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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

South Korean Hostage

It's sad to see people using the name of a religion to commit teacherous acts beyond the imagination of normal human beings... To kidnap them as hostage for their own gains... Kidnapped the people who are there to help them...

And the killings had already started...

Taliban set new deadline after killing second South Korean

I mean, what is going on in the Taliban's mind when they kidnapped the group? I mean, when they are in power, did they classified kidnappings a crime? Especially kidnapping women? And what will they do when they caught someone kidnapping women and children?

And what is going through their minds when they point their rifles at the hostage and pull the trigger??

Are they just like the bullies that you had encountered when you are young?? Pick on helpless groups, when you are armed to the teeth... COme on... pick someone your size and similiar armed... and let's see who's the winner...

NO one will pity them when they are hunted down, and executed.

Let's us all, regardless of race, language or religion, pray for them and wish for their safe return.

Last day of July 07

Yesterday night was the last night i can park my van below my flat. After which... cannot liao...

Sob Sob...

I gonna miss parking my van at the carpark below my flat...

Monday, July 30, 2007

NDP Preview

In my past posts, i mentioned about the food and water that we got from NDP committee.

And the past show, (preview), we got the best food so far in the history of NDP 2007. It's from Pizzahut.

Each pack contains a slice of pizza, 2 pcs of garlic bread, and 3 pcs of chicken wings.

And it rocks!!! Even when it's cold. Especially the chicken wings.... it's yummy!

And the pizza was not guarded. It's left in the box and i had 2 helpings. THanks to Sars. I am not the only one ransacking the box. The SAF (always hungry ones) also ransack the boxes.

Last weekend

Last Sunday - Finally, a day where there's nothing. No deliveries, no duties, nothing. Absoluting nothing at all. A day where i can rest. Totally, in peace.

And i spend my last sunday doing 2 things. Walking around in Suntec. Wanted to buy a 8G thumbdrive, but turns out that my pay have not come in. So, aborted the idea. Second thing is that i slept. Catching up on my sleep.

Last Saturday - NDP preview. Stationed at National Stadium carpark B. Again Nothing. Nothing to see, nothing to do (except playing with TS's PSP). Damm... We even cannot see the fireworks. Can the NEA, NParks chop down all the trees, please?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

K-box outing

I know that someone is going to curse and swear at me when that someone sees this post.

A impromptu KTV gathering.

I was out doing some deliveries when EC called. They are going to suntec K box for some relaxation, and to practice their vocal cords.

So, after the delivery, i made my way to suntec and join them.

Yep. It's the group.

And guess what songs we sang?

And guess who select that song?

Wahaha... No comments.

New dish

Ever eaten a mango with abalone and a salad that taste mysterious like wasabe (the ones you find in sushi) without the "spicy" part?

Or Worst, have you ever seen one before?

The most delicious part is the mango.

Friday, July 27, 2007

NDP food and water

500,000L of water, 260,000 meals to be consumed by NDP participants
By Valarie Tan, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 26 July 2007 2300 hrs

"SINGAPORE: Half a million litres of water and 260,000 food-packs – that is the total amount expected to be consumed by performers and participants at this year's National Day Parade (NDP).

About four million snacks and drinks have to be picked up and delivered to feed some 7,000 participants at four different places, including Suntec City Convention Centre."

I wonder how many people got the disease "KFC phobia" when this event ends. Me so far so good. Have not consumed any KFC chicken yet, and trying not to.

Ever since i first went to NDP (being forced) in mobile colume in 2000, i've been suffering from that illness every year, except 2002, the only year i was not involved. (Cos i went for National Camp instead, and thank god there's ain't KFC over there)


Quite tiring these few days.

I don't really have the time to rest. Simply cannot find time to really have a nice long rest. This is what happens when you have a part-time job (more like helping out a friend) and a full time job.

And every night, i reach home past midnight (hey, what's the big deal? when i was more free, i reach home past midnight too!!) and flop straight into bed, and fell asleep immediately.

In the morning, i always struggled to wake up in the morning to go to work.

