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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day 2, COE bidding

Found some air photos of Kusu...

Damm... It's been only 2 days and i am starting to miss Kusu island...

Day 2 of COE bidding.

I guess, there's a lot of rich ppl out there. The time i was checking, there's 157 bids for cars above 1600cc (Cat B), while there's 17 bids for cars below 1600cc (Cat A).

All these bidders are public bidders, which means to say they are bidding on their own. Normally car agents or distributors will only start bidding on the last day, in those last few hours. That's when the bidding mounts a lot at every passing minute or even seconds.

And that's when the COE prices start shooting up faster than a rocket.

But why did i say there's lots of rich ppl out there?

Coz everytime they bid, their bank account will automactically goes down by SGD$10,000. That means, you must have more than SGD$10,000 in your bank accounts to bid for COE yourself.

Rich fellows...

I can't wait till 1600 hours tomorrow, that's when COE bidding will be closed, and afterwhich, i can't wait for that phone call from my agent.

Continue to wish me luck, fellows!!


Damm... i spoke too soon... The COE bids for Cat A shot up to 41...


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