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Sunday, November 04, 2007

An afternoon overseas

Short talk:

Just met a super long lost friend of mine. Had lost contact for 10 years. I could not recognised her, thought i still remember her name.

And she can recongnise me... And she's confused as to what uniformed grouped i belonged to...

Welcome to KUSU Island!

It's been 2 years since i last stepped into Kusu island. An island that really brings you away from the busy hustle of city life, despite being 5.6km away from Singapore Mainland.

You can still see the Singapore Mainland from Kusu Island!!

It's peaceful there. Much more peaceful than Sentosa. Better than Pulau Ubin, (P. Ubin reminds me of my infantry training, seeing the forest, jungle there).

Kusu has nothing but 2 beautiful (used to have 3) beaches, and with the sun's reflection off the waves, it certainly have a nice soothing effect on you. Almost like a lullaby.

On the island is the popular Chinese temple - Da Bo Gong (The Merchant God or God of Prosperity). Built in 1923 by a wealthy businessman, the temple houses 2 main deities - the Da Bo Gong and Guan Yin. The former is highly regarded as having the power to confer prosperity, cure diseases, calm the sea and avert danger, while Guan Yin is known as the 'giver of sons'.

Ontop the rugged hillock stand three Kramats (holy shrines of Malay Saints) to commemorate a pious man (Syed Abdul Rahman), his mother (Nenek Ghalib) & sister (Puteri Fatimah) who lived in the 19th century. Many devotees will climb the 152 steps leading to the Kramats to pray for wealth, good marriage, good health and harmony. The shrines are also popular with childless couples who would pray for children
(Information is from

Here's one of the Temple.

And don't expect me to climb the 152 steps for the pictures of the Kramats!

Kusu Island is also known as "tortoise" island in Chinese. And's what's a tortoise island without any tortoise?

In this pond, there are lots tortoises!!

Below are some of the nice scenery photos that i had taken. Enjoy!

We prefer to stand in the hot sun rather than in an air-con VIP Room.

Where's the other half of the Singapore Flyer??

I simply love nature. The sun, the sand and the sea. Nope this is not a Navy advertisement.

So does EC

EC does make a good model...

Don't you all agree??

Enjoying the sea breeze

While i will make a lousy model.. hahaha

Simply beautiful!! Mother Nature is simply beautiful!

And i managed to shoot a not-so-nice photo of an fast flying eagle on a moving ferry. Anyone knows what that eagle is? I don't think it's a white headed bald eagle.

The water's been a lot (seriously a lot) cleaner than the last time i was there. You can even see the kneel of the ferries or boats! Well done!

Arhhh.... Nothing beats going home after a day of harmonization with the peaceful nature, just 5.6km away from the crazy, busy and adrenaline pumping hectic lifestyle that the city folks had gotten used to.

Imagine if NCO camp can be held there... Ohhh... Heaven!!!

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