I had a similar experience before, when i was working full time and studying part time. It's like the same sucky stinky feeling.

Morever, last night, i got a dream. I forgotten what's the dream is about, all i know is that i flared up (simply lose my cool) in my dream, and i woke up feeling very pissed off. (No, i did not piss in bed).

It's ain't a good sign when you wake up feeling angry. It's like a sign, saying how your feelings will be like for the rest of the day.

I was still wishing for my bed when i drove to work. My rear wheels mounted the kerb as i was turning out from my carpark, a carpark which i cannot park there anymore in 4 day's time.

And just now, an incident happen, when my contractors came down to dismantle and remove the rooftop boiler. I almost had a confrontation with the building management coz of some additional things that they wanted us to remove, which was not mentioned before.

Hmmm.... seems like today is not really my day.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kid with a heart

Short talk
Ouch... Teeth still in pain... but not as bad as yesterday. (Coz i had taken painkillers given by the dentist.)

Happy Birthday to CS and CN!!! Sweet 21 and Sweet 18!! hahaha... All the best to both of you in whatever you all do!!!

I was doing some deliveries recently. Helping a friend.

There's this incident at Bishan, when i been forced to wait till the house owners return home, so i rest in my van, parked behind another van which is selling ice-creams.

Soon, a guy and his son (around 5 - 6 years old) came down to purchase the ice cream, while (i presume) the mother was looking out from the window.

And the kid was basically communicating with his mum by means of shouting, and from where i was, i can hear the conversation totally.

Kid : You want any ice-cream?

Mum: No, I don't want, i cannot finish it.

What the kid says is unbelieveable.....

Kid : I share with you lah!! I buying chocolate one!!

Hmmm... How often do you see kids at a young tender age sharing ice-cream with his mother? Kids nowadays do not share such good things with their family members. Normally, it's the parents that share the good things with the kids, not the other way round!!

I really respect that kid. At such a young tender age, when he got good stuffs, he knows how to share with his parents. He deserves a salute from me.

There's hope for the new generation after all!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bull shit posts in Stomp!

Even though i am grumpy, i feel i still got to post this.

Some Singaporeans are really full of bull-shit. Good example is this:

"What kind of a 'gentleman' is this?"

A lady complained that a guy "snatches" a empty seat from her so that his gf can have a seat, while she's wearing a 3 inch high heels in the train.

Read the comments on that page. It's highly amusing.

No post

Ain't got the mood to blog today.

Feeling grumpy over a stupid toothache

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anonymous Comments

Just saw the starblogs at

There's this post by one of the DJ, Joe Augustin, who is blogging about the upside and the downside of blogging. One of the paragraph caught my eye. I shall post it in here.

Anonymous comments

These are the people who want to say something but seldom want to be held accountable for what they say. These people fall into one of a few categories. People who complain but not want to contribute to the solution. People who literally can't be bothered with going through the hassle of standing up to be counted. Of course, people who just someone who just haven't got the guts to go on the record. Of course, I'm generalising. Please feel free to leave your annonymous comment if I have missed you out.

Morale of the story. Please do identify yourself when you are writing comments or posting in some tagboard. At least let the blogger know who you are.

It's just plain courtesy.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Spying colour laser printers

If you are using laser colour printers, beware!!!

They can be used to spy on you!!!

No, i have not been watching James Bond movie... i got that news from a yahoo site.

Find Out If Your Printer is Spying on You
Wed Jul 18, 2007 4:20PM EDT

"Did you know that many (in fact, most) color laser printers are spying on you whenever you print a document? Though you may not have heard the news, the discovery was announced in late 2005. Manufacturers embed a pattern of tiny yellow dots on printed pages. The dots are too small to be seen with the naked eye (especially since they're yellow, see the above photo to see what they actually look like), but under a microscope and blue light they're revealed. The dots are placed in a pattern unique to each printer, and since most color laser printers are purchased through well-documented service providers or direct from the manufacturer, it's simple to track any printed page back to the owner of the printer."

