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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another ROM

HS and YX ROM.

Fifth or sixth ROM/wedding i am attending this year... And there are more to come in the years ahead. People around me are getting engaged and married...

It's a buffet dinner at Park Royal Hotel at Beach Road. And i must be feeling darn hungry. I arrived about 20 minutes early, and i was the first one to arrive from the other Zone Exco.

And here are the early arrivals...

Thank god, there's no need to wait to tuck in. We wack the food off the "FUP" to our plates and finally, into our mouths and finally, our stomach.

The food there is average, but the sushi and the sashimi is great! So is the soft shell crabs. It's yummy!!

And by the time everyone arrives, me and "boss" had finished 3 rounds and having a half time break.

And here's the newly wedded couple striking a pose...

And while we all were busy eating. Yeah. Food is more important than anything else!

And after eating, we got bored, and started to do what we are best in... Creativity creation and weird imagination...

Watermelon shot!

And our dear ES took up the challenge to finish that watermelon shot!


And we played with the shot cup.

All i can say is... "Heng" (Luckily) that cup is made of plastic, and not glass, otherwise that restaurant would have suffered huge loss.

And when it's time for coffee, and they had run out of stirrers, we do what we had been trained to do...


Some of us ate ice-cream with a soup bowl, coz there's ain't enough ice-cream bowls to go around.

We also ate ice-cream with the rice spoon, coz there's ain't any dessert spoons!!

That's what we are good at, improvised.

And when i reach home, i was parked between 2 vans, same models as my previous models that i used to own and drive. So conincidence...

The one on the right of the car was the same model as my first "wife" (vehicle), Suzuki Carry 1.3L van.

The one on the left of the car was the same model as my second "wife" (vehicle), Mitsubish L300, 2.5L van.

The car in the center is my current "wife".


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