than Bukit Timah food Center Satay bee hoon.

Sunday. Went for a duty on request from the Jurong Center.

It's an event where numerous people, from local and overseas guest went around Singapore to pray at their "Clan" temples. Started off from Redhill, we went to the temples in Muhammad Sultan, Eunos, Aljunied, Kallang Bahru, Jalan Besar and Yishun.

Preparing of offerings to the deities.

This duties is an eye opener for me and my bro, Mr SOS. We asked questions that no one can answer, initially. And SOS got an "crash course" on Chinese Taoist Tradition Culture.

Carrying the deities on an chair, with full colours and banners.

Priest in action.

Our good friend having a headache... hmmm... from what??

Throwing rubbish!!! hahaha

Our buses.

Mostly, i slept during the journey. I was still that tired after the POP rehersal that i had yesterday, and i slept only a couple of hours that night...

It's was pretty confusing as there are LOTS of followers going around. Imagine, there are 16 buses full of ppl.. We caused numerous traffic nightmares for other motorist, but everyone is in a good mood. No honking, hornings is heard.

And the temple volunteers have done a pretty good job, directing traffic, ensuring convoy movement, considering the huge amounts of people, mostly elderly. We never run out of food and water...

And i slept all the way, once i reach home till monday morning...

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