Wah... I don't know that before. So, before you used your laser colour printer to play a prank or something more sinister, think again. It would not be long before the police comes knocking on your door, and inviting you for a cup of coffee.

More parking woes

Starting from next month, I have to park my vehicle away from my block, about 5 minutes walk away.

Just because i am not the vehicle owner (registered owner) and i am not the house owner of where i am staying.

I had blogged about the parking woes of the carpark below my block, and it seems like lots of people had complained about that to HDB, and now, they are taking action. So, if you are not a house owner AND a vehicle owner, you cannot park there at all.

So, it's people like me who will "kena". Tio liao. Seow liao.

And i am the one of the few who are being "condemned" by 3 of the laws in Singapore with regards to parking at one of the "hot parking" sites.

1) Cannot park my vehicle at my place of residence when i am not a house owner AND a vehicle owner.

2) Cannot buy a house, because i am single and i have not reach 35.

3) Cannot register a van under a personnal name. (All vans must be registered under companies.)

But take a good look. The parking lots are simply too few to accommodate the number of households in that particular cluster. Their ratios are simply way off the scale. Issit the poor planning on the HDB's part that led to some of us being unable to park at our place of residence?

You think about it.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

NE show 2

Once again, Sat came and went. And went along with it is NDP NE show 2. As per normal, we are at Marina Bay.

And for me, this is the first time i am at Marina Bay and not Marina South. So, it's kinda eye-opener for me to see the rehersal again with 27,000 little kids.

And those kids are frisky. They scream at their top of their voices, shouted till they are hoarse, waved thir clappers, flags non-stop, dismantling their goodie bags, and trying to put them back together, (their arms must be aching now), and they are scared of the 21-gun salute.

What happens when the arty (21-pounder guns) are firing? Soldiers will drop flat on the ground, while the kids will just cover their ears.

Good to see the kids and their teachers having a good time.

When you see the whole brunch screaming, laughing, waving their little flags, you just can't help smiling to yourself.

But as the time goes on, we do get tired, and occasionally, when time permits, we do take a tiny weeny little nap.

Even though it's not comfortable at all.

And we all gets tired, especially when the event ends.

And surely, nothing beats the greatest joy of going back after the clearance to stand-down has been given.

I arrived home a very tired man.

Careful when crossing the road

This is the "video" that a friend sent to me via E mail. Captured from a traffic light camera from some other country.

Morale of that video?

Be careful when you are crossing the road, even when you think it is very safe. Coz things beyond your imagination can happen anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

I really pity that guy crossing the road.

Revenge of the 5 cent coin

Recently, i went to a 7-11 store near my house to purchase some drinks.

The cashier gave me back 30 cents worth of 5 cents coins for my change. (ie, 6 5-cent coins). Sometimes, you get pissed off when you see so much 5-cents coins.

Yah, i know, 5 cents coins are also money, legal tender, but when you use the 5 cent coins to pay for your stuff, the shop owner would give you a face that is longer than a horse and darker than the night.

So, the next time i went to the same 7-11 stores, i took out all my 5 cents and spend it on the drinks. $1.90 worth of 5 cents coins. (ie, 38 5-cent coins)

The staff gave me a face, and i retorted. "All these 5 cents are saved from 7-11 one leh".

Friday, July 20, 2007

Humor from E mail

Another Post which i got from my E mail. Enjoy reading.

You have two cows.
You sell one and buy a bull.
Your herd multiplies and the economy grows.
You sell them and retire on the income.

You have two cows.
You sell one and force the other to produce the milk of four cows.
You are surprised when the cow drops dead.

You have two cows.
You go on strike because you want three cows.

You have two cows.
You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and produce twenty times the milk.
You then create clever cow cartoon images called 'Cowkimon' and market them World-Wide.

You have two cows.
You re-engineer them so they live for 100 years, eat once a month, and milk themselves.

You have two cows.
Both are mad.

You have two cows, but you don't know where they are.
You break for lunch.

You have 5,000 cows and none of which belong to you.
You charge others for storing them.

