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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LCC, Entitlement or Privilege?

Been pondering and wondering about this question the whole night...

Just what makes a relationship work? And how different does a male and female wants in a relationship?

Sad to say, i got a few friends facing r/s problems right now, r/s as in they are married, with kids, not those teenagers you see in the shopping malls who hold hands, hugging, kissing and telling each other that they love the other partner and in the end only to change "stead" 1 week later.

The thing is that both sexes see the 3 magical words LCC differently. "Love", "Care" and "Concern".

And when a guy is showing what he thinks is LCC to his wife, or even to his girlfriend, only to end up as an useless attempt just coz the actions that the guy did is not LCC to the lady.

In other words, the lady will just simply say "What he did is an entitlement, not a privilege." and she expects to be a highly privileged lady from her partner.

So, the question many guys faced is, "WHAT IS ENTITLEMENT, WHAT IS PRIVILEGE?"

Should the guys put their partners or family above work and career? Should the guy put their wives above his own parents? Or worst. Should he put his wife above his kids?

I believe many of you are saying "The whole thing should be balanced to get the best" but to my troubled friends out there, how are they going to strike a balance when they don't know where the hell balance is?

And when it comes to entitlement and privilege stuff, how the guy supposed to know what is entitlement and what is privilege? And due to surrounding factors, it may be impossible for a lady to enjoy the "privileges" from her husband.

It's indeed frustrating when encountered with such matters, to the extend whereby a party did think of, and did attempted suicide to end the matter once and for all. And it's worrying as well...

But sad to say, this problem will always be around to most couples out there. Over the years, i had seen and heard too many such cases.

And all along, i been telling to myself... I am still lucky to be single.

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