You have two cows.
You have 300 people milking them.
You claim full employment and high bovine productivity.
You have the newsman who reported on the numbers arrested.

You have two cows.
You worship them.

You have two cows.
You signed a 40-year contract to supply milk at RM0.06 per litre.
Then midway through, you raised the price to RM0.60 or you cut the supply.
When the buyer agrees to the new price, you change your mind again and now want RM1.20.
The buyer decided you can keep the milk.
They go look for milk that comes from recycled cows or the cow urine instead.
Your two cows retire together with the Prime Minister.
(This sounds familiar?)

You have two cows.
One cow-peh and one cow-bu

2 movies again

Watched 2 movies since the last time i blogged about the movies.

1) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

This is the very first Harry Potter show that i am watching, and seeing all the people going absoluting bonkers over Harry Potter movies, books, i was expecting something great in the movie. Great graphic, great story, great cast, great fighting scene.

Alas. To be very frank, i am disappointed with the show. Very limiting fighting scene, the graphics are so-so, there's not much humor.
Hmmm... first Harry Potter movie i watched and it turns out to be that way....

2) Who slept with her.

Went to AMK hub to watch it with AP. It's a Korean movie, and like the typical Korean movie, it's bustling with humor, but unlike the typical Korean movie, there are no touching scenes, the ones that can make you cry.

Basically, you just go in and laugh your head off. And i do pity that discipline headmaster. Such a poor fellow, but then, he does deserve it.

And his (discipline headmaster) way of punishing and interrogating the students can put the CIA, KGB and even the Japanese Secret Police during the Second World War to shame.

Imagine if those kind of punishments comes to Singapore Education System. It will cause an uproar over the parents.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bad comments in my tagboard

Let me tell you the story of George Washington and the tree.

(I can almost hear the groans out there, from my readers.) Okie... i shall spare you all out there, but to those who did not hear the story, here's the summerise version of the summery of that story.

George Washington chopped down his father's favourite tree, and when his father asked who chopped down, little George admitted to it. And in the end, his father praised him for being so honest.

Morale of the story? Admit when you did something wrong. If you dare enough to do something, please have that same courage to admit it and to reveal who you are.

A small battle happened in my tagboard. Here's the "battle".

"... : SJRU is a bunch of hypocrites and backstabber"

"S.O - ... : Can you identify yourself? Or you are so scared?"

"...(ks): hu is afraid of you man..."

"S.O - ...(ks): Can you reveal your name?"

"... : no time to entertain you..bye..chao.."

Wow... Dare to say something bad about some organisations, but don't dare to reveal who the hell he/she is... And when pressed for it, the response is "no time to entertain you". No time, still got time to tag at my blog meh?

Ain't it very hypocrite?

Even the police will not act on complains that the complainant does not reveal himself/herself, and that call will be treated as a nuisance call.

If that fellow is reading this. Identify yourself, and tell us straight in the face what's the problem you are facing, and how can we go about solving it. No sense use using my blog tagboard to deframe us.


Nothing much to write... Been down with flu, cough, sorethroat and runny nose.

I suspect its Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

So i shall stop now to prevent infection of this PC with my flu virus.

See ya.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Something's wrong again

Received this E mail....
Subject : Three answers most scared by men

Men: What to have for dinner?
Women: Whatever..
Men: Why not we have steamboat?
Women: Don't want la, eat steamboat later got pimples in my face
Men: Alright, why not we have Si Chuan cuisine
Women: Yesterday eat Si Chuan, today eat again?
Men: Hmm..... then I suggest we have seafood
Women: Seafood no good la, later I got diarrhea
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women : Whatever..

Men: So what should we do now?
Women: Anything
Men: How about watching a movie? Long time we havn't watch a movie
Women: Watching movie no good la, waste time only
Men: How about we go bowling?
Women: Exercise on such hot day? You not feel tired meh?
Men: Then find a café and have a drink
Women: Drinking coffee will affect my sleep
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: Anything

(You decide)
Men: Then we just go home lo
Women: You decide
Men: Let's take a bus
Women: Bus is dirty and crowded. Don't want la
Men: Ok we will take taxi then
Women: Not worth it la... for such a short distance
Men: Alright, then we walk lo. Take a slow walk
Women: How to walk with empty stomach?
Men: Then what you suggest?
Women: You decide
Men: Let's have dinner first
Women: Whatever...
Men: Eat what?
Women: Anything


Noticed something very funny about the things above? There's something just not right about the sentence.

No??? Scroll back up and read more carefully.

Noticed it? If yes, good for you.

No?? Then let me tell you this.

Seen someone bowl before in the hot sun?

Bullshit wordings

Seen this at a mini-mart at a popular night life area.

Do you believe the second half of that thing? Bull shit. You sure your cash register contains less than $30 after 11pm?

In the 5 minutes i spend observing the cashiers, 2 people bought ciggies, 4 people bought drinks and 3 people bought some snacks. That should be more then 30 bucks liao.

And that time was about 12.30 midnight.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rockamania 2007 @ Temasek Poly

Some people are great fans of the Rock.

I am too. I am a fanatic of the Rock.

Don't be mistaken. I am talking about 2 different things. I am a great fan of the movie "The Rock" starring Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery.

Director is Micheal Bay, same as the one in "TRANSFORMERS". Nice movie, nice sound track...

No, i am not talking about this "the rock" also... This rock is not my intention in this post.

For others, the rock they they like is this:

Yes, it's the rock wall for the rock climbing sports. Once again, it's rockamania time (organised annually by Temasek Poly)

And once again, we are down there as first aiders for their finals.

And once again, we entertained ourselves. I am sure Venod really enjoyed himself in that duty.

We sat there, wowing the climbers going all the paces of climbing up the wall with their hands and legs, be it the wall is vertical,

or horizontal,

But all have the same habit.

They all like to raise their hands up in the air when looking at the wall.

Anyway, saw quite a few familiar faces over there, and the sports is great, especially the speed climbing. We were entertained to the max during the speed climbing event.

Imagine me climbing up a rock wall. And now, imagine that wall collaspe.

Happy Birdday to WC

Had a belated birthday celebration with my neighbourhood kakis to WC.

The cake. Look at the words.

Opps... still the wrong spelling.

Birthday boy blowing out the candles on the birdday cake.

Cutting the cake....

Smashing the head into the cake. (not the other way round meh?)

With the help of another fellow. Can you guess who are the two?

And with that, the celebrations got underway.

And it's jokes telling time. Poor XZ got "suaned" by AF. And CS was laughing to herself, coz she's in a similar situation before. We tell lame jokes, ask lame questions (Qian Bian type).

Had a fun time.

Clamping of a vehicle

The "situation" happened in the post is solely the guesses of this blog writer. Actual situation unknown

Some ppl are just inconsiderate enough to park their car at other people's lots (It was allocated), just because it's free.

It was at Marina South trailer park.

So, what did the rightful owners of the parking lot did?

They "clamped" the car using their trailers.

"Clamped using trailers?? How is it possible?" You may ask.

Well, just scroll down for the answer.

Back of the vehichle and the trailer

Front of the vehicle with another trailer.

Don't mess around with the trailer vehicles and their drivers. Damm skillful siah. Dun pray pray..

Friday, July 13, 2007

Favourite Singaporean English words

What is Singapore's favourite English Word? The one which everyone use most often?

Does some famous 4 letter word comes to mind? Especially the one that starts with the letter, "F" or "D" or perhaps, "S"?

If you think that's the answer, that means you are not Singaporean enough, or you are too "Beng" or "Lian" liao. (Hokkien term for "gangster" for males and females respectively), or you are a male Singaporean currently holding using 11B as your NRIC. (Serving National Service)

For your information, during my time in NS, we used the 4 letter F word more frequently than all the other english words combined. We would start our sentence in a conversation with the F word, then the context of the sentence that we want to convey across, usually with the F words embedded in it, and end the sentence with yet another F word.

Surprisingly, from the online survey from The British Council, the most favourite English word that Singaporeans like is "Love", followed by the word "Cool", and mom", "dream", "family" and "peace" are the best English words, in no particular order.

Woots. When did Singaporeans become so cool, peace-loving, with dreams of having a family with a mom?

Worst thing is... Am I a Singaporean?

Interesting. Singapore should conduct some more surveys on our favourite words in different languages, like, Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, or perhaps, even Japanese language.

Hmmm.... still wondering. Am i a Singaporean?

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Somehow, my worst fears had come true.

With so many messages of drink-driving targeted at drivers and riders of private cars and bikes, i had wondered, is there any message targeted at public transport drivers? Especially school bus, cabs, and public buses.

I mean, the bus drivers have the so many responsibilities of lives of strangers entrusted to him when he's driving on the roads. And if you are the bus driver, you would not try anything funny, right?

But it had happened.

SBS driver arrested for drink driving after bus crash
By S Ramesh, Channel NewsAsia Posted: 11 July 2007 1440 hrs

A public bus driver drinks and drives!!! What the hell is that driver trying to do? He just got himself and all his passengers a one way ticket to hell!

The table above shows the number of drink driving accidents in 2006. (source from the Singapore Police Force Website)

And the piechart belows shows the number of injuries related to drink-driving

And finally, the number of people arrested for drink drinking in 2006 (both accident related and non accident related) is 3730 people.

That's a whole lot of people who was caught drink-driving. Not to mention the number of "escaped" cases.

So, if you dun want to be a part of the statistics in the Traffic police (the bus driver just earned himself a place in the 2006 statistic), or you don't want to live with guilt your whole life, or you simply don't want to become a bloody idiot, heel the message below.

Got it?

Crossing a road

What happens when you want to crossthe road at a 1 lane road, busy with taxis moving on it?

ZX got the perfect solution.

Just raise your hands up in front of you, and the next empty will stop, and you can cross.

But then, you must withstand the cursings and swearings of the cabbies uttered under their breath.

That's what we almost did yesterday night, at Senrangoon Plaza.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I read Kenny Sia latest blog entry with interest.

He got invited to KL to give a presentation to secondary school kids on blogging. Wow!

Blogging is really the "in" thing with youngsters and adults, even aunties nowadays. I have to agree with it. I am blogging now, ain't it?

Blogging during lunch time

I can see blogs everywhere, in every special occasion, events. In the NDP website, there's even a page for blog battles!!

Even in Stomp website, there's a star blog page.

And it's true. Blogging does have a rippling effects. What you wrote may have some effects on the reader, be it positive and negative.

The trend is in. Blogging cannot be left out as a main "side dish" for websites issit? They even have books on blogging!!

So, what is blogging actually?

From,%20Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject such as food, politics, or local news; some function as more personal online diaries.

i would classified mine to be both, as a commentary (personnal views) of certain events, be it locally or global, domestic or in the eyes of the law, and as well as online diaries.

I used to have a habit of writing dairies, under the "enforcement" of my parents, who think that writing dairies "in chinese" would improve my understanding and the knowledge of that language. Alas, that habit only last a few weeks before my parents gave up on nagging me to write an entry before i hit the bed.
Mind map on blogging?!?!?!?!?

Anyway, my entrys everyday are the same. Wake up, brush teeth, go school, after school go home, do homework, watch TV, play, write diary and go sleep. (I am not taking the risk to pen down my thoughts on the diary, lest it compromise my secrets. One will never know who might be peeking into your dairies. Friends are okie, Worst if my parents peek into it. Blogs are different. My parents does not know how to surf the internet. Haha)

Even to the extend that i thought of photocopying one copy everyday as a new entry. I just ain't seems to have the interest and the energy to write dairies, as diary writing is alway before bed, i would rather sleep than write some stupid entries.

And now, people are using blogs to write about their daily lives. Just like a diary. Hmmm... Has the word "diary" become "soooo yesterday?" Does the kids of today know the meaning of "Diary?"

So, if you wanna know how's the other's life have been, just go read their blogs.